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Peyton Manning might be considered the king of rubbish talks after he continued roasting former NFL rival Tom Brady on Sunday during a charity golf match. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady swipe each other during the buildup for the highly anticipated golf match. Not surprisingly, the two quarterbacks were once again in the initial stages of the contest.

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Peyton Manning suggested caddies for Tom Brady

Peyton Manning takes the cake for his humor after he has some funny suggestions that Tom Brady can bring as his caddy. The match: Champions for Charity is forced to have a delayed start after rain interferes with the initial stages at The Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida. With a camera trying to capture the NFL duo who practiced their swing, Manning was asked who he should bring as his caddy.

The former Denver Broncos star first said Tom Brady should consider Nick Foles or his brother Eli Manning. The funny proposal was a joke on Tom Brady because both quarterbacks held the Super Bowl victory over Tom Brady. Eli Manning defeated Brady twice in the Super Bowl while Nick Foles held one win.

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Peyton Manning continued his advice and claimed the Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick, could be the right choice. Another swipe at Brady, which was reported to have had a bad relationship with Belichick during his final years in New England. Earlier this year, it was reported that Belichick was the reason behind Brady’s departure from the organization. Although this may be just a rumor, Manning’s comment did sting the current Buccaneers midfielder, who said, “That was a cheap blow.”

The last suggestion from Peyton Manning created the most noise on social media because the former NFL star claimed Brady could even make Rob Gronkowski his caddy. Manning highlighted Rob Gronkowski’s time with Brady at the Patriots, his next retirement, working with WWE and finally returning to the NFL to join Brady at the Bucs. Per Manning, “Gronk (Rob Gronkowski) does whatever Tom asks him to do.”

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Fans reacted to Manning’s joke about using Rob Gronkowski as Brady’s caddy

Fans on social media seem to have enjoyed Tom Brady Peyton Manning’s roast, especially his comments involving Rob Gronkowski. The media has mentioned Brady as one of the main reasons behind Gronk’s decision to stop retiring and join the Buccaneers. This is how the fans reacted on Twitter to the Manning jibes at Brady.

Just like Manning who apparently beat Brady with his talk, the Indianapolis Colts also burst into laughter when it came to a golf match. Despite returning late from Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady, Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning survived to win the 18-hole exhibition match. An entertaining charity match also raised more than $ 20 million which will be used for COVID-19 relief efforts.

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