Liverpool-Atletico match linked to ’41 additional coronavirus deaths’ – report | Instant News

Jurgen Klopp’s side faced the Spanish club in the second last 16 match at Anfield on March 11 in front of a crowd of around 52,000, with 3,000 visiting supporters present.

The match was the last major soccer match to be played in England before locking up the coronavirus.

According to the Sunday Times, Edge Health, which analyzed data for Britain’s National Health Service, estimated the match was “related to 41 additional deaths” at the nearest hospital between 25 and 35 days later, compared to similar hospitals used as controls. .

Imperial College London and Oxford University estimate Spain has around 640,000 cases of corona virus positive during the game compared to 100,000 in England at that stage.

The Liverpool-Atletico tie played a role in the recent surge in coronavirus cases

March also witnessed the Cheltenham Festival’s four-day horse racing jump in southwest England go according to schedule, with officials citing British government guidelines that it is safe to resume major sporting events.

According to estimates by Edge Health’s research quoted by the Sunday Times, the decision might be linked to 37 additional deaths.

More than 250,000 people attended Cheltenham, with organizers insisting they had introduced specific hygiene measures for the event, including additional hand washing stations for spectators.

But racing in Britain was stopped on March 17 in response to a pandemic after the British Horse Racing Authority was widely criticized for allowing the festival to take place.

Coronavirus in sport: Mayor of Liverpool demands an investigation into a Champions League tie against Atletico Madrid

Last month one of the mayors for Liverpool requested an inquiry into why Atletico’s match was allowed to go according to schedule.

“If people contract a corona virus as a direct result of a sporting event that we believe should not happen, it’s a shame,” Steve Rotheram, Mayor of the City of Liverpool, told the BBC.

“It needs to be investigated to find out whether some of these infections are caused directly by Atletico fans. There are coronavirus hot cities, and Madrid is one of them.” Atletico won the match 3-2 after extra time to knock out defending champions 4-2 in aggregate and reach the quarter-finals.

The initial ban on viewers is expected to occur when the sport continues in Britain, which has witnessed more than 36,000 deaths during the pandemic – the worst tally in Europe and number two after the United States.

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