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This is the first story in our draft position-by-position NFL 2020 series. Today we will see the top quarterback.

Former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, who was projected to be the first player selected in the NFL draft, by the Cincinnati Bengals, took the time to contemplate his meteoric rise to the pinnacle of world college football.

“It’s been crazy six to eight months, but you want to see it,” Burrow said. “A lot of hard work was done for that, and I have great people around me.”

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Burrow pointed to the LSU coaching staff and that they had 16 players in the NFL scouting.

“We have talented players in all fields who are mature and work very hard,” said Burrow, who led the Tigers to the national championship while throwing a surprising 60 touchdowns.

Burrow, whose father is Frank Solich’s long time defensive coordinator at the University of Ohio, is from Athens, Ohio, which is three hours away from Cincinnati.

“I won’t play,” Burrow said. “I’m a soccer player. Whoever takes me, I will appear.”


Burrow began his career at Ohio State. He was a reserve for two seasons, but lost a battle to start in 2017 for Dwayne Haskins. Burrow decided to move to LSU.

In 2018, he is solid, but is considered the best final first-round pick. But everything was clicked for him in 2019 because the Tiger was almost unstoppable.

Burrow, who has one of the better seasons in college football history, leads the country in terms of passing yards (5,671), total offenses (6,039 yards) and percentage of completion (76.3%) and sets an NCAA record with 60 touchdowns. more than 15 start.

He is ready to make the jump into the NFL.

“As a beginner you want to go in and keep your head down and work really, really hard,” Burrow said. “I will try to find a veteran who has done it for more than 10 years and try to imitate what he did. … When my time comes to become a leader and become an early midfielder, I will do whatever is asked of me. ”

After Burrow, there are some intrigues in the quarterback concept class.

“This is an interesting group because you have a lot of abilities with these people, but there are some question marks,” said NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah. “You started with Joe Burrow, the best college season I’ve seen from a quarterback he experienced last year.”

The NFL team will want to know about the monumental leap in their game from 2018 to 2019.

Old Tagovailoa, previously from Alabama, declared himself 100 percent healthy last week in an interview on ESPN “SportsCenter.” His agent, the legendary Leigh Steinberg, has produced Tagovailoa videos that work and move well.

“He is clearly a phenomenal player,” said Jeremiah.

Questions about Justin Herbert from Oregon revolve around his shy personality and ability to lead an NFL team.

“Herbert went up and down a little,” Jeremiah said.

Jordan Love in the State of Utah, Jalen Hurts in Oklahoma, Jacob Eason in Washington are also strong prospects.

“Jacob Eason has many talents,” Jeremiah said.

Eason began his career in Georgia, but lost his job to Jake Fromm. He has strong arms, and strong arms are usually dazzling NFL scouting types.

But Eason’s career has no meaning beside Hurts, who won big in Alabama and Oklahoma.

Hurts, who recently had a video meeting with The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, can benefit from the recent mobile quarterback game at Lamar Jackson in Baltimore, Josh Allen from Buffalo and Kyler Murray from Arizona.

“I really thought those people were doing good,” Hurts said. “I think they are very dynamic in that position, and I look forward to how I can do that too.”

The ability of the Hurts to accept a backup role in Alabama and then develop in Oklahoma is impressive to several teams.

“I think it is something that has never happened before,” Hurts said. “You are talking about only being able to go there and without time in their system and this year put my name on the same air as the first two choices.

“To be there and even be in Alabama and be able to unite in history in both schools and be part of these prestigious programs, is very special to me. This is all about moving forward. “

Former Georgia midfielder, Jake Fromm, will continue the project on the second day of conscription, on the second or third round.

“He will be a second day man more than possible,” an NFC evaluator told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently. “He was like in the range where Andy Dalton and that type of person were recruited.”

An AFC executive confirmed, “He’s a second-rate man.”

Dalton, who plays at TCU, was the second-round pick in 2011 by the Bengals. He started for nine seasons and went to three Pro Bowls. He was booked for three matches last season.

Fromm doesn’t have a great combination and has struggled in bad weather.

“I like Jake,” the NFC watcher said. “He is very smart. Great boy. Arm strength will be of little concern. Intelligence and decision making, all of that is good. It will be interesting to see how the process of playing with him. But yes, he is a solid prospect.”

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