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Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff, is generally happy with how free agents go for the team in 2020.

But one thing during “free-for-all” seems to confuse him.

The Falcons are in the hunt for the late veteran defense of Robert Quinn, but lost to the Bear on a coin flip.

“When a new league year opens and agents are free to roll out, obviously it’s a little free-for-all,” Dimitroff said on Tuesday during a video chat with local media. “To see that everything works with the flip of the coin is interesting to hear. I don’t know if that was a bit excessive, but it turns out it wasn’t after we saw the quotes. “

Quinn, 29, signed a five-year contract worth up to $ 70 million with the Bears on March 17. After failing to pursue Quinn, The Falcons signed Dante Fowler for a three-year, $ 48 million agreement on March 24th.

“Our own internal hope is that we will potentially catch two to three people who will help us and they will be projected as potential beginners for us,” Dimitroff said. “We are very diligent in all our work which leads to free agents.”

In addition to landing Fowler, the Falcons signed Todd Gurley’s running back and traded for Hayden Hurst on the tight end. They were unable to fill holes in linebackers and cornerbacks after De’Vondre Campbell left to sign a contract with Arizona and Desmond Trufant was released after June 1.

Trufant finally signed with the Detroit Lions.


“We have to be creative with that financially,” Dimitroff said. “The first step we made, of course through trade with Baltimore, was a big step for us. We know that it will be difficult to stretch with our place together (Austin Hooper). “

The Falcons surrendered as a second round and fifth round pick and received Hurst and a fourth round pick from the Ravens.

“He added very good speed and athleticism to our team which will be very useful for us,” Dimitroff said. “He is a man who is formidable in accepting blocking and accepting graduation.”

After the Falcons announced that they would not re-sign Vic Beasley, they tried to replace him at a free agent. Fowler, who was chosen five picks before Beasley in the 2015 draft by Jacksonville, was signed.

He was recruited to Florida and played one season with Falcons coach Dan Quinn, who is the defense coordinator of the Gators.

Fowler had a bumpy start to his career with Jacksonville and was traded in his third year to the Rams. Last season was his first two-digit sack campaign.

“He continues to develop as a player,” Dimitroff said. “We think we can continue to get things out of place.”

Gurley, a former prominent player in Georgia, was a former offensive player this year in 2017. He helped the Rams reach the Super Bowl after the 2018 season.

Behind the improved offensive line, he rushed for 857 career-low yards last season.

“We are not sure how all of that will shake as far as opportunities with him,” Dimitroff said. “But in the end, it is an opportunity to bring in a very good soccer player and we think that can help our offense continue to take it to another level.”

Suspension by announcing the signing of Gurley revolves around the language in the contract. Gurley, who has a history of left knee injury, still has to get through the physical team.

“I feel good about that,” Dimitroff said. “If and when, I would say when he passes our physique, I think he will do a very good job contributing to this violation.”

Gurley rushed for 1,305 yards and 13 touchdowns in 2017 and 1,251 and 17 touchdowns in 2018. Despite the sub-1,000 yard rushing season, the Falcons believe Gurley still has a lot of gas left in the tank.

“Todd can still sneak rock very, very well,” Dimitroff said. “He believes he will become a great playmaker. He has the ability to do that. “

With Trufant gone, Isaiah Oliver and Kendall Sheffield are the top cornerbacks. Veteran Blidi Wreh-Wilson was re-signed at a free agent.

You really will never have enough angles, “Dimitroff said. “I think it’s very important for us to continue to hone it, whether it’s the tip of the free agent here or whether it’s in concept. We will continue to search in that area. “
Campbell led the Falcons in the last two seasons. He signed a contract with Arizona.

“We have Foye (Oluokun) there, of course, and (Deion Jones), placed there looks good on our minds,” Dimitroff said. “We will continue to build around the midfielder group.”

Falcons signed linebackers LaRoy Reynolds and Edmond Robinson in free agents.

“We feel like through some of our acquisitions in free agents and potentially continue to look in the design that we will be in a good place,” Dimitroff said. “In our minds we have one of the best midfield coaches in the league at Jeff Ulbrich.”

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