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Elder Tagovailoa’s rehabilitation from his hip injury during the 2019 season is one of the most watched rehabilitation stories. The overall pick No. 5 was finally chosen by the Miami Dolphins and is doing everything he can to be ready for the upcoming season.

It remains to be seen whether Tagovailoa will start for dolphins this season or even ready to go because some suggest the dolphins should let Tagovailoa essentially “redshirt” the rookie year and continue to rest and recover. The former Alabama star made a speedy recovery and now seems to be regaining speed.

Watch below to see Tagovailoa’s footwork as he continues to exercise on his own until the team’s facilities are officially opened.

The Dolphins featured the veteran midfielder Ryan Fitzpatrick as a starter so it seems there is no need to rush Tagovailoa to the field. People in the NFL ESPN Jeff Darlington said on Friday the quarterback situation for dolphins couldn’t be better.

Ryan Fitzpatrick “In the end it will go down, if this is something, as the biggest bridge midfielder in NFL history,” ESPN insider Jeff Darlington said on Get Up on Friday. “In this particular situation, when you have a man coming up with a health problem … by the way, every time I bring to the dolphins, ‘When do you think we will see the Elder in the field’, they throw their hands up at me and basically said, “What do you want from us? We haven’t even seen that man since before the merger. “

“They don’t know when he will be on the field. Normally, GM will say the rookie will not go up to the field and that the rookie will finally do it, but in this case, it actually makes sense why Tua would not go directly to the field. Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is a major competitor and he is loved in the organization. I think they will hire him now for some position for life, I don’t even know what will happen. To be honest, I don’t know if it’s the same as winning, but it’s a perfect situation to bridge one quarterback to the next. “

ESPN Mike Tannebaum, a former NFL front office executive, said he would “definitely be seated” Tagovailoa this season, if possible.

“You have Fitzpatrick and a 23-year-old child Josh Rosen who was still in the quarterback room, “The elder must be a quarterback for the next 10 years, not the next two months, so I will definitely seat him.”

Whether he fits this year or 2021, ESPN NFL analyst Domonique Foxworth believes Tagovailoa will become the top quarterback at AFC East in the next three years.

“I think it’s Old,” Foxworth the word Wednesday morning at Wake up. “Old, the ceiling is high for the Old. I think what they do in Miami with the coaching staff and general manager is very important, and I think giving him a good situation to succeed. I also think that maybe the next person is Stidham. Hard to argue Bill Belichick quarterback. Enter the last Darnold. Last Darnold. “

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