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Ericsson appoints new CEOs for UK and Ireland | Instant News

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) is gearing up to strengthen its 5G leadership with the appointment of Katherine Ainley as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the UK and Ireland, effective February 1, 2021.

Ainley will join Ericsson from BT where he has held a number of senior executive positions since 2007, including recent roles as Managing Director of Ventures in Enterprise and CEO of Tikit, BT’s wholly owned subsidiary. He replaces John Griffin, who has been acting since October. Griffin will return to his permanent role as Country Manager for Ericsson Ireland and continues as a highly valued member of the unit’s leadership team.

Ainley’s appointment came because 5G technology provided the UK and Ireland with an important opportunity to do so build back better keep up with the impact of COVID-19 and the increasing demand for digital connectivity and transformation. As the only 5G vendor in the UK to have commercial agreements with all four major mobile network operators, Ericsson will upgrade 20,000 network sites by 2024 to enhance UK connectivity. recently announced creation of 800 jobs to support accelerated 5G rollout.

Commenting on his appointment, Ainley said: “Ericsson is at the forefront of the worldwide deployment of 5G, playing a very important role here in the UK and Ireland where technology is critical to the two countries’ economic ambitions. I am honored and excited to join as CEO in February and look forward to leading Ericsson’s accelerated network deployment and opening up 5G as an exciting innovation platform for the future in partnership with all mobile network operators. “

Arun Bansal, President and Head of Ericsson Europe and Latin America said, “I am very pleased that Katherine Ainley is joining Ericsson as our new CEO for the UK and Ireland. With 5G poised to bring social benefits to the UK as well as around £ 15 billion in additional economic growth from industries such as manufacturing, construction and agriculture, Katherine will be an important part of our 5G journey, bringing a wealth of industry experience to that role. . I look forward to welcoming him to our team as we establish our leading position in England. “

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Verizon’s Nationwide 5G may slow down your iPhone, which is why you should turn it off | Instant News

The dawn of faster and faster Internet connections is slowly appearing in front of us, but it is certain that telecommunications companies are preparing for 5G wireless technology, and most smartphone manufacturers have ensured that their new devices can support the network-now, a few Countries can already connect to 5G.

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A magazine tested Verizon’s DSS 5G and found that it is generally slower than 4G networks.

Verizon 5G limited coverage

However, according to a report, the new wireless technology is clearly slowing down Verizon’s iPhone devices and other 5G-enabled smartphones. magnet.

According to Tech Magazine, new iPhone devices as well as Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Google Pixel 5 may be affected by slow 5G networks, and the solution is to temporarily turn them off.

According to the report, Verizon is one of the fastest mobile networks in the United States, and its users say that its 4G LTE network and “UWB” (UWB) 5G network are getting faster and faster every year.

Unfortunately, the UWB 5G network coverage of the current network is limited.

As early as October of this year, Verizon announced the “National 5G”, this version is based on dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), this technology can reuse part of the 4G channel for its 5G network, so that the mobile phone automatically connects to the latter instead By.

However, it is said that only the 5G icon that pops up on our devices (including Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro) is displayed.

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Test 5G on 4G

According to tests conducted by the magazine using Apple devices in New York City, Verizon’s DSS 5G network is rarely faster than 4G, which is the same result they obtained when they used the Pixel 5 in Chicago in October.

In addition, Signal research Conducted an experiment and found that most of the “DSS 5G” traffic is transmitted via LTE.

Nevertheless, given that 5G networks cannot be fully operational, this is not surprising.

“For most customers, our performance on the 5G national network will be similar to 4G. [DSS] It is a new technology and we will continue to modify it. We expect performance to improve in 2021 and beyond. “The company spokesperson said.

In addition, it is not only Verizon that faces this challenge, because even AT&T’s “national” 5G is often slower than the company’s 4G network.

How to turn off 5G on iOS and Android

However, some people may have different experiences on their Verizon and AT&T nationwide 5G, but if it is slower than your 4G network and may affect the performance of your phone, PCMag recommends temporarily turning off 5G unless you have UWB .

To check if you have a 5G UWB connection, check the icon on the status bar-it should also have a “UW” or “UWB” symbol.

If you don’t see it, you are using DSS 5G, which is the slower version.

To turn on the clumsy DSS wireless connection, go to the iOS device’s Settings> Cellular Data and Options> Voice and Data, And then click the LTE button, which will put your device into 4G mode.

If you have a Verizon Android device, you may or may not be able to turn off the 5G network, but you can check the device’s Settings>Connection>Mobile network>Network mode, And then select LTE/CDMA (if the option is available).

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Qualcomm supports FastWeb 5G fixed wireless CPE in Italy | Instant News

Italian telecom operator FastWeb is gearing up to commercially launch 5G fixed wireless access services in 50 cities in Italy by the end of the year, with onsite equipment using the Qualcomm X55 platform.

The companies have been working together for the past two years to prepare FastWeb’s mmWave 5G FWA service. Initial launch at the first three places happened earlier this week, and plans are calling for expansion to 500 cities by 2021.

By 2024 FastWeb hopes to bring 5G mmWave broadband to 12 million homes, or 45% of Italy’s population, at speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

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A 5G CPE device using the Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 Modem-RF System is mounted to the roof or side of the house to connect to the nearest cell tower and provide services at home.

“With the launch of the Ultra FWA connection we are delivering up to 1 Giga connectivity even in areas not yet covered by ultrabroadband connections,” said Andrea Lasagna, CTO at FastWeb, in a statement.

