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This group continues to grow every day, triggered by volunteers and their experience in surviving alienation and great uncertainty as Syrian refugees.

“We are alive, and we are still alive, a crisis as refugees,” said Shadi Shaddeh, 34, who is from Daraa, south of Damascus, and came to Switzerland in 2013. “That might put us in a better position to understand that there is a crisis and how to help. “

Standing together from a distance

Switzerland, whose population reaches 8.5 million, has more than 11,000 confirmed cases COVID-19, making it one of the 10 most affected countries in the world. Although the nation’s health care system is among the world’s most effective, this unprecedented time creates uncertainty for everyone, without exception.

“We know what that is [means when] the medical system is down, ” Shadi admitted to the UN Refugee Agency when talking about this issue. “We know people who die of minor injuries because they don’t receive treatment, and we don’t want to achieve that [again]. If we stand together now, we will support the medical system. “

Transmission of affection

Every volunteer works hard to abide by it highest level of hygiene and social, by washing hands thoroughly, wearing protective gloves and masks, disinfection shopping bags and keep a distance from what they carry.

Although their movements run on a small scale, they aim to trigger the domino effect. “I support and encourage people to copy this idea and implement it. Everyone can do this. All you have to do is print flyers and hang them in your building or in the supermarket, “Shadi praised.

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