Jesús Cintora went to ‘Better late’ to speak wordlessly about Juan Carlos I, after learning that he would withdraw 100,000 euros per month from his Swiss account from 2008 to 2012. «Some say they want a lot to Spain, but they have sex with Switzerland, that is where they took the money and where they hid it safely and without going through the Spanish treasury«The journalist commented.

Jesús Cintora, in ‘Better late’

«I am ashamed,» admitted Cintora, that the head of state «went to Switzerland with suitcases of money or went to a bank to ask for a stack of banknotes without going through the black Spanish treasury. »In addition, it qualifies that« we are not talking about taking 100,000 pesetas for the weekend, we are talking about exchanges of up to 200,000 or 300,000 euros and it’s definitely not to go and play mus, but for other things. «

According to the reporter, the data revealed were “devastating blows to the Headquarters of the State”, because the monarchy said that “they were exemplary, that they had pride and satisfaction, and in the years where my people experienced more times bad in Spain because of the crisis between 2008 and 2012, when the housing bubble burst, eviction, when this man comes out to tell us that you have to be generous … he follows this type of behavior«The word Cintora bluntly.

«In democracy there must be justice»

Without a doubt, he believes that there must be justice: «I fear this may be a successive installment in the media, but people are healed of fear. In democracy, what must exist is justice, »admitted Cintora, to state the following final argument:« If you protect yourself with a series of privileges, it will be shameful because this must carry sanctions. If the above does not provide an example, it is difficult to ask ordinary citizens to sacrifice«

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