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beaconsmind AG (Paris: MLBMD) announced today that it will implement a location based marketing solution (LBM) for DEPOT, one of the largest home furniture specialists in German speaking countries with more than 500 stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. DEPOT will use the Beaconsmind software suite and Beacon hardware, which will communicate with the DEPOT mobile app, to transform the in-store shopping experience through digital interactions.

Today, the Swiss company LBM beaconsmind AG announced a collaboration with leading German home furniture specialist DEPOT. Thanks to the beaconsmind solution, the marketing team at DEPOT will be able to transform the in-store customer experience. Through the existing mobile application, DEPOT will be able to interact in real time with personalized local messages, offers and other interactions based on their client profile, purchase history and in-store location.

For DEPOT, these new high-performance and scalable marketing channels and experiences will contribute to bridging the gap in the online and offline shopping experience. beaconsmind will allow DEPOT to get to know their clients better, and to customize offers and recommendations as customers browse different sections of home furniture, home decor and accessories.

Dr. Gunnar George, Managing Director at DEPOT said “The use of disruptive technology is becoming more important than ever for retailers. Our customers are increasingly digital, and it is a priority for us to open up channels of digital interaction. Our dynamic inventory, evolves through seasons and trends, and our large store formats are ideal for interacting with customers directly on their phones, and we look forward to making the shopping experience more engaging for customers by providing personalized and relevant interactions based on where they stand in the store.. ”

Max Weiland, CEO of beaconsmind AG said “In an omnichannel world, we enable retailers like DEPOT to make physical stores more attractive, thanks to a shopping experience that integrates the advantages they find online. Customers are now starting to expect levels of personalization and interaction everywhere and our thesis is that they will soon find shopping that is not digitally enhanced to be inferior to online. And here is our best point, by enabling retailers like DEPOT with a physical network that is at the heart of their brand narratives, to enhance their stores with digital interaction capabilities, and therefore seamlessly combine online and offline. DEPOT is breaking new ground by digitizing its network and investing in the customer experience, and we look forward to supporting them as they continue their impressive expansion.. Max Weiland added: “This significant customer acquisition highlights beaconsmind’s ability to rapidly implement its commercial strategy. This win also shows the shortening of the sales cycle, and the maturity of the solutions that meet the needs of the distribution company. .


The Gries Deco company, with its two strong brands DEPOT and ipuro, is today one of the largest decoration and furniture specialists in the German-speaking country. The company currently employs about 6,500 people and has more than 500 DEPOT stores (including partners) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Opening ~ 30 stores per year since 2005, DEPOT has established itself as a leading provider of ideas for innovative furniture and home accessories. The range of high quality products changes seasonally and is combined with innovative modern designs, comfort factors and customer-friendly prices. 700,000 customers shop at DEPOT every month.

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Founded in 2015 in Switzerland, beaconsmind is a pioneer in location based marketing software (LBM) for retail networks. beaconsmind helps retailers run successful location-based marketing campaigns. By customizing stores with bluetooth beacons that precisely locate and identify customers, and by integrating its Software Suite, beaconsmind opens up new channels for retailers to interact with their customers, fundamentally changing the shopping experience. Thanks to the solution, retailers can bring digital and physical shopping together and address their respective convenience gaps.

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