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This is not a normal offseason for the NFL, or any other sport, for that matter. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the league into a virtual offseason that is currently underway, but progress is being made with teams now allowed to reopen the facility – albeit for limited personnel that do not include coaches or players. While all of that is settled, we can all enjoy deep dive into fiery debates involving everything from regular season predictions to player ratings, with the latter always guaranteed to make a spark in the office water cooler (when all are allowed to return there) ).

For Dallas Cowboys, this is another year with having several players ranked among the best in the league, so see a total of seven players managed to do it CBS Insider Sports insider Top 100 list it should not surprise anyone. Even though the team ended the 2019 season in a disappointing way, they did not lack talent at all, but rather because of the inability to execute (including the coach) when their backs faced the wall. What’s interesting, however, is where Prisco places each of the Cowboys’ top players – putting none in the top 15.

And with that, let’s discuss two lemonade.

17. RB Ezekiel Elliott

Higher rating: Christian McCaffrey (5)

Based on how the list was arranged, all things considered, Elliott got a fair shake. While he is arguably the best run back on The NFL, his statement was just that: debated. A case can also be made that McCaffrey is, and he has the statistics and films to support it. Elliott’s historic contract with the Cowboys set the stage for McCaffrey to do the same with the Carolina Panthers, and both will continue to dominate the league for a very, very long time. There are no other central midfielders who are ranked No. 5 and 17 are praises from Prisco to Elliott. That means he believes that only one will return better than the last and, according to him, no Saquon Barkley.

46. ​​QB Dak Prescott

Higher rating: Patrick Mahomes (1), Russell Wilson (3), Lamar Jackson (7), Aaron Rodgers (10), Drew Brees (11), Tom Brady (19)

Welp, so much for praise. Prescott has just entered the top 50 and is ranked as the seventh best quarterback in the ranking, which feels like an insult to Pro Bowler twice. He came from the best career season on the entire board and fell just a few yards embarrassed by jumping Tony Romo for the most meters ever thrown in a season in franchise history, and would explode easily over the mark if the receiving corps did not lead the league in decline – which would also put them in the playoffs. From an individual point of view, Prescott outperformed old Rodgers and Brady, so that the two who were higher ranked felt more like a nod to their inheritance than anything else.

Prescott is on the verge of landing the richest contract in Cowboy historyand that’s because he’s far better than the 46th best player in the NFL, and in the most important position in football.

50 GRAM Zack Martin

Higher rating: Quenton Nelson (15)

The timeless All-Pro has shown not only grit to play through injuries, but that he can also still perform at the elite level while doing so. That was the sixth year of dominance for Martin who at this time was the first ballot of the Hall of Famer, but he barely made it to the top 50 on this list. Because he has only missed two matches in his entire career, Martin is very durable and is arguably the best right guard in the entire league. For perspective on this ranking, it must be noted that Nelson operates on the middle left in Indy, and given that only two guards are on the top list, perhaps this is more of a devaluation of positions in the RG than a little directly to Martin.

58. DE DeMarcus Lawrence

Higher rating: Aaron Donald (2), Cameron Jordan (12), Joey Bosa (13), Nick Bosa (24), Danielle Hunter (25), J.J. Watts (32), Cameron Heyward (33), Chris Jones (36), Calais Campbell (39), Myles Garrett (47)

Lawrence is out of season in sack production, but there is a reason for that. After posting two consecutive double-digit sack seasons until 2019, the offense resisted wanted to do everything they could to calculate it. His presence is free Robert Quinn to have a resurgence season on the road to mega-pay at a free agency, and Lawrence’s ability as one of the defenders of run-stopping edge excellence is something that routinely benefits from Cowboys. He is often seen just inches from taking down the opponent’s quarterback – his pressure level again being one of the highest in the NFL – and that is why he is not lower on the list, even though the number of sacks is reduced. That’s because, quite frankly, getting a sack isn’t the only thing done by the river’s elite.

77. PL La’el Collins

Higher rating: Ryan Ramczyk (23), Ronnie Stanley (27), Lane Johnson (30), Mitchell Schwartz (41)

Considering that not all tackles are made the same – eg, Left versus Right – and the fact that there aren’t many offensive midfielders mentioned in the top 100, the fact that Collins is ranked as the top five talent feels right. Secretly as it continues, the veteran protector of the Cowboys excels in 2019 and makes the best season film of his young career, after signing a two-year contract extension, $ 15.4 million. Collins, who only recorded three penalties in 1,001 strokes, let 3.5 sacks low career at Prescott and was a strong carver for Elliott. Collins has made a name for himself as one of the best tackles in the NFL and it gets better every season. He is a Pro Bowl caliber talent who hasn’t been chosen as Orlando yet.

80. PL Tyron Smith

Higher rank: Ryan Ramczyk (23), Ronnie Stanley (27), Lane Johnson (30), Mitchell Schwartz (41), La’El Collins (77)

Yes, it is strange to see Smith ranked below Collins, but it is also difficult to argue that the two must switch places. Even though Smith has the Hall of Fame continued and shows no signs of slowing down when he is healthy, the only problem is that – he needs to stay healthy. All-Pro hasn’t played a complete season since 2015 and he’s not getting younger, which implies a problem of ongoing endurance. That said, when he was on the field, he was an absolute terror who routinely made adult male puppets trying to get past him. Smith only allowed one sack in 2019 and there wasn’t – right, zero – the year before. He was far more punished than Collins, although, once again, their position on each other’s relative list was justified.

81. WR Amari Cooper

Higher rating: Michael Thomas (4), Julio Jones (14), Chris Godwin (29), DeAndre Hopkins (31), Tyreek Hill (43), Mike Evans (45), Davante Adams (48), A.J. Green (63), Odell Beckham, Jr (64), Keenan Allen (66)

“Oh.” – Amari Cooper, maybe

The Wideout Pro Bowl landed four times, finally, as the 11th recipient on the list and only 19 places did not succeed at all. This happened even though Cooper had fought against the list of lower body injuries in 2019 and still collected nearly 1,200 meters of recipients and eight goals on his way to another free trip to Orlando. The catch rate of 66.4 percent is the second highest in his career, and Cowboys have seen enough to know that they want to give him a five-year contract worth $ 100 million for this offseason. He has four seasons 1,000 yards out of five in the NFL, and more Pro Bowls have nodded than some of the ranks above him who have been in the league longer.

However, Prisco was not sure, and even put it too tight Darren Waller (79), for maximum “oof”.

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