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May 13, 2020

Pluto TV, AVoD service, has expanded its offerings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GSA) by launching 24 new channels. Starting in 2020 with a range of 45 live channels, Pluto TV is rapidly developing its portfolio to now present 75 channels in these three markets.

To meet demand for ad-supported streaming throughout GSA, an all-new campaign has begun on television and digital outlets, designed to increase brand awareness and adoption of Pluto TV in the region.

“At Pluto TV we want to offer everyone at home the channels they like, and we are happy to add more than 24 new channels to the German-language market in one month. In the past four months alone, we have been able to increase channel offerings by one third of the entire portfolio. This is a big step in pushing Pluto TV to the next level, “said Olivier Jollet, Managing Director of Europe at Pluto TV.

The new series of channels includes highlights from categories such as Children, Curiosities, Reality TV, Sports and Entertainment.

Pluto TV said it was very pleased to welcome a series of new Pop-Up channels featuring award-winning IP ViacomCBS with iconic brands such as SpongeBob Squarepants, iCarly, Blue’s Clues, Victorious, Bubble Guppies, Sam & Cat, and more. In addition, the channel MTV Pluto TV Date and The Hills, as well Turtle really, now available in English for German viewers to get authentic experiences in the native languages ​​of the cast.

Pluto TV will also introduce new, thematically curated original channels – Pluto TV Crime, Pluto TV Lives, and Pluto TV Yoga.

Complete list of new channels since April 1:

  • SpongeBob Pop-Up
  • Pluto TV Chefkoch
  • Pluto TV Lives
  • Esports is invincible
  • Cats 24/7
  • Pluto’s TV crime
  • Become human
  • Asylum
  • TV is slow
  • Blue hint
  • Bubble Guppies pop-ups
  • ICarly Pop-Up
  • Victory Pop-Up
  • Sam & Cat Pop-Up
  • Beyblade Burst
  • Blaze and Monster Machines
  • Pluto Yoga TV
  • Pluto TV Fitness
  • Dark Material
  • MTV Teen (OV)
  • MTV Dating (OV)
  • MTV The Hills (OV)
  • MTV box
  • Totally Turtles (OV)

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