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The Miami Dolphins are expected to choose a quarterback with the overall pick No. 5 in the 2020 NFL draft.

Most mock designs have the East side of the AFC choosing Old Tagovailoa Alabama, who will likely be the second signal caller from the board behind Joe Burrow from LSU. But while Tagovailoa is still in discussion to choose No. 5, there are a number of reports circulating that Oregon Oregon Justin Herbert might be the preferred target.

Matt Miller from Bleacher Report reported dolphins “not sure” Tagovailoa was the right choice in No. 5:

I was told by various sources in the league that Dolphins are not sure Old is the best choice and can instead target Justin Oregon in Oregon. The situation is smooth, but the rumor around the league is that Herbert has the most fans in the Dolphins draft room.

Mel Goalkeeper Jr. from pointing out his physical lack can directly damage the Alabama midfielder’s chances of going to Miami:

What is happening to Tagovailoa at this time is that Dolphins cannot carry out a direct examination with their team doctor (the latest report is that Tagovailoa has recovered from a hip and ankle injury) due to travel restrictions as part of a coronavirus pandemic. Prospects can only make virtual visits with teams, and that can have an impact on people who are rehabilitating injuries.

If Tagovailoa does not suffer a hip injury at the end of the season, he is likely to unite a season of 3,000 yards in a row.

Southpaw completed his last college campaign with 2,840 yards pass by, 33 goals and three interceptions.

When the dolphins consider their choices, they must consider what Tagovailoa did when he was healthy in Alabama. He made 87 touchdowns and was withdrawn 11 times, and his percentage of completion increased from 63.6 percent as a freshman to 71.4 percent as a junior.

It should also be considered that Tagovailoa is surrounded by first-round talents in offensive skill positions. Broad recipients, Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs III are expected to be the top 15 choices, and Josh Jacobs was ranked 24th from the Raiders in 2019.

Herbert doesn’t have a lot of NFL talent around him and is still being produced 3,000 yards in a row campaign for Oregon. While the figures are better than the total Tagovailoa this season, Herbert is less consistent in some parts of the schedule.

In his last three matches, Herbert did not reach 200 yards passed, and he was sent off twice for losing to Arizona State.

The concept of the Miami strategy can change if a team skips them in a trade and chooses Tagovailoa or Herbert.

That will force the dolphin to choose the quarterback left on the board or go in a different direction, which is not projected by many experts at this time.

According to Miami HeraldBarry Jackson, Dolphins holding a defensive Auburn deal with Derrick Brown “is highly respected.”

The worst-case scenario would be to force Brian Flores and Co to turn away from the quarterback and improve their defensive lines with Brown, or strengthen the offensive line.

Brown is projected as No. pick. 7 Miller’s post-free agency mock draft.

In an unlikely case Dolphins do not take quarterback at No. 5, they can use one of their two first-round selections for players in that position.

The target in that situation is likely to be Jordan Love from the State of Utah, who has spoken with dolphins several times.

Cameron Wolfe from ESPN reported that Miami participated in a video meeting with Love in addition to direct visits he made before restrictions were imposed.

Wolfe also noted that Dolphins “expressed clear intrigue with him during their meetings in the Senior Bowl and in the NFL.”

Love put two straight 3,000 page campaign, but his total goals dropped from 32 to 20, and he threw 11 more interceptions in his junior season than he did as a sophomore.

He is an impossible choice in No. 5 with Tagovailoa and Herbert available, but he can be chosen in No. 18 or No. 26 in the scenario that Miami surprised most concept experts and didn’t take the quarterback with its first selection.

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