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Jameis Winston, the defending NFL champion, remains unsigned because the league’s new year extends to the second month. When and where Winston, si Car maker‘The quarterback defender and the first overall pick in the 2014 draft, will land next is anyone’s guess.

Bill Cowher, an ex Super BowlThe winning head coach, CBS now The NFL analyst and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame 2020 class, recently offered his thoughts where Winston had to land this offseason. Cowher, during his recent appearance in “Boomers and Gio,” was asked by Boomer Esiason if Steelers – the team trained by Cowher from 1992-06 – would be a good fit for Winston, a scenario CBS Sports was handled in detail before this offseason.

“I think it would be very suitable, only from my point of view I kind of feel where Pittsburgh will go with this football team,” Cowher said. “His identity is on the offensive side of the ball, with Killer B, with Ben [Roethlisberger] and [Le’Veon] Bell and [Antonio] Chocolate. And now, what I think you see is a little transformation last year that went back to how it used to be with a very defensive soccer team.

“I think Jameis Winston could be suitable if he would accept a year sitting behind Ben, or maybe two years,” Cowher continued. “I just thought that that would be the biggest obstacle to overcome, it was for Jameis to just sit there and not think that he had the opportunity to compete for the job and to take a minimum salary, because that was basically what he had to take to go to Pittsburgh … So, I don’t know if that fit will happen now just because of the time. “

The second part of Cowher’s answer is the biggest reason why Winston will likely continue to join Big Ben, JuJu Smith-Schuster and the rest of the Steelers. While the tally of interception last season (30) is clear black eyes, Winston probably believes he is still an early quarterback and may decide to wait until the chance to start his own prize before he signs a contract with the team. One of the challenges (beyond total interception last year) faced by Winston is the oversaturated quarterback market that currently exists, with the 2015 league MVP Cam Newton also on the open market.

If he accepts a backup position, Pittsburgh, for the reasons Cowher mentioned above, will be a good landing place for Winston, at least for the 2020 season. Winston will get the chance to work with Roethlisberger, who also wants to bounce back this season after missing all matches except two matches last season because of an elbow injury. And, given the history of Big Ben’s injury, there is a possibility that Winston will get at least a few opportunities to show what he can do in a rescue role if Roethlisberger suffers an injury that requires him to be absent for some time.

Winston will also get a chance to play with an offensive line that constantly sounds good and players who have skills including Smith-Schuster, fellow 2018 Pro Bowlers James Conner and Eric Ebron along with recipients up and coming Diontae Johnson and James Washington. He will also be equipped with one of the emerging league defenses, led by 2019 Pro Bowlers Cam Heyward, Joe Haden, T.J. Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick.

And while there will be a chance at Winston to be the heir to Big Ben, an acceptable season in Pittsburgh can generate strong support from Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, one of the league’s most respected head coaches, if Winston finally gets another chance sometime. on the road. Winston did not receive such support from the Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians, who openly criticized his former midfielder for a season together.

Regardless of where he ends, Cowher believes that a new start will benefit 26-year-old Winston.

“It would be interesting to see where Jameis landed,” Cowher said. “He is a man who has partyed or starved. You question the decisions he makes occasionally, the throws he makes. An entirely new city, and the opportunity to change himself a little will be good for him, but it must be in the right place. . ”

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