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In the 2019 MLB Draft, Baltimore Orioles took a major step towards rebuilding their register and farming system by choosing catcher Adley Rutschman No. 1 overall. The backstop project that struck turned into the foundation for a franchise. This year, the team can add other major works to the 2020 MLB Draft because they have a second overall choice.

Although the design has been shortened from 40 rounds to only five, it doesn’t really have an impact on what Baltimore will do in No. 2. There, they will still have the chance to choose the next part of their future, and many good choices will be available.

But, unlike last year where Rutchsman was a shoo-in all this time, the choice was unclear in 2020. MLB senior author Pipeline Jim Callis, who has studied carefully the prospect group, believes there are a number of different ways Orioles can go.

Callis told MASN’s Steve Melewski. “data-reactid =” 19 “>” I don’t think that’s a clear decision on No. 2, ” Callis told MASN’s Steve Melewski.

When it came to who Callis could see from Baltimore, his dream-scenario was Spencer Torkelson from Arizona State University. However, it was considered a dream because the most likely outcome was that the Detriot Tigers would take Torkelson as a whole. The first Baseman had a special bat according to Callis and resembled the talent Rutschman had shown on the plate.

Even though there is a small possibility of that happening, the idea of ​​them both one day sharing a lineup card in Baltimore will make the Orioles above the moon fired up.

“To imagine the two men in the middle of the line,” Callis said. “Woo, that would be very interesting.”

However, if Torkelson does not go No. 1, there are still many talents available in the concept class. The name that comes to mind for Callis is Austin Martin from Vanderbilt. The position player declared himself the top prospect after his 2019 college season where he led the SEC in average strokes (0.392) and base percentage (0.486) while helping his team dominate the toughest conferences in baseball and claiming the College World Series Title.

At Martin, the Orioles can get another reliable bat for years to come, one Callis claims to be “the best pure hitter in the design.” However, Martin’s main area of ​​concern is defense, because many are still unsure about his best position.

“I think there are some questions as to where he will play,” Callis said of Martin. “Is he a central midfielder, third midfielder, second midfielder? That’s a little unclear.”

After struggling in the middle of the field, largely due to the inability to consistently throw from the left side of the diamond, Martin moved to the center of the field. However, due to the shortened 2020 season, he lost valuable representation on the field. Even so, Callis saw that and one other option as Martin’s best place on the pro.

“My guess is he will be a central midfielder or second goalkeeper,” Callis said.

If the Orioles aren’t sold with Martin, or want to take on players with similar skills but at a slightly cheaper price, Nick Gonzales out of the State of New Mexico can be a good match too. Versatile, he led the NCAA in a blow in 2019 with an average of 0.423.

Baltimore can also decide that it wants to add a jug to the 2nd place overall, and based on how Callis views part of the design class, it can be a profitable decision. After going down one year for pitchers in 2019, things look much better in 2020.

“[2019] not a good year for pitching campus. “Maybe, I’ve done this for more than 30 years, the worst draft I’ve ever seen in terms of first-round college caliber weapons,” Callis said. This year, campus pitching is a strength. There are lots of good college pitching. “

The best, according to Callis, is Asa Lacy from Texas A&M. Lefty starters set off for a strong start to the 2020 season (3-0, 0.75 ERA) before the match was canceled. The Orioles can always use another arm for one day depending on the Premiership level, and Callis sees Lacy as the best prospect that matches the mold.

Even with Lacy’s potential, the talented pitching class might keep Baltimore away from him. Orioles also holds the No. pick. 30 and No. 39 in the draft in addition to their first round selection, and Callis has a feeling that other excellent weapons will be available.

“There will be really good pitchers available at 30,” Callis said. “Much more than I thought the hitters would be available at 30.”

With a draft just a few weeks away, Martin, Gonzales and Lacy are seen as the three most likely options for the Orioles. No matter who the team ultimately chooses by picking No. 2 overall, Callis believes that they will be a big part of Baltimore’s success in the future. A few years later, the 2020 class must have a good reputation in the eyes of Callis.

“This is the first year of this decade. I’m willing to bet that we look back in history and this will be one of two or three main concept classes in the 2020s,” Callis said.

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Who can be chosen by Orioles in No. 2 of the 2020 MLB Draft, according to an expert initially appeared on NBC Sports Washington“data-reactid =” 47 “>Who can be chosen by Orioles in No. 2 of the 2020 MLB Draft, according to an expert initially appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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