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Der Klassiker Tuesday between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich looks set to play a decisive role in where the Bundesliga title ends, and the match itself can be decided by the choice of the two teams on the wing.

There is something very satisfying and encouraging about effective and attacking wing partnership partnerships, and there have been many such combinations over the years in accordance with the law.

Lionel Messi and Dani Alves, Luis Figo and Roberto Carlos, Philipp Lahm and Arjen Robben, Djalma Santos and Garrincha – the list continues.

While there are also many effective wing pairs in modern football, when considering which is the most effective sense of attack, it is difficult to see the past served by the two big Germans.

Although Jadon Sancho is only fit enough to make a number of substitute appearances since the Bundesliga resumed, there is every chance he will return in the starting XI on Tuesday, with Achraf Hakimi, Alphonso Davies and Serge Gnabry all likely to appear too. .

All four enjoyed a beautiful season – below, we examine how effective the quartet was.

Considering the two of them will operate on the same side of the field, Hakimi and Davies will likely spend a lot of time at close range or run on the other side, hoping to punish defensive deviations. Even watching it can be tiring, considering how fast they are.

Both are more famous for their offensive tendencies than defensive nous, which can certainly be understood in connection with Davies, who was effectively in his first season as a full back. Direct comparisons highlight many common forces when they are not shackled.

Davies’ incredible speed has attracted attention this season, and with good reason – a top speed of 35.3km / h is second only to Kingsley Coman (35.7km / h) on the Bayern side, although Hakimi plays as a player the fastest. since this record began in the Bundesliga, it has reached 36.5km / hour.

However, the young Bayern player, Davies, overshadows the ball in a sense (run with possession of at least five meters). He started with 19.9 per match, 0.4 more than Hakimi, while Davies defended the ball on average 12.4 million – Dortmund right-back saved it for 11.5 million.

Davies has also tried more take-ons (118 to 113), has a better dribbling success rate (58 percent to 56 percent) and runs an average of 11.2km per 90 minutes, 600m more than Hakimi.

However, the 146 rights that Hakimi has more than 10m hold are as high as the Bundesliga, and while Davies ignores them in many of the metrics mentioned above, 14 Bundesliga goal involvement from Morocco is more than double that of Canadian youth.

Either way, it’s clear to see the two full-backs playing an important role in pushing their respective teams on the field – Davies might be in a test of his stronger defense abilities in this contest.

It’s worth mentioning that no player is guaranteed to start – a fitness problem means Sancho only appeared as a substitute in Dortmund’s last two matches, while Gnabry was on the bench at the weekend.

However, given their respective notes on this term, if they are in top condition, there is little doubt both of them will start. After all, this is the biggest match of the season.

Sancho and Gnabry have enjoyed a very productive campaign. The Bayern winger has helped 20 Bundesliga goals, while the England international scored 30 goals with his 16th assist this season at the weekend when he founded Hakimi.

Sancho is far ahead in terms of take-ons, after trying 131 league-high terms, completing 47 percent. Gnabry had tried to defeat the man 92 times, succeeding 48 percent of the time.

But there are fundamental differences between the style of each game when in possession.

Gnabry is more likely than his partner to end carry with shots, doing it 29 times in 2019-20, behind only Timo Werner (36). Likewise, his 22 successful dribbles have entered the penalty area – a high joint for the division with Robert Lewandowski and Marcus Thuram.

In comparison, Sancho only completed eight dribbles in the box and only 14 of his escort ended with one shot. However, eight of them have produced assists, which is the Bundesliga record in 2019-20 and seven more than Gnabry.

This shows, to some extent, that Gnabry lacked Sancho awareness, or at least had more than one single minded approach.

This data also highlights Sancho’s slightly deeper role, supported by the fact that he tends to run farther (11.2km per game to 10.7 km), run more (35.5 per game to 34.1) and has reaching a higher top speed (34 km / h, up to 33.2km / h) from Gnabry.

Although Sancho is arguably the top spot in general, there is no doubt both of them are extraordinary talents and if they approach the best on Tuesday, either he or Gnabry can illuminate the Klassiker alone.

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