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->Danny Green is choice No. 46 in the 2009 NBA Draft and since then, he has won two championships and has found himself in another championship level team with LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers.

During the 2019-20 NBA season, James has become one of the best players in the league but when Green was a beginner, that statement was still true.

->In 2009, James was two seasons away from his first NBA Finals appearance and led the weak Cleveland Cavaliers to the Eastern Conference Final where they lost to Dwight Howard and Orlando Magic, who eventually lost to the Lakers in the NBA Finals. But from them until now, one thing that hasn’t changed is James’s status among league elites.

Green discusses the evolution of James’s game over the past decade, according to Omar Raja from ESPN:

“This is crazy … He still does the things he did in 2009. Obviously, he’s just an older adult … older kids – teenagers. He learns how to win. He goes places and won three titles since then: Before, it was clear he was vocal, but not as vocal as now. He somewhat shared the team with him and Shaq. He knew how to also encourage his teammates. knew how to put people in places to make them successful, so he made the game easy, and then he made the game easy, but it was not intentional, it’s just that he was great and played the game … easy for his teammates. make the game easier by putting people in places. “

The way James smoothly switched from a small forward to a guard in his 17th season was extraordinary and showed what kind of player James was. He has always been a facilitator, but the way he is able to develop it into a full-time point guard is unprecedented.

Like many fans, Green values ​​James’s greatness and likes to play with him. James always makes the game easier for players like Green but does it more by the way he changes his game this season.

->Many people in the world are waiting for James to give up his place at the top of the league, but he may not temporarily change his playing style with a dime.

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