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The Star Sailors League (SSL) is a continuously awarded prize, founded in 2013 in reaction to a Star Class that no longer exists in the Olympics. Privately funded by Michel Niklaus, with a generous prize money for the invitation-only Star event, the SSL announced two years ago its next vision: Star Sailors League Nations Gold Cup.

With initial plans to be ready in 2021, next year will be more about training as the mission continues to develop the SSL Gold Cup into something like a ‘football world cup’ in sailing to determine the world’s best sailing nation. :

• 56 countries entered to challenge each other
• On a 47 foot vessel provided by the organization
• In a two month event (May-June 2022) at Lake Neuchatel and Lake Geneva, Switzerland

National regulations require all seafarers to have a state passport, follow Olympic rules, and that seafarers are partially nominated by a Captain, and partly from the SSL Ranking, now accounting for more than 100,000 athletes, competing in more than 15,000 regents in 80+ classes worldwide.

All of this is a reality, and during Summer 2020, despite the global pandemic, many teams came to train at Lake Neuchatel at SSL Headquarters, over SSL47: France, Poland, Estonia, Greece, Switzerland, Bulgaria Some.

Many others have organized training in their countries such as Hungary, Turkey, Iran, and so many have booked their training sessions for 2021. From May to October, SSL Headquarters will host at least one team per week including SSL for two weeks. Gold Cup Test Event in September.

Additional details:

Fifty-six nations have entered the SSL Gold Cup 2022, led by 56 top-ranking Captains selected by the SSL Council over the past few years. America’s Cup winner John Bertrand for Australia, Louis Vuitton Cup winner Paul Cayard for the USA, offshore legend Loick Peyron for France, Olympic champion Santi Lange for Argentina, Sofia Bekatorou for Greece and Freddy Lööf for Sweden, just to name a few.

Teams will join the SSL Gold Cup competition according to their pre-event seeding. This seeding will be based on the SSL Nation Ranking. The lowest seeded countries will start at the earliest qualifying round for the SSL Gold Cup while the more successful ones will enter the next competition.

The SSL Nation Rank takes into account the position in the SSL Ranking of the best seafarers in each country: the best five Captains + the best two of the Crew rank. The SSL calculation system summarizes the positions of the seven of them (not their points). The country with the fewer points is the leader of the SSL Nation Ranking.

Time setting
It will be updated and presented every 10th of every month. Here’s the November issue:

Each team will have a game name and coat of arms representing the tradition and recognition of the country’s buildings. Creating names and crests with 56 teams has proven to be an extensive but very rewarding task. The wall of fame is starting to take shape, and it highlights the many cultures represented by the 56 countries that make up the 2022 SSL Gold Cup.

4. FINAL SSL 2021
The SSL Finals is a master sailing event, held since 2013 at the end of the sailing season. The SSL Finals is a playoff competition between sailors who compete on the Olympic circuit, race competitions, America’s Cup, SailGP, 52 Super Series and all international classes, the goal is to crown the best Skipper and the best Crew of the season. The top 10 Seafarers of the SSL Rank, and up to 15 other seafarers with outstanding results this season or great highlights in their careers are invited by SSL to compete annually in December. Due to the very limited number of international events in 2020 and strong travel restrictions around the world, the fundamental pillars of SSL Finals are absent. Therefore, SSL has decided to postpone the 8th SSL Final from 2020 to 2021. We will be back with one of the most appreciated events of the year at the end of 2021.

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