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Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson perhaps only one of the four most famous golf foursomes in history. Let’s count: Woods and Mickelson join for 20 major championships and 126 PGA Tour wins. Brady and Manning have eight Super Bowl wins and eight Most Valuable Player awards. So, yes, that’s the power of a star.

On Sunday at 3 pm ET (TNT / TBS) at the Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida, all four will join for a team event with profit results corona virus help. This is Woods and Manning vs. Mickelson and Brady. So what do you need to know? We have everything discussed, from how and where it will be played, to predictions about which team will win, to who has the advantage of talking rubbish.

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Scout report

Here’s what to look for with each of the four players:

Tiger Woods
Now, remember, before the corona virus forced the whole world of a long break, Woods was in the middle of a long break. After a poor show at Genesis Open in mid-February – he finished among those who cut after posting 76-77 at the weekend – he missed a series of events that looked like clear settings for the Masters. He sits at WGC-Mexico, Arnold Palmer and the Players Championship. (Players enter only one round before the corona virus causes a shutdown.) He cites the back stiffness continuing due to missing the Players. He recently said if the Masters went according to schedule in April, he would be ready to defend his green jacket. But seeing Woods back in action will be interesting, not only in terms of his golf game, but also how he moves.

Peyton Manning
Manning called the two clubs that are quite famous as home – Augusta National and Cherry Hills in Denver. Former teammate Brandon Stokley give a full review earlier this week from many, many outings with Manning. While this will be a different environment, and the first Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos The quarterback will likely have Mickelson in his ears to mock him, Manning had been with Woods before in pro-ams, especially at the Memorial, Jack Nicklaus tournament in Ohio.

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Phil Mickelson
While Woods was absent for most of the early part of the tour schedule, Mickelson was there, even though his play was often not. He missed cuts in four of the five events before the closing. He was above par and away for the weekend at Farmers Insurance Open, Genesis Invitational and Arnold Palmer Invitational. In one round at the Player before the event was canceled, he shot 3-more than 75. A good excursion during that run was at Pebble Beach, where he finished third in a place that always brought out the best in him. So it would be interesting to see, as Mickelson crept closer to his 50th birthday next month, where his game is right now.

Tom Brady
It will also be interesting to see how much golf Brady played in this event; after all, ex New England Patriots Quarterback has been a little busy the past few months finding teams and new homes in Tampa Bay, Florida. But that didn’t stop him from finding a place to play; he will reportedly join the Seminole Golf Club, one of the country’s best golf courses and host a charity match last weekend among Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler and Matthew Wolff. According to former teammate Wes Welker, when Brady practices and plays, he can become low. When he isn’t, well, “he’s bad,” Welker said.

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Which team won?

Matt Barrie, ESPN
Winner: Woods / Manning
Why: Tawmy is for Peyton in football like Tiger for Phil in golf. One has another in the championship. And because this is not a soccer match, ownership of this match will be in place throughout their golf career – with Woods. If they really wanted to let it fly with the microphone open, rubbish talks would also go to Woods and Manning. In addition, Manning has retired and has plenty of time to swing the club.

David Bearman, ESPN Chalk
Winner: Mickelson / Brady
Why: I really want to play the “revenge” card as Michael Jordan did in every episode “The last dance,” Woods doesn’t wake up to things like this. If that is the main subject and Woods is underestimated or lost before, of course. But as we saw last year in Tiger / Phil Part I, Mickelson cares more about events like this. Add dynamic Brady-dominating-Manning and I like the underdog here.

Michael Collins, ESPN.com
Winner: Mickelson / Brady
Why: Because in the back nine when they play a modified alternative shot, Mickelson will shine. And for this type of event, Mickelson cares more about winning than Woods.

Michael Eaves, ESPN
Winner: Woods / Manning
Why: Because 17 is greater than 11. (Do the calculations.)

Chris Fallica, ESPN
Winner: Mickelson / Brady
Why: There’s no way I can give $ 2 with a favorite here. With big money in line – for charity – in match events, who is better to support than Mickelson and Brady, people who live for the big stage? And if that becomes nonsense, I will risk Mickelson and Brady who are under the skin of their opponents behind nine when that’s the most important.

Charlotte Gibson, ESPN.com
Winner: Woods / Manning
Why: If this is a match to decide who has the best calf in the game, I will support the Mickelson / Brady duet. But this is a golf match. I am all-in at Woods, who has 15 majors compared to Lefty’s five, and Manning, who play 6.4 defects while Brady plays in zone 8.1.

Mike Golic Jr., ESPN
Winner: Woods / Manning
Why: Reminder: Brady never wins without Bill Belichick. I don’t think he starts now. Peyton showed Tom how to successfully transition into the second round. Tiger takes revenge and ensures rubber compatibility.

Mike Golic Sr., ESPN
Winner: Woods / Manning
Why: Now after the first game there is no, Woods could not have lost 0-2 to Mickelson.

And Graziano, ESPN.com
Winner: Mickelson / Brady
Why: I don’t know where one of the golfers is mentally or athletically, but I know Brady is loose, happy, pacing in Florida and coming out of a random house, generally feeling like life is a breath of fresh air. Tom’s spring / summer continues.

Mike Greenberg, ESPN
Winner: Mickelson / Brady
Why: If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, it is that no one is rich betting against Tom Brady. Apart from sports. Give me piss.

Bob Harig, ESPN.com
Winner: Woods / Manning
Why: To be honest, Brady practiced soccer earlier this week in Tampa, meeting with his new teammate several times at a local park. He clearly did not take this golf event seriously. And because Woods knows the course of the Medals better than anyone, it gives his team an additional boost.

