“Man, this is crazy. I shouldn’t be here.”

Those are the words of the former Florida BUCK defensive Jonathan Greenard after realizing his dream of entering the NFL after being compiled by Houston Texas in the third round (90th overall) of the NFL Draft 2020 on Friday.

Greenard was a graduate of transfer to Florida last season after playing four years earlier at Louisville. Very successful immediately after setting foot on campus, Greenard contributed 10 team sacks as high as, and 16 tackles to lose – showing how much impact it had on the team.

In speaking with the local Houston media on Friday, Greenard reflected the lasting impact Florida has on him, even if only for a short time, there is now only 18 credit hours from getting an MBA, a great achievement for anyone, even more so for former student-athletes, basically working part time with the school.

“Just learn – play at a faster pace, play at the best conferences, SEC balls,” Greenard said. “Just playing against top-tier people day after day, will train and enjoy the life of an SEC athlete and learn more about football with Coach (Todd) Grantham and Coach (Dan) Mullen. I can’t ask for a better situation entering my final year of football. ”

Just like some of the players selected this weekend, Greenard was stunned even to be recruited but still has a high Texas on the list of teams that have the potential to pick him up.

“When I see their names on the screen, I kind of feel that they will call and then God wills that.”

For the Texans, Greenard will play various positions at their base in defense 3-4, just as he did for the Gators, stand up, and often play in three-point position. Texas head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien sang Greenard’s praise for how many different methods could be used for defense.

“I think if you talk about base defense, I think he might be in outside supporters, I think he will be at SAM,” O’Brien told the Texans media. “I think he can play at SAM. I also think he can go to the open side and play five techniques. He has size, he has power. Then when you get into sub defense, it is everywhere.”

In the NFL, the more you can offer, the more likely you are to stay on the team. Flexibility is everything, and it’s likely why Greenard was chosen in the third round yesterday.

“When you get into a program like that and you are trained the way you are trained and you are part of such a team, I think it is always a big part of your football experience and journey,” O’Brien said about the University of Florida and what it means for Greenard’s development and readiness.

Greenard is just the latest Gators defender to be chosen in this year’s draft so far, only after his hurried comrades pass Jabari Zuniga which was chosen by the New York Jets in 79th place overall, also in the third round, and of course cornerback C.J. Henderson past the 9th overall chosen by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday.

“I will work hard, have the same mentality as I had in college and high school,” Greenard said. “Just to be an underdog mindset and learn from the great, absorb all the knowledge they have and wisdom, so that in that way I can be as successful as they are.”

Greenard went to the NFL, but the impression he left in Florida will not be forgotten. Living his dream, this is just the beginning for

“Now it’s finally here, so I’m just grateful. This is only the beginning. This is the first step to where I want to go. I still have a long way to go, much to learn, so I’m ready. I’m just ready to work.”

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