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The possibility of a new Formula One season will take place without spectators because the sports organizers remain optimistic to save as many as 19 races this year.

Corona virus pandemic has resulted The first nine races are postponed or canceled, leaving the tattered F1 calendar of 2020.

Sports plans to start the season when it is safe to do so and, speak in English interview with Sky Sports, F1 motorsport director Ross Brawn said it would likely be in a European venue and in early July if possible to hold races behind closed doors.

“Traveling for the team and traveling for everyone involved will be one big problem,” Brawn said.

“You can debate once we get there we can become quite independent.

“Our view may be the beginning of Europe will be profitable and it can even be a closed event. We can have a very closed environment, where the team enters with a charter, we channel it to the circuit, we make sure everyone is tested, cleaned and that there is no risk for anyone.

“We have a race without spectators. That is not good, but this is better than no race at all. We must remember there are millions of people who take part in sitting at home. Many of them are isolated and able to keep the sport alive and wear sports and entertaining people will be a big bonus in this crisis that we have, but we cannot harm anyone.

“We are looking at an organizational structure that will give us the earliest start. But also the ability to maintain that beginning. There is no point in having a beginning and then stopping again for a while. Most likely being in Europe. You can imagine that it could be a closed event . “

However, if the government cannot lift movement restrictions, it might not be possible for F1 teams – based in the UK, Italy and Switzerland – to travel to the races.

Under sport rules, eight races are needed to make the full championship and Brawn said that meant the cut-off date to start the season was October.

“Eight races are the minimum we can have for the world championship, [according to] FIA Statute, “added Brawn.” We can reach eight races starting in October. So, if you want a dead spot to die it will be October.

“But then there’s always the possibility that we can meet next year. That is being explored. Can we digress to January to complete the season? There are various kinds of complications, as you can imagine, with that.

“If we can start in early July, we can do season 19 racing. [It would be] tough – three active races, one weekend holiday, three active races, one weekend holiday. We have seen all the logistics, and we think we can have an 18-19 race season if we can start in early July. The choice is between the two numbers. “

To cram as many races as possible into this year, F1 is likely to damage the existing calendar and start again. To hold three races on consecutive weekends in distant locations, the sport also considers a two-day race, which means Friday training doesn’t work.

“We may have several two-day races to meet the logistics needs,” Brawn said. “For example China is likely to be a two-day race if we go forward because to get there and go to the next event that we are planning, it can easily become a two-day race.”


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