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Latest: Madrid tightened coronavirus restrictions | Instant News

MADRID – The Madrid regional government makes wearing masks mandatory in all public areas, limiting how many people can gather in one place and targeting young people in an effort to eradicate a new outbreak of the coronavirus virus.

Local government chief Isabel Díaz Ayuso announced on Tuesday that no more than 10 people could be present at a private meeting.

Nightclubs must close at 1am – much earlier than usual in the Spanish summer – and customers must provide their identification details to enter.

Díaz Ayuso said the information campaign would focus on young people, who were largely blamed for spreading coronaviruses through their social lives. He said young people “have it in their hands to reverse the trend.”

The regional government also launched a certificate scheme which stated that a person had immunity.

Madrid, along with Catalonia, is one of the regions affected by wort in Spain. It has recorded more than 74,000 cases, with almost 1,900 new infections in the past two weeks.



– Connect with viruses starving related to 10,000 child deaths every month

– Unemployment assistance, eviction protection and other viral assistance are at stake when Washington negotiates help package

– The virus caused many casualties in the NYC neighborhood Corona

– The head of China CDC gets an experimental injection vaccine to persuade people to follow him when there is agreement

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BERLIN – German authorities advise against traveling to Catalonia and two other Spanish regions due to increased coronavirus infections.

A note posted by the foreign ministry on Tuesday suggested against “unimportant tourist trips” to Catalonia, its western neighbors, Aragon, and Navarra in northern Spain. This cites an increase in infection rates and “local closure.”

Germany’s advice comes after the different severity measures by other European countries. Over the weekend, the UK imposed a 14-day quarantine on travelers coming from Spain, Norway ordered a 10-day quarantine for people returning from the entire Iberian peninsula, and France urged its citizens not to visit Catalonia.

Spain, like most other countries in the European Union, is not included in the list of high-risk countries in Germany. That means that travelers who come from Spain are not subject to quarantine.


GENEVA – The UN humanitarian assistance coordinator has opened another $ 100 million from its emergency funds to help 10 countries lacking resources in Africa, the Middle East and America meet the immediate needs exacerbated by the pandemic.

Injections from the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs brought a total of $ 225 million released to help 20 countries this year, a note from the allocation of the Central Emergency Response Fund. Yemen, which according to the agency faces the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, will receive $ 35 million, the most of any country.

Other key beneficiaries include Afghanistan, Colombia, Mozambique, Nigeria and Pakistan.


JOHANNESBURG – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved an emergency loan worth $ 4.3 billion for South Africa when the roll is under a coronavirus pandemic.

The country has the fifth largest number of virus cases in the world, and confirmed cases are close to half a million.

The fact that the most developed countries in Africa for the first time approached the IMF to get a loan is the latest sign of illness. Unemployment is above 30% and rising, and large state-owned companies are already in poor condition.

The IMF said South Africa saw “a sharp economic contraction,” although the authorities responded quickly to the latest crisis. The government last week announced a $ 26 billion historic economic assistance package.

Other African countries witnessed how the country of 57 million responded to the pandemic as cases began to increase in many parts of the continent.


MADRID – The economic downturn in Spain amid a coronavirus pandemic wiped out more than 1 million jobs in the second quarter of this year.

The country’s official statistics agency, INE, said Tuesday 1.07 million fewer people were in employment compared to the first quarter. The amount does not include leave workers.

The biggest job loss was in the service sector, INE said. The hardest hit areas were Catalonia, Andalusia and Madrid, with all age groups affected in the middle of a tight lock.


JOHANNESBURG – South Africa is approaching half a million confirmed cases of the corona virus when the country recorded nearly 300 deaths in one day.

South Africa now has 452,529 cases and 7,067 deaths, representing more than half the cases reported in the African continent. It has the fifth highest caseload in the world.

Like many other countries, this country has struggled by trying to ease lockdown restrictions and then see increasing cases. But businesses have expressed frustration because unemployment is now above 30% and tends to continue to rise.

