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A police officer in Geneva tells people that they should not sit on this lakefront dock, described on April 17, 2020

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Now that the locking steps are relaxed, people in Switzerland are eager to enjoy more days and nights. But when owners and guests fail – or forget – to adhere to the rules of social distance, some people wonder why the police don’t act harder.

The combination of good spring weather and the wave of reopening has enticed many to return to parks, shops, bars and restaurants. Sometimes there is too much, given the Covid-19 limitation limiting groups to five people and calling for two meters of space between individuals.

+ Covid-19 and the situation in Switzerland

For example, large crowds party for hours in Basel on Saturday night. The lack of police presence has sparked criticism from many people, including the bar who posted this video online:

Basel crowd


The boisterous crowd as witnessed in Basel is a way out because Swiss authorities are trying to prevent a second wave of deadly viruses. But the picture of the party visitors didn’t surprise Urs Hofmann, chief Swiss Director of Justice and Police Department Conference (CCDJP)external link.

“With the reopening of the restaurant and the relaxation of common steps, the whole situation can no longer be managed as before,” Hofmann said. Swiss public television, SRFexternal link. “This is a big challenge for the police to radically enforce the five meter and two meter distance rules in public places.” He called for a more disciplined society.

Baschi Dürr, Basel’s director of security, also appealed to the public to be more careful when in public places.

“The police will increase their control activities, within their scope of authority. They are not always everywhere, ” Dürr told SRFexternal link. If necessary, he said the city would implement stricter measures, such as temporarily closing any hotspot where “there are too many people for the two-meter rule to observe”.

Fines and closing in Zurich

Last weekend no such scene was reported in Zurich, which has had 1,650 police-related spread of the virus in the past two months. This resulted in 600 penalties – including a couple holding hands in the park. As said the head of city security Karin Rykart Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) Newspaperexternal link, women and men – who live together – are each fined CHF100 ($ 103) because they failed to react when a police officer ordered everyone in the park to separate.

“Most people go or keep their distance,” Rykart told NZZ. “There might be an unclear situation; it could. But the police cannot hold legal seminars with people on the street at any time.” He said that in some cases the area had to be closed for a while – including popular parks.

“In the city, public space is limited, and at the same time people are told that it’s okay to go outside, so many people are in a small space,” Rykart said.

The value of local police

Upholding pandemic measures affecting police throughout the country. Considering cantonese and community differences, Hofmann CCDJP does not consider it reasonable to have a Swiss master plan for controlling the coronavirus virus crowd.

“It is a total illusion to think that it is possible to set really clear guidelines for all police forces. But it is clear that police officers are communicating constantly, “he said.

A study the Swiss police systemexternal link underscores the importance of the local police force.

“Cantonal and communal police forces are better able to assess the requirements to ensure the safety of the local community. It is important that police officers and police commanders know and understand their environment and their communities and are able to interact with them, “write authors Sara Stocker and Lydia Amberg.

Regretting last week’s safety measures in Basel was very regrettable, said the Dürr city security chief. “It’s a shame if everything we have achieved up to now is in vain. We continue to attract people’s personal sense of responsibility.”

With two long holiday weekends coming this month, the police are likely to be busier than most years.

Social distance

People in Switzerland are expected to keep a distance of two meters. Groups are limited to five people. Restaurants have adjusted their furniture, and buyers must line up carefully to pay for purchases. Onboard trains, buses and trams, where it is often not possible to maintain a safe distance, passengers are encouraged to wear masks.

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