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The NBA still hopes to continue the season and make the playoffs, which is good news for fans who are waiting for some very competitive series. There are some elite teams and interesting story lines that seem to develop as we get closer to playoff time, and it will be embarrassing if that never happens.

However, we can still look forward, and think about the exciting playoff battles that will be good if they materialize. Here are five that we really want to see.

5. Sixers vs Celtics

This is a disappointing season for the Sixers, who are expected to challenge the Eastern Conference title. The same can be true for Celtics. This has turned into a potential first-round battle, and a very interesting one. It is a division rival, with Philadelphia winning three of the four meetings this year. Sixers have to overcome bad records, but they are hard to beat at home. This will be fun.

4. Rockets vs. Thunder

This one is simple: Russell Westbrook vs. Thunder Oklahoma City in the playoffs. That’s interesting, but there is more here than it looks. The Rockets are starting to find success with smaller new lines, while the Thunder will prove they can succeed without Westbrook. Add Chris Paul back to Houston, and you have a series of interesting storylines. The notes are close enough that they can also occur in the first round.

3. Bucks vs Lakers

It might be simple, but it will be a potential NBA Finals battle between the two best teams in the league. We will be treated to the storyline of LeBron James trying to fend off the rising star Giannis Antetokounmpo, while the Bucks must find a way to hold Anthony Davis. Milwaukee hasn’t really broken through despite their great season – the Toronto Raptors made them absent from last year’s playoffs – and this will be an amazing opportunity to prove that they are every bit as good as their records show.

2. Raptors vs. Bucks

The potential rematch of the Eastern Conference Final last year will be one of the most exciting series of all playoffs. Both teams have only lost 30 combined games this season, with Milwaukee winning both regular-season matches to date. Bucks lost a difficult six-game series last year, but has clearly used it to fill their title this year. The Raptors, even without Kawhi Leonard, are ready to return to the finals. That will trigger a fantastic battle that will make a fantastic conference final.

1. Lakers vs Clippers

This is the Western Conference Final that we all want to see. That will increase competition between the two Los Angeles teams to a new level. That would put James against Leonard in that fight has some intrigues on its own. That will put two of the biggest NBA superteam with each other with the Final on the line. It will be hot and dramatic, like a regular season game. That will give Leonard a chance to repeat, or James the chance to win the title with a different third team. This has the potential to be seven classic matches between perhaps the two most talented teams in the NBA. To be honest it would be very embarrassing if we could not see this.


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