And corruption related to pandemic aid is a problem because the president has warned that now, more than ever, corruption continues to put people’s lives in danger.


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s daily COVID-19 infection has fallen below 1,000 for the first time in three months.

The country counted Tuesday 936 new cases reported in the past 24 hours across the country of 220 million people

Zafar Mirza, special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, tweeted praise for Khan urging Pakistan to wear masks as “the most effective practice for reducing disease transmission.”

Khan on national television on Monday demonstrated the proper use of masks and explained that closure would occur if the disease increased again. Medical professionals and political opponents Khan has criticized him for reopening the economy. He said total closure would hurt poor people and instead pursue what he called “smart” locking “targeted at hot spots of infection.

But Mirza warned there was no room for complacency especially as Pakistan was preparing to celebrate the Eid holiday at the end of the month.


HANOI, Vietnam – Vietnam has locked the third largest city for two weeks after 15 cases of COVID-19 were found in hospital.

Public transportation to and from downtown Da Nang is canceled. Over the weekend, thousands of Vietnamese tourists mostly have to end their summer vacations at popular beach destinations.

Authorities estimate several thousand people will be stranded by the closure of transportation and ask hotels to protect them.

The government on Sunday has ordered social exclusion and shut down unimportant businesses in a city of 1.1 million.

The outbreak was detected in patients and health workers at Da Nang hospital.


MELBOURNE, Australia – Australia’s coronavirus hot spot The state of Victoria limits non-urgent operations so hospital nurses can be moved to elderly care homes where the majority of COVID-19 deaths occur, said Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews.

Victoria reported 384 new infections and six deaths on Tuesday, down from a record 532 cases on Monday.

Andrews said elderly care residents will be transferred to hospital if they are not adequately protected from a pandemic.

“Some of the stories we heard, some of which happened in some of these settings are totally unacceptable,” Andrews said, without elaborating.

“Where there is no confidence in infection control, where there is no confidence that treatment can be provided to an appropriate standard, we will do everything we can to move the occupants,” he added.


BEIJING (AFP) – New cases of coronaviruses continue to increase in China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang, with 57 reported on Tuesday.

The capital of Beijing also reported its first case of domestic transmission in more than two weeks, while the northeastern Liaoning province added six other cases to its local outbreak. Four other cases were found among Chinese travelers who came from abroad, bringing the total daily for the past 24 hours to 68.

Despite the new cluster, China appears to have the most viruses and the number of deaths has remained at 4,634 of 83,959 cases. The hospital treated 391 people for COVID-19, with another 307 monitored separately to show signs of infection or because the virus tested positive without showing symptoms.

The Xinjiang outbreak has centered on the regional capital and largest city of Urumqi, where authorities have restricted public transportation, isolated several communities and ordered testing among those deemed at risk of infection.


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Germany sees a local travel ban to prevent a second wave of the virus | Instant News

German pandemic figures say his country is on track to avoid a second wave of coronavirus infections

BERLIN – Important figure in Germany at corona virus The pandemic said Tuesday that the country was on track to avoid a second large wave of infection but only if people continue to practice social distance, wear masks and if necessary, quarantine in areas experiencing a surge in new cases.

Helge Braun, who as Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff in charge of coordinating the government’s pandemic response, said German is considering a local travel ban on areas experiencing sudden and unexplained surge in virus cases.

“Our steps are in line to prevent a second big wave,” Braun told The Associated Press in an interview at the Chancellor in Berlin. “But this requires us to stay on track, not neglect our actions and maintain our respect for viruses.”

Germany has managed to smooth the infection curve to three per 100,000 population per week – a very low number when compared with international comparisons. Countries with 83 million have reported more than 200,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 9,077 deaths since the outbreak.

Braun, a trained emergency room doctor, is linked GermanThe success of rapid action during the early stages of the outbreak focused on state prevention health the system becomes overwhelmed.

