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Airbus PIA attempted to land without landing gear in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: The new PIA airbus PK8303 footage which crashed on 22 May 2020 in Karachi has established that the aircraft landed on the runway at least four times in the first attempt but the landing gear did not open, causing the fuselage especially the engines to suffer severe damage from scratching the runway.

Exclusive footage run by Geo News reporter Tariq Abul Hassan establishes what the CAA and national airlines previously denied, that the landing gear was not opened during the attempted landing. The footage raises more questions about the role of air traffic controllers and of course cockpit crew as pilots in the tragedy.

Video captured by the CAA runway 69 video camera determined that within three seconds the PIA airbus skidded on the runway four times, before finally taking off again. Based on new footage, the aircraft successfully landed on the runway four times at 2:33:34, 2: 33:35, 2:33:38 and the fourth time at 2:33:40. The abrasive contact with the ground and the engine that triggers frictional sparks can also be seen in the new video. The landing gearless trial also proved that on approaching from the Model Colony, the airbus crashed on the 69 landing lane far ahead of the scheduled meeting point, almost in the middle after the ATC and VIP Terminals, leaving little. runway ahead to achieve a safe landing, except that there is a large “Katcha” path from loose ground ahead. According to the preliminary CAA report, “the landing gear was opened when the aircraft was 10 NM from the airport. But because the airplane is flying at a higher altitude than required for optimal landing, the wheels are pulled to allow the plane to descend at a very high speed and finally when the plane lands, the wheels do not open. “

According to aviation experts, “under systemic and automatic safety mechanisms if the plane is traveling at 250-260 mph, the landing gear does not open. “Overspeed was thought to be the reason the wheels did not drop on landing and as a result the engine scratched hard on the runway, a visible sign of the runway. This is understood to have damaged the engine, the engine oil compartment and the fuel pipe both of which not only leaked, but dangerous engine oil mixed with fuel. “Together the three are believed to have slowed the plane from ascending altitude to turning back to the runway. It follows Mayday’s pilots and communications that both engines have failed, ”the experts agreed.

While the CAA and PIA are still working to finalize and conclude the report, disturbing questions plague the thought that if such a terrible tragedy could be avoided. The basic question is why did the plane get at a higher altitude during its approach to the runway? “Why doesn’t the pilot know that the landing gear doesn’t open when descending? Did the pilot and the co-pilot choose to ignore the cockpit alarm warning about the landing gear status? Did the alarm actually work? When the plane has landed despite many obstacles and engine failure. with the runway and sparks flying out, why would air traffic controllers let the plane take off and direct the pilot to try another approach Was the pilot notified of a touch down abrasive by air traffic controllers ?, seen in the footage of the CAA runway. , why the pilot agency PALPA was not part of the investigation As pilots they could explain the entire episode about aircraft airworthiness and cockpit conditions to guide the investigation Honest answers to these questions alone will determine whether the loss of life and country’s reputation can be prevented and just another disaster can be avoided.


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