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April 6, 2020

Swiss Interior Minister Alain Berset held out a little hope on Monday that the government would follow Austria’s steps in easing some steps to tackle the corona virus next week.

Asked about Austria’s plans, he said the Federal Council would only consider the situation in Switzerland, noting that Austria had fewer confirmed cases of infection. Berset spoke after visiting health care officials in the southwest region of Valais.

The council declared a state of emergency on March 16, closing shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreation facilities until April 19.

Berset said the limitation of social contact will not end when the infection peaks. “Only when the number of infected and hospitalized people is clearly reduced so we can consider relaxing,” he told SonntagsZeitung.

Stock markets in the US and Europe strengthened Monday as data showed a slowdown in coronavirus infections in several countries. They include Italy and Spain, which also recorded fewer deaths each day than during the week.

On Monday, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said his government could start easing some locking measures next week to allow small shops, hardware stores, and park centers to continue business.

Assuming there is no recurrence on the number of corona viruses, large stores will reopen next month, followed by hotels, restaurants and other services from mid-May, he told a news conference.

On Monday, a country with 8.8 million people reported 12,058 confirmed infections, with 204 deaths. The government says the level of new infections every day has dropped significantly in recent days.

Compare that with 21,652 positive tests and 584 deaths in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which has a combined population of around 8.6 million.

Also Monday, the Swiss Trade Association finally proposed limiting detention measures against the groups most at risk so the country could return to work. It also urges the introduction of application-based monitoring to identify the infection chain.

Scientists from various European countries, including Switzerland, have worked on smartphone applications to help track people who have come in contact with those infected with the corona virus. PEPP-PT covers data privacy protection and use will be voluntary and anonymous.

Swoxid, which was just established in Switzerland, is working on an antivirus filter that can be sterilized with ultraviolet light when coronavirus comes. Testing their agility, the group shifts gears and is now trying to apply technology to make reusable masks.


While UBS and Credit Suisse stick to their 2019 dividend plans, many other banks will find it almost impossible to continue payments amid pressure from the government and regulators to save capital for difficult times in the future, said Martin Lück, head of investment strategy at BlackRock .


While Novartis continues to work on solutions to reduce complications due to coronavirus, it remains hopeful that the broader industry will develop vaccines in a year or more.

Every year, new companies face an uncertain future. Now the coronavirus pandemic is increasing tension, because venture capital funds are cooling.

Swiss refineries use high-resistant alcohol to make disinfectants after Swiss regulators relax the rules, allowing them to distribute to retail stores or individuals.

With increasing economic containment measures, the government asks whether the cure is no worse than the disease. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for example, initially wanted to allow COVID-19 to infect so many people that he would fail on his own due to lack of a host.

Worried about your health, business, or family during the coronavirus crisis? Marta Ra, CEO of Paracelsus Recovery, offers advice on how to deal with stress and shares five tips for maintaining your mental health.

The Swiss specialty chemicals company, HeiQ, has developed treatments to make facial masks more resistant to corona virus. The ETH spin-off plans to treat 500 million masks with antivirus products over the next four to eight weeks, said CEO Carlo Centonze.

The SNB has established refinancing facilities to give banks access to the liquidity needed to expand loans quickly and on a large scale, President Thomas Jordan said. He said there were no limits on the amount available and withdrawals could be made at any time. The interest rate will be minus 0.75, the same as the SNB policy rate.

Coronavirus locking has triggered demand for some performance workers such as delivery drivers and supermarket assistants. However, for others, a crisis means loss of work, with little, if any, social protection.

Governments pump money into their economies to limit the damage from closing the virus when they have to try to get back healthy to work safely.

When talking about the economic impact figures from the closure in Switzerland, Avenir Suisse said it was not immediate. It said that his estimates were conservative and warned of impending inflation problems after the crisis.

Some doctors in Switzerland do not test everyone with the symptoms of COVID-19, and when they do, the costs are expensive – both for the patient’s wallet and their personal safety. Personal report.

Mattia De Angelis, 29, urges people not to underestimate the cruelty of the corona virus. “They have to take all of this very seriously,” he said via Skype from Cavalese Hospital in northern Italy, where he had been battling COVID-19-induced pneumonia for nearly 10 days.

Demand for sensors in ventilators has increased three to six times during the coronavirus crisis, said Sensirion CEO Marc von Waldkirch.

Roche said it was working “all the time” to increase the availability of COVID-19 tests and accelerate the production of Actemra, a drug that can be used to treat patients with coronavirus. Actemra is currently in a Phase 3 study to test its safety and efficacy in adult patients who are hospitalized with pneumonia caused by viruses.

In a country with only 1,000 beds equipped with ventilators, Swiss doctors will soon be faced with the type of decision facing their Italian colleagues: how to prioritize patient care if there is a lack of resources.

