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A $ 5 Billion Lawsuit Accuses Google of Tracking Chrome Users in Incognito Mode | Instant News

A class action suit proposed in the US has accused Google of violating federal wiretapping laws by tracking users’ online activities while in Incognito mode.

Based on Reuters, a class suit argues that by secretly collecting information about what people see online and where they browse when they use Chrome’s private browsing mode, Google has deliberately deceived customers into believing that they have control over the information they share with company.

According to a complaint filed in federal court in San Jose, California, Google collects data through Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and other website plug-ins, including smartphone applications, regardless of whether the user clicks on an ad supported by Google.

This helps Google learn about users’ friends, hobbies, favorite foods, shopping habits, and even the “most intimate and potentially embarrassing things” they are looking for online, the complaint said.

Google “cannot continue to be involved in collecting confidential and unauthorized data from almost every American by computer or telephone,” the complaint said.

Google said it would defend itself “passionately” against the claim.

“Incognito mode in Chrome gives you the option to surf the internet without your activities being saved to your browser or device,” said Google spokesman Jose Castaneda. “As we clearly stated each time you open a new incognito tab, the website might be able to gather information about your browsing activities.”

Three plaintiffs argue that the lawsuit is likely to include “millions” of Google users who since June 1, 2016 surfed the internet using Incognito mode. The proposed class action therefore seeks $ 5,000 in damage per user for violations of federal wiretapping and California privacy laws, totaling at least $ 5 billion.


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Gilead expressed HIV patient concerns, claims for lawsuits | Instant News

Foster City’s pharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences, lately in the news for the possibility of remdesivir coronavirus treatment drugs, sending patients taking HIV drug letters in an envelope revealing they have problems related to the virus, a new lawsuit looking for class action claims.

Two men, from Alabama and Indiana, said in the lawsuit that they were among hundreds of patients taking the Gilead preventative and treatment drugs and were registered with the company’s patient support program. But despite the program’s registration form that says “confidentiality is very important to us,” Gilead in April sent men, and others in the program, letters in an envelope showing “HIV Prevention Team” above the sender’s address, lawsuit filed Thursday in the US District Court in San Francisco accused.

“The words HIV Prevention Team Team ‘has a font that is larger than the mailing address, making it stand out in relation to the address,” claims the legal complaint seeking the status of class action.

Gilead said in a statement Friday that they regretted raising concerns by sending an envelope containing the “HIV Prevention Team” at the sender’s address.

“We understand that health issues are very personal for the people we serve, and consumer privacy is the most important,” the company said.

“We apologize to anyone who is affected. However, we reject the statement in the complaint and will submit our response on time. “

People with HIV – the virus that causes AIDS – as well as people at risk of HIV infection and patients who use drugs to prevent infection face “extreme stigma,” the alleged lawsuit said. Gilead, the lawsuit claimed, “carelessly, carelessly, negligently, and unreasonably revealed confidential HIV-related information from patients prescribed Gilead drugs, including to family, friends, roommates, landlords, neighbors, postal operators, and strangers which is completely unknown. “

The plaintiff from Alabama “is careful not to disclose his sexual orientation or sexual practices with others and has not revealed his sexual orientation to his family,” the lawsuit claims. So that Gilead’s letter would not go to his house, he gave the address of the office of the workplace to the company, the suit said.

“The workplace has a mailroom and employs people to sort mail. He was shocked when he walked into the mailroom and found an envelope with the sender’s ‘HIV Prevention Team’ address, ” the alleged lawsuit. “The envelope can be accessed by anyone who comes to the mailroom.”

The Indiana plaintiff “is very guarded about his privacy,” the lawsuit claims. “He is careful not to reveal his sexual orientation or sexual practices with others. He was surprised when he received the HIV Prevention Team’s Letter because it revealed in his clear view that he was concerned about HIV prevention. (He) felt vulnerable and worried about who might see the letter. “

Gilead said they took action immediately after discovering that “envelope templates normally used for communication with health care professionals are inadvertently used for consumer mailers.” The company has begun a full review of the process and training for employees and external vendors, he said.

