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Blazer star CJ McCollum and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban threw the NBA return policy into question Thursday, the day before Portland and two other teams reopened their facilities for player training, with more to open next week.

McCollum, in an interview with Yahoo Sports, expressed his confidence in the steps Blazer had taken to make safe exercises but said he was not sure the effort was needed.

“I’m worried like the rest of the world,” McCollum said, according to Yahoo Sports. “But I like it to be optional and I am pleased with the care, structure and steps that the Blazers organization has taken to ensure the safest environment possible for all parties involved.

“I get the steps [the league is] taking. But you have to think at a point when there are drastic steps that need to be taken, ‘Is it really feasible?’ It’s safe or not. “

Cuba, speaking with Freddie & Fitzsimmons from ESPN Radio, framed the problem in terms of who players, coaches and coaches believed in their lives.

“Seriously. If you are a player, who do you believe in your life?” Cuban said. “If you are a coach or a coach or, anyone for that matter, it is important personnel to get things back together, do you believe the hotel we will live in to keep everything safe – the technology they have using, the protocol they use?

“Who do you believe in your life?” Cuba repeats. “That’s a big question to ask someone, but we all make decisions like that every day. Do you live in? Do you go? What do you do? Where do you go for groceries? All these things, how do you do that?”

McCollum also downplays the urgency of the players who need to return to the gym.

“Let’s be honest, mate, this isn’t like the first time players have access to a gym outside team facilities,” McCollum said. “Some people already exercise, if we’re honest.”

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association are scheduled to host a conference call for all players on Friday to take to the field and address such problems, sources told ESPN, Ramona Shelburne.

The Blazers, Denver Nuggets, Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic plans to reopen their facilities on Friday. That Sacramento Kings said they would open their training facilities on Monday.

“The problem is you can go to your training facility, but there are all these conditions,” McCollum told Yahoo Sports. “You can’t use certain things, can’t do certain things. Now they are talking about you might have to be 12 feet away from your strength trainer. How would you lift 12 feet from someone?”


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