Chris Bryant lined a single to left field on a 3-2, loading the bases with a single before the end of the half.

Wait, what?

It’s true. Just when “visiting” the cubs were a good, juicy rally going against Kyle Hendricks and “home” the cubs Saturday at the stadium “Wrigley field”, Manager David Ross had the temerity to nip it in the Bud. Something about the count field. Don’t Ross understand that this is July?

Boos illuminated field at the beginner skipper from visiting the dugout. Anthony Rizzo and Willson Contreras may have something to do with it.

Overall it was a pretty good time. There was baseball in Wrigley, even if it was just the first video of kittens fighting with a intrasquad spring training was stopped in March due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Hendricks was out for a few, including a couple of sharp singles Victor Caratini, but he struck out rookie Steven Souza to double-a cute pin up.

The opposing pitcher, some guy named Yu Darvish looked a little sharper, striking out Ian HAPP (swinging) on a slow Bender and Kyle Schwarber (looking) on a Sizzling ball, although he did surrender twice in the left field gap with Xavi Baez.

Each pitcher recorded seven strikeouts, for those of you scoring at home.

These details are important?

On the fourth of July, when there was no serious matches for the first time after the strike of 1981, Yes, sort of. If only a little.

“It was just fun to go back there, to be honest with you,” said Hendricks. “Obviously, we’re doing this for fans, and it’s such a huge part of the game, they are there and screams, the roars, all that. But at the end of the day, at least we get to play baseball. We are here with all our friends. It’s just nice to see the boys, to return to normal life with all that is happening.”

It was not baseball as usual, but on the day when the cubs originally planned to conduct the rays, it was baseball. And to make it feel a little more authentic, Ross was convinced that music was pumping through the sound system Wrigley. The players reached out and took the training to fight in the 1980s of the songs from van Halen, AC/DC, Supertramp, guns N’ roses — they almost certainly do not like.

No music or video is displayed on a giant above the left side of the Board stands, but plans are in the works, too. The more matches like Saturday feel like the real thing, the closer the cubs may be ready to start the 60-game Sprint for them, which should begin July 24, according to reports in the regular season.

Hendricks spent time in Arizona and had a lot to work with several cubs pitchers and batters. He threw a bullpen session, live batting practice and kept his pitch count up. This does not mean that he is ready for the season, but he’s not distant and doesn’t believe employees bears’ in General.

“There will be a few guys who are a little behind, a little ahead, but for the most part as a group, We’re trapped,” said he.

And for the record — Hendricks would be just fine if Ross pulled him from the field before Rizzo had a chance to follow Bryant in Boxing while holding bags.

“I didn’t want to leave the field, no,” he said. “I’m sure [Rizzo] no, no.”

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