LeBron James Says Report About Exec and Agents Who Want to Cancel the Season ‘Not Right’ | Instant News

LeBron James said a recent report that executives and NBA team agents wanting the league to cancel the season was “absolutely untrue.”

“Seeing some reports about executives and agents who want to cancel the season ???” James tweeted Thursday. “That’s absolutely not true. Nobody I know says anything like that. It’s so safe we ​​want to finish our season. I’m ready and our team is ready. Nobody has to cancel anything.”

Based on CNBC, team executives and agents, who spoke on condition of anonymity, “are pushing for a cancellation this season so everyone can focus on resuming playing safely next season.”

The NBA season was suspended March 11 because the COVID-19 pandemic and commissioner Adam Silver said he would not make a decision on whether the game would continue until at least May.

But the NBA seems to be taking a step towards potential returns Monday, announcing it individuals can start using their team’s training facilities in countries that have modified their stay at home orders on May 8, even though that date remains smooth.

The NBA added that a strict social distance policy would be imposed during the exercise, including no more than four players at a time to be allowed in the facility, no head coaches or assistants could participate and group practice and soccer practice remained prohibited.

In a recent conference call, James said that he has been exercising four to five times a week at his home, preparing his mind and body for the season to continue.

James, 35, experienced a MVP caliber season, averaging 10.6 assists leading the league, 25.7 points and 7.9 rebounds before the break. The Lakers (49-14) top the Western Conference and hope to compete for their first championship since 2010.

“Obviously the most important thing is the safety and well-being of all of us in America, and controlling this pandemic,” James said on April 8. “I believe that once it is under control and they allow us to continue with some kind of activity, I would love to make the season return. I feel like we are in a position where we can go back and start competing for the championship,” re doing what we love , makes our Laker loyal to us proud [and] back to the floor. And if it’s in an isolated destination, if it’s Las Vegas or any other place that can hold us and keep us in the best possible chance to be safe, not only on the floor, but also from the floor as well, then that conversation will be available. “

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