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It’s 1,500 days since Detroit Sportsoff’s last playoff win. Who stopped it?| Instant News


The top five prospects in the 2020 NBA draft that can help the talent-deprived Detroit Pistons.


Tuesday marks another autumn milestone in the Detroit sports award:

It’s been 1,500 days since one of the four core professional teams of the Lions, Tigers, Red Wings and Pistons won the playoff match.

And the outlook is bleak, with all franchises at the stage of rebuilding (choose our poll at the bottom of the story).

Detroit has lost 10 straight postseason matches since its most recent playoff victory, on April 17, 2016, by the Red Wings, when Petr Mrazek shutout 2-0 in Game 3 vs. Tampa Bay at Joe Louis Arena (R.I.P.) in the first round. The Wings lost the next two games and the draw, and haven’t been to a playoff since.

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The Pistons were swept as eighth seeded in 2016 (by Cleveland) and 2019 (by Milwaukee), and have a playoff record of losing 14-match NBA playoffs, which is paired with 2008 in the series vs Boston.

Lions last entered the playoffs on January 7, 2017, lost 26-6 in Seattle. We know their history: They have been rebuilding for more than 60 years, with one playoff win since 1957, and the second longest playoff drought in the NFL (1991), behind Cincinnati (1990) – more than 10,000 days since their last playoff win.

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[[[[Oral history: 1991 The lion remembers the last playoff victory at the raucous Silverdome ]

And the Tigers haven’t been to the postseason since 2014, being swept away by Baltimore in three matches.

But they did win the latest Detroit playoff series: 2013 Team won American League Division Series in Oakland in Game 5 winner-take-all.

The Tigers and Red Wings both finished with the worst record in the league in their latest season; The lion is the third worst, and the fifth worst Pistons:

• Lion, winning percentage 3-12-1, .219, No. 3 in 2020

• Tiger win percentage, 47-114, .292, choose No. 1 in 2020

• Pistons, 20-46, 0.303 winning percentage

• Red Wings, 17-49-5, 0.315 winning percentage

As for the championship, the city’s last title came through the 2008 Red Wings, which defeated Pittsburgh in six matches.

The last time Detroit became champion-less in the decade before 2010 was the 1970s, and the current drought is the longest for the Motor City core since the span of 16 years from 1968 to 1984.

Three or four other sports cities with a title drought longer than Detroit 12 years are Tampa Bay (16), Phoenix (19), Atlanta (25) and Minneapolis / St. Paul (29).

The Tigers 2012 are the last team to play for the championship, losing the World Series 4-0 to San Francisco. Their last title came 35 last season in 1984 – After Washington’s victory last season, only seven MLB franchise sports drought the title again – but don’t worry. Cleveland is by far the worst, with a 71-year drought in 1948.

Training and change of front office is overwhelming, with Wings coach Jeff Blashill, the coach who has the longest working period in five seasons (2015-present). The other three trainers are all two years old.

Tiger general manager Al Avila took over in the second half of 2015, overseeing 4½ seasons; Lions GM Bob Quinn has been in charge since 2016 (four seasons); The Pistons’ senior adviser, Ed Stefanski, has worked for two years, and Wings GM Steve Yzerman has worked for a year.

[[[[Steve Yzerman represented a new (and only?) Hope in the drought of the Detroit sports title ]

But summer might bring better news, and of course, that won’t happen on the pitch, ice or court: The Red Wings will enter the NHL lottery with the best chance – 18.5% – to win the No. 1 overall election. 1, and the Pistons are fifth with a 10.5% shot to win the NBA lottery.

So, forget the championship, who do you think will be the next Detroit team to win the playoffs or, God forbid, advance to the next round?

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