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Syracuse, N.Y. – Optimism is the only thing that keeps high school spring sports in the state of New York alive, and even that seems to fade quickly.

On Monday, the executive director of the State of New York State High School Athletics Association Robert Zayas announced his organization had officially postponed tournament play at that level because corona virus.

“This is really caused by time constraints and space availability. “When we look at the amount of time needed to host regional, regional and country championship matches, we really don’t think it’s worth it anymore to consider that it will be an option for this spring,” Zayas said on Monday. morning.

Zayas stressed again how he and other state officials feel very bad for state high school athletes.

“I think this is the most difficult aspect of this whole situation. I realize there are seniors who are waiting for the opportunity to participate in our state championship,” Zayas said. “I think that’s the most grievous aspect of this decision, is to think about the seniors. It’s been over 25 years and I still remember my senior season in high school, track running, and cross country. Unfortunately, seniors from this year won’t have that memory. As a father, it pisses me off. And as executive director it’s really disappointing. “

Now the attention is turning to the future of the game part, and those expectations seem to also disappear. Zayas said that no athletic activities could be held until New York Governor Andrew Cuomo opened state schools. Cuomo had said that would happen difficult to do this year.

Zayas made the decision after a conference call late Sunday among executive directors from all 11 sections in the state. He described their mood as hopeful but realistic.

Zayas said the state requirement that baseball players would need 10 exercises before playing the game and all other spring sports athletes would need six exercises.

“I think each of our parts is in a slightly different situation when it comes to this ongoing and rapidly developing crisis,” Zayas said. “I think each section needs to make a decision based on advice and guidance from the local health department and the governor’s office to the point where they can continue spring.

“I feel that our 11 section executive directors are the same as me. We are cautiously optimistic, but we are always aware of the rapidly growing information distributed from the media and the governor’s office, and we are also trying to be realistic. When you talk about being optimistic and realistic carefully at the same time, it is a challenge. We need to be patient and we must continue to take guidance from the governor’s office when and if schools can be reopened. “


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