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In an emotional video that was shared on her Instagram page in mid-March, Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns revealed that his mother, Jacqueline Cruz, was medically induced coma after falling ill with coronavirus symptoms. The Timberwolves Center said his mother and father, Karl-Anthony Towns Sr., fell ill before being tested. His father, however, was discharged from the hospital and felt better. While Cruz’s prognosis is currently unknown, John Calipari of the University of Kentucky, Towns former college head coach, Monday revealed in a Facebook video that Towns’ mother still hospitalized and in the ICU when he fought the disease.

“I will tell everyone out there … Ms. Jackie, Karl Towns’ mother, is still in the hospital. She struggles, she is there, we get updates, every day we get updates from Karl Sr about how she do it from the nurses in the ICU. Keep praying for her. Send her extraordinary positive thoughts. I can’t wait until she is discharged from the hospital. But it’s a difficult road. “

While his father fortunately avoided the worst effects of COVID-19, his mother’s condition worsened to the point where the doctor put her on a ventilator before making her comatose. Towns noted that no parents had received their COVID-19 test results during the video shoot.

“He hasn’t improved,” Towns said, looking emotional. “His fever has not decreased from 103. It may go down to 101.9 with medication and then go back up at night. He is very uncomfortable. His lungs are getting worse, coughing is getting worse. He is getting worse before our eyes.

“We always feel the next drug will help or the next one will help. This will solve it.”

Towns has been communicating with his mother every day. The Timberwolves star said that he was improving, but then “everything went fast.”

“His lungs are getting worse and he has difficulty breathing,” Towns added. “They just explained to me that he had to use a ventilator. He got worse and he was confused by everything and I tried to talk to him about everything, encouraging him to stay positive. I talked everything with him …”

Towns recently donated $ 100,000 to the Mayo Clinic in an effort to help with funding for corona virus testing before her mother became ill.

“My mother, she is the strongest woman I know and I know she will defeat this,” Towns said. “We will rejoice when he does.”

The emotional city makes a point in the video to preach social distance and highlight how dangerous the plague is.

“This disease does not need to be underestimated,” Towns said of COVID-19. “Please protect your family, your loved ones, your friends, yourself. Practice maintaining social distance. Please don’t be in a place with many people. This disease is deadly. We will continue to fight.”

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