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FastWeb provides landline, broadband internet and IPTV services and has been focused on fiber-to-the-home (FTT deployment). Thirty cities are already covered with FastWeb’s 2.5 Gbps FTTH service, but the launch of FWA marks the first commercial deployment of 5G mmWave in the region.

FastWeb is the first to begin testing 5G FWA in Italy, starting a five-month trial in Milan nearly two years ago with partner Samsung. The company is working to demonstrate how the technology can serve as a faster, cost-effective alternative to FTTH for gigabit home broadband.

In 2018 the operator scooped 26 GHz mmWave at the Italian 5G spectrum auction. Alongside the 5G FWA, the 5G mobile service is expected to be available from 27 December. That includes the cities of Milan, Bologna, Rome and Naples. The coverage target is targeting 90% of the country’s population by 2025.

Advantages of 5G FWA traction

Fixed wireless access by itself is not new, but the technology has gained new attention and interest. That is seen at a time when the need for home broadband is increasing, and the problem of the digital divide has become more pressing this year amid the pandemic.

However, a recent presentation by Shiv Putcha, founder and principal analyst at Mandala Insights noted that most of the operators still focus on suburban and urban locations rather than rural areas. The company projects nearly 500 million FWA 5G users by 2030.

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According to the GSA, there are 38 regional and national providers in the US that offer LTE-based fixed wireless services.

In the US, Verizon offers fixed wireless mmWave 5G services in around a dozen markets, markets, as well as FWA based on 4G LTE. T-Mobile has also launched an extended 4G LTE fixed wireless home broadband pilot, with a focus on more rural locations, with plans to offer. FWA based on 5G in 2021.

The major vendors also showed their support. Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia this month join Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GS) 4G-5G Fixed Wireless Access Forum to support the development and use of technology.

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And although mmWave 5G is usually considered suitable only for short or congested urban areas, testing involving Qualcomm, together with operators and vendor partners including Ericsson, has shown how the new 5G mmWave CPE can extend the range of high-band mmWave signals.

Earlier this month, for example, TEAM Italy up to 1 Gbps with Qualcomm and Ericsson using 5G FWA at 26 GHz – at a distance of 6.5 kilometers between the device and the base station. UScellular, meanwhile, shows survival mmWave for rural areas, completing long distance data calls over 3 miles at speeds over 100 Mbps.


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3G, 4G, EDGE, 5G: What you need to know about mobile networks | Instant News

Surrounding conversation 5G When gathering speed recently rely Industry Chairman Mukesh Ambani Say trust io male 5G will be brought to India in 2021. Soon after Ambani claimed the copyright, Bharti Air phoneThe company’s chairman, Sunil Bharti Mittal, stated that India will be “5G ready” in the next 2-3 years. Until 5G becomes a reality in India, people will have to continue to rely on existing mobile networks. Have you ever thought about the “symbol” Cell phone For example, EDGE or 3G mean, what speed do they provide? Here, we briefly introduce them:
Although parts of Europe and North America may completely phase out 2G, India still has a large number of bugs still relying on. It is estimated that nearly 300 million people in the country still use 2G mobile networks. 2G was first launched in 1991 and is widely supported worldwide, such as MMS and SMS.
Maximum speed: up to 50 kb per second
General Packet Radio Service or better known GPRS ushered in the turn of the millennium. This is a very slow mobile network, and although services like WhatsApp can work on it, it is very laborious.
Maximum speed: up to 114 kb per second
EDGE is the next step in the mobile network revolution and debuted around 2003. It is “enhanced” GPRS, which means it is a difficult task to watch YouTube videos faster but still in high resolution.
Maximum speed: up to 217 KB per second

At the beginning of this century, many countries adopted 3G, but then came to India. 3G is the first network that makes mobile Internet browsing without much trouble. In this day and age, despite its slow speed, it is still sufficient to play music and even watch videos. But in India, telecommunications companies like Airtel have begun to shut down 3G networks in some areas of India.
Maximum speed: up to 384 kb per second
The fastest mobile network available in most parts of the world. The 4G network was first introduced in 2009, and it uses the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard, which consumes less battery in mobile phones. 4G network connection is not available in all regions of India, but it is still the fastest mobile Internet speed you can get.
Maximum speed: up to 1GB per second

We are not sure next year or later, but 5G will be unveiled in India soon. It is still attractive in other parts of the world, but it is estimated that 2 billion people will use 5G by 2025. It is said that 5G is 10 times faster than 4G, which also causes battery consumption in smartphones.
Maximum speed: up to 10GB per second


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Don’t mess with Beijing: Rejection of the China-Australia Covid-fuels dispute | Instant News

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How do we go from a call to research the origins of Covid-19 to China’s call to boycott Australian wine? Relations between Beijing and Canberra took a serious turn back in May when Australia demanded an independent investigation into the Coronavirus. Now, in the week of the first anniversary of the first documented case in Wuhan, there has been an official outcry from prime minister Scott Morrison over an image of an Australian soldier holding a bloody knife to the neck of an Afghan child, tweeted from the official account of the foreign ministry spokesman.

Is it fair game to allude to disclosing alleged violations by special forces in Afghanistan?

More broadly, what about Beijing’s escalating wolf warrior diplomacy and not just against Australia? With an independent team from the World Health Organization to date barred from carrying out fact-finding missions to China, can Xi Jinping stake his claim to be an emerging global leader while still insisting on controlling all the information circulating in and about his home country?

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