EasyJet will join other airlines in flying most of its fleet this week, impacting airports including Geneva, where the British low-cost airline is the largest operator.

The world is waiting for vaccines to fight the corona virus but even when it comes, not everyone will benefit. Some people with weakened immune systems, such as the elderly and people with HIV, may not be eligible.

The Swiss government announced an additional 32 billion CHF aid on Friday, mostly targeted at small and medium-sized businesses affected by the economic downturn from the coronavirus outbreak.

With schools closed all over the world, many parents find themselves in unexpected and possibly uncomfortable situations because they have to supervise their children’s school work.

Looking for an offer in the bear market? Swiss CIO partner Peter Ahluwalia said several great offers await courage.

The Swiss National Bank refused to join the frenzy of a global interest rate cut today, signaling that it would increase currency intervention to stem the rise of the franc against the euro.

Doctors near the Swiss border with Italy began seeing the first coronavirus patients in early March and the number has increased since then.

Switzerland got into lockdown less than a week ago but for many small businesses it’s been too long. Panic began to subside when they saw their income dry up and their money pots decrease.

The restaurant might be closed, but the kitchen is still open for business. This is how Swiss small businesses try to survive the closure of the corona virus.

The economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic could increase global unemployment by 25 million people, the International Labor Organization warned.

The Swiss government must set up a CHF 100 billion fund – about 15 percent of GDP – to help businesses survive the corona virus crisis, said two leading economists.

China’s cruel actions to control the coronavirus outbreak on the mainland cannot be easily imitated by countries around the world, which do not have the same top-down power structure. But successful actions taken in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan could be a better example, said Steven Jiang, a senior CNN producer based in Beijing.

Switzerland is a race against time because the number of new corona virus infections continues to increase rapidly. Officials plead with people to comply with restrictions on social contact to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. Daniel Koch, head of the federal health office, said the country might only have a few more days to control the situation.

Swiss technology startups are re-regulating their models to help the community during coronavirus locking.

The coronavirus crisis serves as a source of inspiration for musicians and governments who want to educate people about this disease and help people overcome confinement.

Switzerland should have begun testing more freely in the past to slow the spread of the corona virus, said Marcel Salathé, an associate professor at EPFL and an expert on digital epidemiology.

UEFA announced today that it is delaying Euro 2020 because of the coronavirus crisis. The European quadrilateral soccer championship was originally supposed to take place from 12 June to 12 July in 12 countries to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the tournament.

Europe squatted on Tuesday, with borders, schools and businesses closed across the region and police closures taking place in the worst hit countries.

Communities use social media to organize groceries shopping or help other basic needs for people who are trapped in their homes. Hilf-jetzt.ch, a platform founded on Friday, lists 300 groups offering assistance to those who deal with coronavirus outbreaks.

The US has issued an Emergency Use Authorization for a new coronavirus test which reduces the yield time from days to hours. Developed by Roche, it is expected to accelerate the ability to test patients tenfold.

Companies around the world are struggling to overcome the disruptions caused by the coronavirus crisis. Beatrix Morath, managing director of AlixPartners in Switzerland, recommends these tools and strategies to help reduce the impact on business.

Sally Yan, who has lived in Switzerland for 13 years, left her home in Zurich over the weekend to await a coronavirus pandemic in what she believes is a safer location: Shanghai.

The Swiss government announced CHF 10 billion in aid for businesses and tightened the border as the number of confirmed corona virus cases continued to surge.

Tourasia and Diethelm Travel, a destination management company in Southeast Asia, saw a 60 percent business decline in February – and March would be worse, said CEO Stephan Roemer.

The airline industry is facing “one of the most severe crises” in 20 years, said Alexandre de Juniac, CEO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

For watchmakers in Switzerland, the coronavirus crisis in China has been a double disaster. Not only did it achieve sales in the main market, but it also disrupted the supply of components, said Oliviero Pesenti, director of Erbas.

Not everyone likes to work from home. Here are five tips on how to make the best use of your home office during the coronavirus crisis.

Policy makers need to come up with creative solutions to help businesses survive the potential credit crunch when a coronavirus improves the global economy, said Esty Dwek, head of global market strategy at Natixis Investment Managers.

Screens and other office supplies are in great demand nowadays because coronaviruses force people to work from home. Digitec Galaxus is among retailers who say they see record sales of several items.

Start-ups that lack money that have survived in the coming months may struggle to survive after the economic impact of the corona virus, said Jordi Montserrat, one of the founders of Venturelab, a group that supports entrepreneurs in Switzerland.

Forget the gold and equity markets, Bitcoin stands in its own category, said Crypto Finance CEO Jan Brzezek. He argues that Bitcoin hasn’t reached safe haven status – yet.

