PSG star Neymar has ‘Quality at Ronaldinho’s level,’ said Cesc Fabregas | Instant News

Monaco star Cesc Fabregas has made a bold statement Neymar has “quality at the Ronaldinho level.”

Neymar, 28, left Barcelona in 2017 after completing a £ 200 million move to a sensational world record to Paris Saint-Germain.

Fabregas, 33, admitted he was a big admirer of Neymar and drew an interesting comparison with Brazilian legend Ronaldinho.

The Monaco midfielder explained during the Instagram Live session: “Neymar is an outside player, he has quality at Ronaldinho’s level.

“He is a superstar who makes a difference when he wants it. It’s been a long time since I played with him and he recently killed us in two games with PSG.

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“[Lionel Messi], Luis [Suarez] and others like to have him in the team because at any time he can give you help or dribble, something that is difficult in a balanced match. ”

Neymar has been widely criticized for his attitude towards the club and the country, both on the field and outside it.

However, Fabregas has rejected criticism directed at Neymar on his behavior and insisted that he was a “good boy.”

The former Arsenal and Chelsea star said: “He has everything to be the best.

“Outside the field, he is a very good boy. He is like a child; he is always happy and enjoys life.”

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Fabregas joined Barcelona in 2011 after eight years with the Gunners and spent three seasons at Camp Nou.

The Spanish World Cup winner stated that his departure from Barca was determined because his former team lost the league title to Atletico Madrid.

“[My departure was] determined by the match against Atletico, “I’m Fabregas.

“At that time, I started with Tata [Martino]. At that time I played the most in my career, almost 60 matches a year.

“I got that place [in the line-up]”Xavi didn’t play and we lost the league PSG Star Neymar Has ‘Qualities At The Level Of Ronaldinho,’ Says Cesc Fabregas after winning, and we have a goal ruled out for offside without me participating in the game at any time.

“Everything can change for me to stay, but for a small detail: we lost La Liga at Camp Nou and I have in my head to continue.”


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