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ZUG, Switzerland, 25 February 2021 / PRNewswire / – One of the Swiss Stock Exchange Products, 15 FiCAS Active Crypto ETP managed to get 100% profit from the start of the new year. This amount of profit is derived from bitcoin trading against the top 15 digital assets by market capitalization such as LTC, EOS, XLM, XTZ, BCH and ETH.

Ali Mizani Oskui, CEO and CIO of FiCAS, has more than 20 years of management experience and 8 years of experience in cryptocurrency trading and investment management. The amount of revenue generated by this FiCAS ETP product, is the result of Ali’s risk management and investment strategy involving a team of experienced financial experts who actively adjust allocations according to in-depth investment research, technical and fundamental analysis, proprietary algorithms and AI applications.

As the world’s first actively managed crypto ETP, FiCAS has succeeded in bringing to the market an excellent investment vehicle, for investors seeking diversification in crypto assets and the potential for associated substantial returns. These products stand out in terms of operations, infrastructure, risk management, liquidity and accessibility.

The FiCAS ETP product is a product suitable for a bright future in a number of ways, including being actively managed, the ability to get instant cash positions, as well as free use of the top 15 altcoins and the possibility of direct capital outflows and liquidations. This and the possible increase in capital, will greatly eliminate the risk of market crashes and crashes.

The main objective of FiCAS ETP is to be able to increase its Net Asset Value by trading between bitcoin, altcoin, and fiat currencies. Some of the most important features of the 15 FiCAS Active Crypto ETP are listed below:

  • Available in CHF, EUR and USD: FiCAS has made its ETP tradable in EUR and USD, in addition to CHF. With the addition of EUR and USD, investors in 15 FiCAS Active Crypto ETP are out Switzerland now have smoother access.
  • Regulated fiat environment: 15 FiCAS Active Crypto ETP is traded on a regulated SIX Swiss Exchange and its securities are held by regulated custodians such as Swiss banks.
  • Accessible to everyone: 15 FiCAS Active Crypto ETP is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. It is aimed at retail, professional, and institutional investors and can be traded through a bank or broker.
  • Amazing liquidity: ETP creation and redemption is not limited to the net asset value shown, regardless of the displayed Bid / Ask value.

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About FiCAS

FiCAS is an investment company that offers investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by gaining exposure to a new class of crypto assets through products that are easily accessible, liquid and manageable 24/7.

The discretionary investment strategy currently implemented at FiCAS has proven its value and performance over the past 4 years has been audited.

The FiCAS team is dedicated to providing its customers with outstanding performance as well as, compliance, safety and innovation. The aim is to provide investors with a cost-effective, accessible and risk-managed crypto investment solution, leveraging over 300 years of cumulative experience in traditional finance and over 100 years of total expertise in the crypto field. finance.

About 15 FiCAS Active Crypto ETP

15 FiCAS Active Crypto ETP is the world’s first actively managed exchange trading product (ETP) featuring cryptocurrency as an underlying asset, listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Discretionary ETP, issued by Bitcoin Capital AG and managed by FiCAS AG, trades the top 15 cryptocurrencies with the aim of providing better returns for clients through active trading and risk management. ETP is available for retail and professional investors at Switzerland. Liechtenstein, and in the EU to buy through any broker or financial institution that has access to the SIX Swiss Exchange.

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Past performance, returns generated through FiCAS and the management strategies of its founders and correct price predictions by the founders of FiCAS do not always show future results. The information contained herein does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation to buy, nor will there be a sale, of any securities in any jurisdiction where such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration, exemption from registration or qualification below. the securities laws of that jurisdiction.

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