The lawsuit says a $ 17 million settlement was paid by the health insurance company Aetna after more than 12,000 insured people, using HIV drugs, in 2017 sent a letter that could be read in part through an envelope window. It also cites the $ 4.4 million settlement paid by CVS for letters sent to 6,000 people in 2017 indicating “HIV” through the envelope window.


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Brazilian Electronics Company Revives iPhone Trademark Disputes Long-Lasted | Instant News

Apple has been involved in the long run iPhone trademark dispute in Brazil, which was revived today by IGB Electronica, a Brazilian consumer electronics company that originally registered the name “PiPhone‌” in 2000.

IGB Electronica fought for several years with Apple in an attempt to obtain exclusive rights to the trademark “PiPhone‌”, but finally lost, and now the case has been brought to the Supreme Federal Court in Brazil, according to the Brazilian website Tecnoblog (through Reddit).

IGB Electronica under the name Gradiente produced a line of IPHONE branded Android smartphones in Brazil in 2012, and there was a time period in which the Brazilian company was located. given exclusive rights to the ‌iPhone‌ trademark. The decision did not last long, and Apple and IGB finally had the right to use the name in the country.

Apple has tried to prevent IGB from using trademarks, while IGB has tried to regain exclusive access to branding. The decision in 2018 reinforced the 2013 ruling that gave permission for both brands to use trademarks.

With the latest lawsuit, the IGB aims to reverse the 2018 decision, but this case could take years to get a ruling from the country’s Supreme Federal Court. IGB has been in judicial recovery since 2018 and has lost nearly 1 billion Brazilian Real, so the company may expect payment from Apple to end the dispute.


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North Dakota Department of Health sues controversial cottage food rules State & Regional | Instant News

The rules only allow stable foods on the shelf, such as snacks and desserts, as well as perishable roasted foods and raw poultry, according to Smith’s interpretation. The 2019 legislature defeated the bill which is identical to the rules put forward a few weeks after the legislative session ended.

The regulation limits or makes ambiguous what food can be sold, said plaintiff Summer Joy Peterson, whose family farms and raises near New Leipzig. For now they only sell bread, fruit cakes, cakes and eggs. They previously sold low-acid canned foods, such as corn, beans, peas, vegetable soup and special mustard corn.

The rules for temperature control have also made gray areas for what custard products can be sold by his daughter, he added. His family began expanding their sales to salsas, vegetables, and other baked goods after the 2017 law passed. He wants the department to cancel the regulation.

His family has sold food at the farmer’s market as a side business and has received a neighbor’s call during the pandemic, but was unable to fulfill every order due to rules or perceived confusion.

“People need food, and they can’t find it easily in the grocery store,” Peterson said.

The health department declined to comment on the lawsuit, citing pending litigation.


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Families of Victims Killed in Latest Kobe Bryant Chopper Accident to File Legal Case Against Helicopter Company, Pilot – NBC Los Angeles | Instant News

Family members of the two people who died along with Kobe Bryant, his daughter and four other passengers in the January 26 helicopter crash which also killed the pilot joined the NBA star widow and survivors in filing court papers Monday alleging the wrongful death by the company that owns and operates the aircraft.

The main plaintiff in the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit which is still unofficial is Christopher Chester, whose 45-year-old wife, Sarah, and her 13-year-old daughter, Payton, died in the accident. Two of her twin sons who are small are also plaintiffs.

The defendants are Island Express Helicopters Inc., the owner, Island Express Holding Corp, and land owned by the pilot, Ara George Zobayan.

Representatives for the defendants could not be immediately contacted.

In February, Bryant’s widow, Vanessa, the mother of their 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, also filed a similar lawsuit against the helicopter company.

The next suit was filed in April by the family of Orange Coast College baseball coach John Altobelli, his wife, Keri, and their daughter who played basketball Alyssa, and Mamba Academy basketball coach Christina Mauser.

All lawsuits accuse the defendants of negligence in the operation and maintenance of the Sikorsky S-76B helicopter.

The helicopter flew from John Wayne Airport in Orange County to a tournament at Bryant’s Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks while crashing into the foothills of Santa Monica in Calabasas and burning, killing everyone inside.


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