TSM Reveals a Stacked ‘Valorant’ Roster List Showing Subroza and Wardell | Instant News

The TSM Esports organization, also known as Team Solo Mid, has announced its first time Valorant the list displays the big names from the world Counter-Strike: Global Offensive like Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik and Matthew “WARDELL” Yu.

The full list consists of Taoufik, Yu, James “hazed” Cobb, Taylor “drone” Johnson and Stephen “reltuC” Cutler. All five previous players competed in CS: GO at a very high level, but has decided to turn to Valorant.

Cobb will act as a leader in the team game, with Cutler acting as another supporting player. The other three team members will act as riflers and will most likely be the main players in the tournament.

“We are very pleased to be working with such an iconic organization,” read the joint statement of the five players on the list. “Decided to move from CS: GO for Valorant is a difficult decision to make but with a prestigious organization like TSM supporting you, it makes it all the more interesting. TSM is the foundation of the esports community and we look forward to the opportunity to build something with them moving forward in a new and exciting space. “

The “adjusted” Broomall Taylor will be the team coach, having previously been a top level coach at CS: GO where he worked with teams such as Boxr, Splyce, and Envy.

The list was launched with one of the best frag montages seen in the world Valorant, with TSM putting their video editing squad to use well to make videos. It’s really worth watching if you get the chance.

TSM is not just one of the first organizations to enter the world Valorant, it was one of the first to sign a team full of players. Many others, like Cloud9 or T1, have signed one or two players and want to build their rosters as the scene develops. TSM on the other hand has successfully signed an entire team with elite level talent and will no doubt be one of the top teams in North America during the first few months Valor pro scene.

As Valorant towards full launch on June 2, players will expect to get some last-minute training before the offline beta on May 28. But if you want to play before the beta ends you are unfortunately out of luck because you can no longer get access to the beta if you don’t already have a key.


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