Six Lists of the Swiss FiCAS Stock Exchange Actively Managed by Bitcoin ETP (BTCA) | Instant News

The leading Swiss stock exchange, SIX, registers active cryptto-exchange-traded (ETP) products in a move that will increase the exposure of digital assets in markets headquartered in Zurich. This new product will use the ‘BTCA’ index derived from its full name, Bitcoin Capital Active ETP. Specifically, BTCA ETP will be issued by Bitcoin Capital AG while FiCAS, a crypto investment company based in Switzerland, acts as a manager.

Ideally, this ETP cryptocode is intended to make more portfolio balancer position in a world where digital assets accounted for more than $ 300 billion in market capitalization at the time of the press. Built to comply with regulations, BTCA ETP will expose investors to the top 15 digital assets, giving them the opportunity to actively rebalance their pool and get out of position through fiat.

As a result, product managers will be able to carry out this movement by exchanging BTC for other digital currencies including TRX, XTZ, LTC, EOS, BCH, XRP, and ETH. The main exit fiat currencies are the US dollar, the Euro and the Swiss Franc.

The BTCA ETP has been mentioned as being very different because it is not pegged to the movement of a single asset or a basket of crypto indices. On the contrary, this Crypto-based ETP consists of the digital assets highlighted above and can therefore be actively managed based on market fundamentals and technical price action. Some fundamental factors that FiCAS will note are investor sentiments and issues such as token liquidity or underlying blockchain values.

As for the technical pricing action, Ali Mizani Oskui, founder of FiCAS, believes in a trusted strategy that has beaten the market since 2013,

“Personally, I have built my expertise in crypto trading since 2013, with a strong track record of outperforming the market. I look forward to bringing my trading experience to global and institutional markets with this pioneering product. “

This latest crypto-based list at Six Stock Exchange adds to the likes The Bitcoin ETP Wisdom Tree which was launched back in December. Switzerland in general is very progressive in the crypto space, making it an attractive destination for Security Token Offers (STO ‘) and now ETP’s crypto is gradually following suit.

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