This includes rejecting the idea – which was floated early on by some governments – that allows the virus to wipe out the population quickly so that it can get past the pandemic more quickly and potentially grow immunity in the future.

“We see this and our conclusion is that unless a person controls the infection very strongly, he will tend to grow exponentially,” Braun said. “We are removing herd immunity as a full political policy.”

Measures of social alienation and the use of face masks in public, which have become a major problem of dissension in Germany and elsewhere, will likely remain mandatory for the next few months, Braun said.

“We need to keep them in place to ensure a low number of infections,” he said.

Braun declined to comment on the high number of confirmed cases in the United States at this time, but he said his office was constantly in contact with other governments to share best practices in combating pandemics.

He cited Japan’s approach to closing up areas where there were new infection groups, noting that this was also possible, under rules agreed by the federal government and the German state three months ago.

Asked about the proposal Tuesday night during a visit to Bavaria, Merkel seemed to support the idea, suggesting that it was better for people to have certainty about travel restrictions than to find themselves banned from some places but not from other places.


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Swiss women’s day is enough – SWI swissinfo.ch | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) On June 14, 2019, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets demanding gender equality in Switzerland. Thirty-one Swiss female photographers decided not to join, but to document the strike from their perspective.

Helen James

Born in England, I have lived in Switzerland since 1994. I was trained as a graphic designer in Zurich between 1997 – 2002. I recently moved to work as a photo editor and joined the team at swissinfo.ch in March 2017.


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Colorful demonstrations and violent protests across the country occurred 28 years after the first Swiss women’s strike in 1991. They drew media coverage worldwide, and it led to broader discussions about inequality and discrimination faced by women, both in the labor market or at home.

Photographer Yoshiko Kusano, from Bern, came up with the idea that he and his female colleagues had to comprehensively document women’s strikes from a women’s perspective. More than 30 photographers joined him in an effort to capture the atmosphere and atmosphere of the day. This gallery is the choice of the results of this collaboration.

A broader photo book, titled ‘Wir’ (Us), will be published this year.

Photographer s
Basel : Eleni Kougionis, Corina Rainer, Eleni Kougionis. Berne : Annette Boutellier, Béatrice Flückiger, Carmela Harshani Odoni, Danielle Liniger, Karin Scheidegger, Margareta Sommer, Monika Flückiger, Yoshiko Kusano, Christine Strub. Biel : Sabine Buri. Jurassic & Vaud : Hélène Tobler. Lausanne : Mercedes Riedy, Nora Rupp. Lugano : Sabine Cattaneo. Lucerne : Franca Pedrazzetti. Neuchâtel : MurielAntille. Rapperswil : Manuela Matt. Paudex : Francesca Palazzi. St. Gallen : Tine Edel. Zurich : Johanna Bossart, Corina Flühmann, Ursula Häne, Caroline Minjolle, Sabine Rock, Marion Nitsch, Iris Stutz, Ruth Vögtlin, Katharina Wernli, Sabine Wunderlin, Anja Wurm.


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Witnesses PRA amp; 35pc shortfall in 2019-20 | Instant News

Lahore:the tax office Punjab (PRA), there was a shortage of more than 35 percent in its collection review for the financial year 2019-20 will end on 30 June, as it managed to collect Rs107 billion against the original target Rs166.6 billion.

However, the PRA argued that it has surpassed changes in the revenue target of RS 2 billion as it collected RS 105 billion against the revised target of RS 107 billion, in Spite of all the odds of a pandemic Covid-19. In addition, the PRA was an increase of 14 percent in revenue compared with the previous fiscal year 2018-19, when he collected RS 94 billion in revenue. Great can cross the target after receiving the arrears of RS 5 billion from the Federal government in may 2019, of which RS 4.2 billion and RS 80 million were obtained under two different heads. Great for Rs19 billion of cross adjustment of input we still have the FBI, which he expects to receive from the Federal budget in the current fiscal year. Officials PRA argued that it was a remarkable achievement, considering the consequences Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent isolation. The government of Punjab has given a historic package of measures to support the entrepreneurs in Covid-19 pandemic in April, according to which the rate of sales tax at more than 20 services was reduced to zero percent during the last quarter of the financial year 2019-20. The pace of development of Punjab infrastructure cess was also reduced to zero percent from April through June 2020. According to officials, the PRA, because of the devastating impact of the pandemic on the service sector, great not to resort to any coercive measures to collect revenue, exceeding the set without any of the Bank’s investments or down payments. The performance bodes well for the future of the organization, and the labor force is confident of achieving RS 125 billion entrusted to him by 2020-21 financial year, relying on the support of taxpayer and stakeholder participation.

