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“Halo Infinity” bug claims that multiplayer games are free-BGR | Instant News

  • Halo infinite Developer 343 Industries has not shared any information about the multiplayer game mode, but a large number of leaks indicate that the multiplayer game will be free.
  • The self-deleted list of an Irish toy store says: Halo infinite Will have “a groundbreaking free multiplayer experience.”
  • Halo infinite Will be launched with Xbox Series X this holiday season.

At the Xbox game show held by Microsoft on July 23, we saw at first glance some of the most anticipated next-generation games. Run on Xbox Series X, Contains Halo infinite. “Mental restart” Halo The franchise was announced two years ago, but this show is the first time we have seen the actual application of this game. According to the demo, Halo infinite The campaign will be more open than the previous entry.

Halo infinite Developer 343 Industries is not yet ready to talk about or show off any content in the game’s multiplayer game, but a toy store in Ireland may have destroyed a noteworthy detail about the online model. According to the Smyths toy supermarket list Has since been deleted, Halo infinite Multiplayer games will be provided for free.

“legend Halo The series returns to the biggest Master Chief movement to date, as well as a groundbreaking free multiplayer experience. “Enjoy the speed of up to 120 FPS, and greatly reduce the loading time, thus forming a seamless gameplay with Xbox Series X. “

Then backup leak On Twitter (Krobrille)In the past, he had accurately shared detailed information about Microsoft’s plan in advance. He said that free multiplayer games are coming Halo infinite 120 FPS gameplay on Xbox Series X, similar to Battle Pass system Fort night,as well as” Halo. “

This will be Halo, But it’s wise that since then, free multiplayer games have dominated the gaming world Halo 5: Guardian Launch on Xbox One. Fort night, Call of Duty: War Zone, Apex Legend, Destiny 2 -These are currently the biggest games in the world, and they can all be played for free.

There is no doubt that we will learn more about the multiplayer of the game in the next few weeks, but 343 Industries did answer a series of questions about the game Halo Waypoint This week, the complaint about game graphics was also resolved. The problem aroused immediately after the exhibition and has not stopped since.

Community manager John Junyszek said: “The construction for running the campaign demo was still in progress a few weeks ago, and various graphic elements and game systems are still being completed and improved.” “Although I expect to receive some feedback and communicate with what has already been done. Dialogue in the field, but other aspects of the feedback have brought new opportunities and considerations. The team is taking it seriously and evaluating it. We don’t yet have exact answers or results to share, but the team is making plans as soon as possible to resolve the issues. Some feedback on details, clarity and overall fidelity. The team is committed and dedicated to ensuring that we have a beautiful world for players to explore while we are on the road.”

Halo infinite It is planned to launch on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC this holiday season.

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