Switzerland’s Close Bond with the Communist Regime | Instant News

Amid the CCP virus pandemic, countries around the world are reviewing their relations with China. This time, we will see Switzerland.

This rich alpine country is always close to China.

After the communist regime seized control in mainland China, Switzerland was one of the first Western nations to recognize its power. That broke off relations with Taiwan three days later.

However, maintaining friendship with the communist regime can be a good way. In 1999, a diplomatic incident showed how fragile the relationship was.

Switzerland has one of the largest Tibetan communities in Europe. In 1999, when Chinese leader Jiang Zemin visited the Swiss Parliament, protesters nearby raised the banner “Free Tibet” and mocked Jiang.

Swiss police protected the Chinese delegation, but did not silence the demonstrators. Jiang was surprised to see protesters and growls with his host.

In his speech, Jiang told Swiss lawmakers, “Switzerland has lost a friend.”

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