The NRA noted 2020-21 year as broadening the tax base, paying special attention to increasing revenues through increased compliance and the number of returns of the Registrar the statement reads. The Prime collection Agency company Punjab is proof that the collection of revenues through its strategy of cooperation and interaction between the taxpayer and the tax inspector, not adversarial thinking, officials said.

Preparation for planting monsoon tree discussed: parks and horticulture authority (PHA) Director General (DG) Tariq Ali in Basra, chaired the meeting in the headquarters of the FA on Wednesday on the preparations for the campaign tree-planting monsoon. According to the press-PHA, meetings sent to all Directors of horticulture of the report on the monsoon tree planting drugs within 24 hours.

During the meeting PHA DG has issued a decree on the introduction of new varieties of plants in all nurseries. He gave instructions about the location and the number of new plants and flowers for landscaping. He said that the FA will take all steps to campaign on tree planting monsoon success. GD says that the distance between flowers, plants and trees should be stored in accordance with the rules and garden rules.


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AU $ 5 million will be returned to fans for the failure of the USA Boomers-Team | Instant News

Around AU $ 5 million (US $ 3.08 million) will be returned to viewers of the Boomers vs. two match series. Team USA last year at the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, after an Australian consumer watchdog found that the promoter of TEG Live had made false claims about his seat plans.

A refund of 20,000 will be paid to those who have purchased a floor seat for the game. Despite a mock-up depicting tiered seats, the chairs used were in a flat row, lower than the court, and in some cases more than 30 meters from the action.

“Consumers pay premiums for seats on the floor, ranging between $ 895 and $ 3,995 for hospitality packages and may do so as a result of misleading seating advertisements,” said Rod Sims, chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. “In our view, TEG Live’s behavior is unacceptable.”

The ACCC stepped up in August ahead of the much-awaited two FIBA ​​World Cup warm-up matches in Australia, instructing TEG Live to offer refunds to ticket holders who felt misled by ad campaigns or let down by inadequate seats. Many viewers did not accept the offer at the time.

On Tuesday, TEG Live received it that it would be necessary to give refunds to all ticket holders sitting on the floor, fully responsible for the disaster.

“Because this is the first time a basketball game has been staged at a football stadium in Australia, we created this background image,” a statement from TEG Live read, referring to the tiered seating visual. “In the end the mock-up does not reflect the actual seating arrangements. This is our fault.”

The ACCC also saw the potential for false advertising from the event, with many TEG Live players being used to market games – such as Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Stephen Curry – failed to travel to Australia.

“We are concerned consumers might have bought tickets believing that many of the advertised high profile players would play when, in the end, this did not happen,” Sims said.

However, he added: “Promoters do not have a reasonable reason in most cases to represent the consumers they will play or are willing to play.”

The TEG Live statement echoes Sims’ comments.

“We admit that some fans were disappointed because the US Men’s Basketball team that competed in Australia in August did not include some of the biggest NBA stars,” the report said. “Based on information provided to TEG Live by USA Basketball, we expect these stars to play.”

TEG Live will automatically return the money to fans who have purchased tickets after August 15, 2018, if they had previously requested a refund due to a change in team ranks. No other refunds will be offered because of changes to Team USA.

In the coming months, the company is expected to contact and return 5,000 fans who bought 20,000 floors of seats to the game.


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