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Judd’s first trip

How he got to New Glarus was relatively uncommon: Judd wanted to learn English and found an advertisement for a cooking position at the New Glarus Hotel. Working as a chef in Switzerland at the time, Judd took the opportunity to experience life in America.

“I thought, ‘What better way to learn English than going somewhere where you need to go?'” He said.

The following year, in 2007, he prepared to leave for New Glarus on a 13 month visa. Thirteen years later, New Glarus has become his second home.

During her first 13 months of stay, Judd met and started dating her future husband, Corbin. Unsure about how to make the trans-Atlantic relationship work, the couple returned to Switzerland before getting married in 2009.

Then, it was time to return to America. After a brief stint in Virginia, Judd learned that he belonged to New Glarus where he could still embrace his past in Switzerland. In 2012, he returned for good.

A historic step

What attracted Judd to New Glarus in the first place – Swiss charm and promising opportunities – many centuries ago.

Swiss Glarus’ roots were first planted in the mid-1800s when Appeal Judge Niklaus Dürst and blacksmith Fridolin Streiff came to the American Midwest in search of land to buy for Switzerland, according to the Swiss Historic Village New Glarus timeline. They were sent by the state after economic strife led to people in the region taking part in organized emigration.

Dürst and Streiff would search for and buy the land for the 193 invaders who would leave Canton Glarus in Switzerland in the spring.

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