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If the state government and medical experts allow most schools in the conference to play college football, they must play, even if coronavirus restrictions preventing several other teams in the same league from returning, Penn State Coach James Franklin told reporters on Wednesday.

Franklin said he expected the return of “inconsistent ways” at the Power 5 conference due to various country-by-country restrictions and reopening plans.

“I cannot imagine that now we will all open at the same time,” he told ESPN. “If the SEC, for example, opens a month earlier than the Big Ten, and the Big Ten can open and 12 out of 14 schools, if two schools can’t open, I don’t see a conference – – any conference – punish 80% or 75% of schools because 25% of them can’t be opened.

“For me, unless there is a balanced playing field and the NCAA comes out and says that there is no opening before this date to try to help with that, what you end up doing is you end up ruining the conference,” Franklin said. “Let’s say the two or three schools in our conference that are in the top 10 have the ability to open and some schools don’t, and you make the decision to hold the entire conference, you ruin the conference as a whole in terms of your ability to compete.”

Top Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren was reluctant to make a major public declaration or share any plans because “the situation is very uncertain,” but said the conference had the Ten Task Force for Large Disease Transmitted Diseases to assist in the decision making process.

“I only rely on our chancellor, our president, our provost, our leaders on our campuses, our growing committee of the Ten Great Communicable Diseases, our local, state and national governments, which we will follow in guidance, at the right time ., “Warren told Ivan Maisel from ESPN. “This is very early now. This is a liquid situation, and very important, it’s not wise for me to speculate. But one thing I know: I know more now today than I did when I canceled the men’s basketball tournament. I think it’s the next 45 to 60 days, with the information we get about testing from the government and various fields, we learn a lot every day. I look forward to gathering information and relying on experts. “

Franklin said it would be very helpful for the NCAA to provide some national guidelines in addition to what was determined by each state and university, and “You should be able to answer these criteria and be able to document that you have met this threshold.

“It can at least help a little,” he said. “In a perfect world, everyone opens at the same time. I just don’t see it that way [will] become possible. Will you not have college football this year or sports in general because the two states in this country will not be open? I did not see that happen. “


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