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The Swiss producer and supplier of green hydrogen, Hydrospider, has sent the first container of green hydrogen to St. Gallen.

A joint venture between H2 Energy, Alpiq and Linde Gas, Hydrospider recently commissioned the largest electrolysis plant in Switzerland to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen that is environmentally friendly at the Alpiq Gösgen hydroelectric power plant.

Water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen using only electricity produced in places with 100% hydropower.

The first special container, filled with 350 kg of hydrogen from the Gösgen production facility, was transported to St. Gallen, the site was used by AVIA Osterwalder for final testing as part of the commissioning process for the first hydrogen filling station in eastern Switzerland. . The filling station is scheduled to open in the summer of 2020.

The 2MW plant from Hydrospider will produce around 300 tons of hydrogen per year, which is equivalent to the annual consumption of 40 to 50 trucks or around 1,700 passenger cars.

Hydrogen is produced using renewable energy and is a central element in the emission-free mobility business model that Hydrospider is currently building with the Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility (HHM) and H2 Mobility Switzerland Association.

The business model is based on pure private sector commitments initiated by H2 Energy.

In addition to the production and procurement of green hydrogen by Hydrospider, it includes heavy-duty fuel cell trucks from Hyundai, a clear plan to expand the required filling station infrastructure, and commitment from transportation and logistics companies to use heavy duty fuel-cell trucks in the future .

By 2025, around 1,600 heavy-duty fuel cell trucks from Hyundai will be on the Swiss road solely based on this unique hydrogen ecosystem.

This will transform sustainable and climate-friendly relations between the energy and mobility sectors into reality in the field of heavy goods transportation.

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