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2,131 consecutive games. It’s the same as playing games every day for almost six years. Last night, ESPN aired Cal Ripken Jr.’s record-breaking game, passing Lou Gehrig as Iron Man.

Game 2,131

This is a special night in baseball history. Records that once seemed almost untouchable, will be broken and increasingly destroyed (Ripken Jr. will end with 2,632 consecutive matches played).

On September 6, 1995, the Baltimore Orioles defeated California Angels 4-2, which included a home run around the league.

What makes the game and tonight so special is the Ripken player. Always a great teammate and loved by the city of Baltimore and the league itself, he always wants to put others in front of him.

There are many emotions that occur in this game; from Ripken Jr. to the fans to the celebrities present (Bill Clinton was there), this game has it all. Postponement of a game that lasts more than twenty minutes is certainly guaranteed for the new Iron Man.

Another special moment for Ripken Jr. That night is locking eyes with his father, Cal Ripken Sr. The senior was the manager of the Orioles organization for more than one season before being fired at the start of the 1988 season.

How good is he?

This note is very impressive. What makes it even greater is that Ripken Jr. not only suitable every night and productive enough to stay in the league for a while. Instead, he is as reliable as he gets on the plate or in the field.

The record, which began on May 30, 1982, is only the beginning of the famous Ripken career. Nineteen All-Star selections, two MVP awards and winning the 1983 World Series, Ripken established itself as one of the best game stops and emerged as a great Baltimore player.

Other League Records

Before and after the game, Ripken Jr. talked with several analysts and commentators so they could hear from one of the greats of all time. One topic of conversation is that baseball starts again.

This package includes start the league in Arizona in May with all 30 teams playing at Chase Field, spring training facilities around it and other fields as well. This is what Ripken Jr said about the plan.

Without direct exercise, it’s fun to relive these moments, especially for those who don’t live to see them happen firsthand. However, we know this is only a small step to meet our sporting needs until we can see it alive again.

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