Hotels are specifically exposed to the effects of coronavirus, from a series of recent cancellations to travelers who have not even booked due to current uncertainties.

At least 476 people have posted tests for the corona virus in Switzerland, but that number is not a reliable measure of outbreaks.

68,000 Italians employed in Switzerland are very important to the economy, said the president of AITI, the Ticino industry association, which explains why the Swiss border remains open despite lockouts in neighboring Italy.

Despite national closure in Italy, cross-border workers are still accepted in Switzerland. CNNMoney Switzerland reports from Chiasso when the number of cases of the virus continues to grow.

Countries including Switzerland are ignoring efforts to maintain the right number of corona virus cases and focus on helping hospitals cope with excess patients, said Michael Hengartner, president of the board at the Swiss university ETH.

Swiss stock exchange operators today are joining more and more financial institutions that are instructing some employees to work from home or other locations as the financial industry prepares for disruption from the rapidly spreading coronavirus.

When authorities around the world scramble to contain the corona virus, people face a new dilemma: how to greet someone without a handshake. Here are five suggestions.

Is Japan ready to host the Olympics and deal with the corona virus? CNN International Correspondent Blake Essig reports from the newly built Japanese national stadium in Tokyo.

Coronavirus was the main topic at this week’s International Olympic Committee executive board meeting in Lausanne. But President Thomas Bach said the words “cancellation” and “delay” never appeared.

Do you know what you need to survive a crisis? If you don’t, don’t be afraid – the Swiss government has protected you. The list, which has for decades included bottled water, rice, batteries, and yes, chocolate and cheese.

Technological advances coincided during the coronavirus epidemic to help scientists open new avenues at an unprecedented rate.

The spread of coronaviruses encourages people to seek medical advice – over the telephone. The Swiss government coronavirus hotline, run by Basel-based Medgate, has recorded more than 20,000 calls over the past five weeks.

Swiss National Bank will probably participate in coordinated actions by the central bank to prop up the global economy in response to the coronavirus epidemic, the former deputy governor of the Irish central bank said Tuesday.

Fear Coronavirus has sent requests for hand sanitizers to soar. Many pharmacies and online stores in Switzerland are sold out. But disinfecting your own hands is not difficult.

Millions of jobs in Europe depend on the tourism industry, which has been rocked by the corona virus. “We are almost to the point where travelers have a moral obligation to continue the journey,” travel writer Simon Calder said.

Thousands of hotel rooms empty after cancellation of a major Swiss event. Cafes, bars and restaurants see fewer customers. Adrien Genier, CEO of the Geneva Tourism & Conventions Foundation, said that the industry is still optimistic the situation will turn around.

The idea that employees need to be present in the office persists despite the huge leap in technology since the SARS outbreak in 2003, when there were only basic laptops and cell phones. But that might change when coronaviruses force tens of millions of people in China and outside to work from home.

Because the Geneva Motor Show was canceled, this ruling also applies to Baselworld 2020: The watch and jewelery exhibition was officially postponed until the end of January 2021. The question now is how the fair rival of the Geneva Watches and Wonders will respond to the move, because the two previous exhibitions have agreed to synchronize their dates to increase attendance.

The automaker could reconsider the value of large and expensive auto shows after the Geneva Motor Show was canceled due to fears of the corona virus, said Peter Valdes-Dapena, senior writer at CNN Business.

The Geneva Motor Show was canceled on Friday because of fears of the corona virus, giving a new blow to an industry already paralyzed by an outbreak in China. Baselworld, one of the largest watch exhibitions in the world, was also canceled after the Swiss government announced a ban on public and private meetings involving more than 1,000 people. The size, valid until March 15, will take effect immediately.

German industrial giant Siemens predicts that the corona virus epidemic will damage its financial performance this year, the head of its Swiss business said in an interview with CNNMoney.

Many Swiss multinational companies have adopted policies to prevent workers in Asia from contracting or spreading corona viruses. Now they are applying this restriction closer to home when this disease develops in Europe.

Preventing coronavirus is about personal hygiene. Here the World Health Organization explains how you can minimize exposure and help protect others around you.

About 6.5 percent of workers in Switzerland commute from neighboring countries, including Italy, raising fears that they can carry the corona virus. Economiesuisse said such fears were excessive, adding that many Swiss businesses could be run from home if necessary.

Venice Carnival has been shortened due to the outbreak of coronavirus, but that hasn’t stopped people who rejoice in Lucerne from celebrating their biggest party this year.

A few hours before Switzerland confirmed the first case of coronavirus, the city of Lugano was on the edge.

The deadly epidemic is still no reason to relax. The demand for online education is increasing in China because coronaviruses limit the children in their homes.

A 70-year-old man from Ticino was diagnosed with the virus on Tuesday, about a week after he returned from a trip to northern Italy, health officials said.

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