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Like all other players from the entire league landscape, Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter are sitting at home waiting for an update to find out whether – and when – 2019-20 The NBA the season will resume. The NBA season has been suspended indefinitely since March 11 due to a global coronavirus outbreak. Meanwhile, Kanter has done his best to try to stay in shape at home.

“Right now, we are all waiting,” Kanter said Appearance on CBS Sports HQ Thursday morning. “Like every team, like every player. In Massachusetts, we cannot open our training facilities until May 18. Right now we are trying our best to stay in shape at our house, do lots of push-ups, do lots of crunches and so on . ”

Some additional clarity must come on Friday for Kanter and the rest of the league players, because NBA commissioner Adam Silver and executive director of the National Basketball Association Michele Roberts will host the call for all players. This call is intended as an open forum for players to solve problems or ask questions, per ESPN. The call also came on the same day that several teams in areas with relaxed social distance guidelines were permitted by the league to reopen their training facilities. Kanter hopes to know more about league plans for players who move forward after the call.

“As soon as tomorrow hits, because we have a special meeting with Adam Silver where all the players join, we will learn more about what we can and what we cannot do,” Kanter said. “The NBA is all about player safety and fan safety, so we will only see what Adam Silver says tomorrow … All we can do now is wait to see what Adam Silver says.”

Although Kanter acknowledged that he was “itchy” to return to the field, he had previously acknowledged that players could not immediately return to the game, but would otherwise require several weeks of buffer time to return to its original state. after a long layoff.

“You can’t say ‘OK, we’ll play the game a week later.’ Some players do several things, ” Kanter said last month. “Some players in their apartments don’t do anything. We need to make sure everyone does their job and is in good condition to go there and compete if we playoff right away.”

While returning to basketball-related activities this season will be a great thing, it’s clearly secondary to the health and safety of teams, players and fans. The NBA will certainly continue to explore all possible paths to return, but the situation is smooth, and something the league cannot control. Maybe we will know more after the Silver call on Friday.

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