Theo Epstein would be “very surprised” if the cubs fans in the area can’t make a tent for the opening | Instant News

After the cubs President of business crane Kenney updated people two weeks ago about the status of negotiations with Comcast on carrying the tent sports network he was an optimist there wasn’t much to say.

There is not much to say, as we sit here, two weeks before the opening day, but yield other President was on ESPN 1000 with waddle and silvyand he was asked about where things stood with a network of cubs.

To be sure, Theo Epstein was not asked specifically about Comcast. But considering that they serve half of the homes in the Chicago area, and they are the last major supplier without Internet*, it’s pretty clear when someone asks: “what every fan will be able to see your game in two weeks?,” they are talking about Comcast.

Epstein response to this question: “Yes, I think so …. When I talked to crane, it is really sure that there is the Internet …. It would be a shame if [the appetite for sports and Cubs baseball] did not care. I think there are the right incentives on all sides to make a deal, and I would be very surprised if the cubs fans can’t just flip the device on one side or the other and just watch the cubs play.”

You should not take too much more of this than the continuation of optimism, and Epstein was quick to note that this is not his Department. But messages from beginners on this subject was very consistent coming back for spring training: Yes, the negotiations about the transaction of carriage pushed right to the season, but the deal is expected to be done before the bell rings.

In addition, it is important to remember: partner of the kittens in the tent, Sinclair owns many Fox Rsns that, what is believed to expire with Comcast in August. So there are some very, very large negotiations between Sinclair and Comcast, in which the tent may be noticeable. Given the importance of getting/keeping baseball on the air if he makes it to opening day, I would like to think that these proposals will be done pretty soon, even if it were not for this special situation with a marquee and Comcast in Chicago.

*(It is expected, although come to an agreement, the next largest suppliers, without the Internet, YouTube TV and the dish, not necessarily. Not showing in recent times a sense of urgency to carry regional sports networks, so if something dramatic changes on this front, or if they deem tent/cubs too important not to carry, it will probably be some time before we see movement on those fronts.)

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