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New funds are being allocated for the launch of a multi-currency wallet on which enables a decentralized financial ecosystem (DeFi) on the app. DeFi aims to develop this platform into an ‘everyday application’.

Developed in Belarus and Switzerland, the previous ‘MapsWithMe’ phone app was changed to ‘Maps.Me’ after 2014 when the Mail.Ru group acquired it. This application is made specifically for iOS and Android with different offline features.

The Coindesk survey shows that more than 58% of users are from the continent of Europe and more than 70% are between the 18 and 40 year age group.

From providing GPS support to making offline searches easier while traveling, the app has an easy-to-understand interface and accurate satellite information for travel enthusiasts around the world.

With 140 million users worldwide, offline mapping application, strives to create a decentralized financial ecosystem within the navigation application.

In a funding round led by the Alameda Study and followed by new investors, cryptocurrency lender Genesis Capital and crypto firm CMS Holdings, travel app Offline raised $ 50 million.


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