Anita Marks, ESPN
Winner: Woods / Manning
Why: Let me count the ways … 1. Profits at home on the field for Woods, with the Medalist being his home field. 2. Woods is more accurate than tee, which is very important in the Medal.

Andy North, ESPN
Winner: Woods / Manning
Why: Who has to play better between Brady and Manning. I go with Manning; I hope he has practiced. We are both members of Cherry Hills, so I know he can play on the hard track.

Ian O’Connor, ESPN.com
Winner: Woods / Manning
Why: People forget that Manning defeated Brady in their last three AFC Championship Game duels. So there it is, along with the fact that Woods would rather hold a daily news conference, on the truth serum, than lose two live TV games to Mickelson.

Nick Pietruszkiewicz, ESPN.com
Winner: Woods / Manning
Why: This one is quite simple: Woods hates listening to Mickelson’s trash talk. He will not want to lose again and must hear it repeatedly.

Mike Reiss, ESPN.com
Winner: Mickelson / Brady
Why: One of the first rules in beat writer Tom Brady’s notebook is “bet against Brady at your own risk.” Plus, how can I fight someone who puts $ 2,000 on the phone for every hole he plays with friends like Wes Welker? I survived with a high roller.

Mark Schlabach, ESPN.com
Winner: Mickelson / Brady
Why: Just like football. Manning and Brady played 17 times in the NFL, with Brady’s team leading the series 11-6. Brady guided the Patriots to a record nine Super Bowls and won six times. Manning led his team to four Super Bowls and won twice.

Marty Smith, ESPN
Winner: Mickelson / Brady
Why: Woods’s legendary competitive impetus will keep pace with Brady’s. Manning’s sense of humor will relieve Mickelson’s ingenuity. That means down to … beer. Brady is a legendary beer calmer, and on the road to cold beer, golf is Lamborghini. Let’s go!

Tom VanHaaren, ESPN.com
Winner: Woods / Manning
Why: After watching “The Last Dance” and seeing how Jordan was triggered by disrespect and defeat, Woods and Manning joined forces to avenge Mickelson’s Woods defeat in the previous match and Manning’s career record against Brady. They won and both shrugged Jordan-esque after they walked off the track in victory.

Talk rubbish

Listen, Phil Mickelson lives for this part. He could not help himself, whether it was on social media or in whatever interviews might be – he likes to inject anyone, everyone. He is not ashamed to remind Woods of what happened in the first game, when Mickelson won a $ 9 million fee. And let’s remember this story, involving country music star Jake Owen, who Owen told Barstool Sports last year. Apparently, Owen was not happy with the level of golf he got from Mickelson and Woods for the first time, when it was based on pay-per-view: “So I walked up to him,” Owen said on the podcast. “I’m like, ‘Hey Phil, you owe me — $ 29.99!’ I was like, ‘To spend four hours of my life with golf — the tiest I’ve seen! You guys hype all this about a big game? You can’t even make three birdies between the two of you? I want my $ 29.99 and apologize to I’m for some — golf! “” Mickelson replied: “I won 90,000 of these things yesterday. Take 100 and go f — alone! “

Mickelson has been in the form of a true Phil that leads to this one too.

And he also tried to get his partner involved.

Woods is never ashamed of one sentence. During Zoom’s call to promote this match, Woods wore a green jacket, reminiscent of Mickelson and Brady who are current Masters champions (and the fact that he won five of them).

And then there’s Manning. Now, remember, the man is hosting the “Saturday Night Live,” so he’s not afraid to throw a few thorns.



During the announcement for “The Match: Champions for Charity,” Tom Brady’s troll Peyton Manning about the incident violated and entered and departed from New England.


Woods and Mickelson are elite professionals; Brady and Manning don’t. Brady and Manning are single digit handicaps, which means mid 70s to 80s low is what is expected if they count each stroke. The front nine is the best ball format, so the best score from each team is calculated. The back nine is where things get interesting. They will play a modified alternative shot. What is that? The four players will press their drive, then each team will choose which tee shot they prefer better. From there, they will replace who hits until the hole is finished.

Place: Medalist

Like last weekend’s match between McIlroy, Johnson, Fowler and Wolff at the ultra-exclusive Seminole, this is the first real appearance on an ultra-exclusive Medal since a one-time television broadcast in the mid-1990s. And like seeing Seminole on television, this is almost as close as most of the world will reach the Medal too. This is a home match for Woods; he is a member of that place. He gave us a little peek in 2017 when he took a small step towards comeback. This Tweet was intended to show him really swinging the club, which was a big problem himself three years ago. But now, that’s more than a rare view on the Medal.

Bird hunter, Brooks Koepka and Justin Thomas, which will debut its broadcast as an on-course commentator for this one, all members too. So if you have to go through the front gate yourself, you might meet an elite PGA Tour player, then or now, somewhere on the property.



Justin Thomas told Scott Van Pelt that he plans to talk as much rubbish as possible to Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson at their golf charity event, where Thomas will work as an announcer.

Greg Norman founded the club and worked with legendary field architect Pete Dye on design.

The opportunity

Woods and Manning entered as favorites, entered at -175. Here are some prop bets available at DraftKings.

  • Mickelson / Brady No. victory hole 1 (+335)

  • Mickelson birdie No. 1 (+500)

  • Mickelson longest drive in No. 3 (+105)

  • Brady’s longest drive on No. 3 (+105)

  • The closest forest to the hole in No. 4 and 8 (+125)

  • Woods and Manning made the winner hole 10-18 (-110)

  • Mickelson / Brady won the most par-3s (+120)

  • Mickelson / Brady won the most (520)

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