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Cornershot: The new fashion trend is to cover up | Lifestyle | Instant News

As a teenager in the late 1960s and early 70s, I was blessed with fashionable long straight hair. To complete the “look,” I wear dark eyeliner and pale lipstick.

My mother, whose 1940s teenage fashion icon was a ruby-lipped movie star she tried to imitate, always urged me to “wear lipstick” when I came out. Of course, I just rolled my eyes!

Now I am old, my lips have disappeared. This is an unfortunate fact that occurs with age. To try to fix it, I found myself using lipstick that would make my 91-year-old mother proud.

Unfortunately, I also wore my mask and covered my lips completely. I guess this is the 2020 fashion trend!


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The first COVID-19 treatment in Australia was approved | Instant News

Australia’s first treatment option for people who are seriously ill with COVID-19 has received temporary approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The TGA approval has given remdesivir (“Veklury”, produced by Gilead Sciences Pty Ltd) temporary approval for use in adults and adolescent patients with severe symptoms of COVID-19 who have been hospitalized.

The Minister of Health, Greg Hunt, welcomed the agreement, and said it would be available for Australians who were very unhealthy, needed oxygen or high-level support for breathing, and in hospital treatment.

“This is a major milestone in Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is not prevention or cure for those who have mild symptoms, but is an important part of our response to support those most affected. remdesivir has been proven to help those who are hospitalized with symptoms of COVID, “Minister Hunt said.

“Australia, through TGA, was one of the first regulators in the world to authorize the use of remdesivir for the treatment of COVID-19, following on from recent agreements in the European Union, Japan and Singapore.

“Remdesivir is one of the most promising treatment options so far to reduce hospitalization time for those who suffer from severe COVID.

“Remdesivir has the potential to significantly reduce pressure on the Australian health care system. By reducing recovery time, patients will be able to leave the hospital early, freeing up beds for those in need. “

The preliminary agreement, which is limited to a maximum of six years, is based on preliminary clinical data. Gilead can submit full registration when additional clinical data needed by the TGA to confirm the safety and efficacy of the drug is available.

The use of remdesivir will occur in hospitals and under the strict control and supervision of the treating doctor.

Unlike other countries, there are remdesivir supplies available in Australia including supplies that have been donated to the National Medicines by the company, Gilead. It will be available for use immediately over the coming weeks for suitable patients.

Now that remdesivir has received regulatory approval in Australia, the Government is working with Gilead on options for sustainable supply of medicines in the medium to long term.

The government is grateful to Gilead for their collaborative approach in making remdesivir available for Australian patients with COVID-19.

/ Media broadcasts. See fully here.


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Teenagers between the two were injured by robbers | Instant News

Two residents were injured on Sunday by robbers in Karachi. One of them was a teenage boy who had been injured because he had refused to offer a mugging in the Sukan Karahi area.

According to police, the incident occurred in Swabi City in Landhi. Police and rescuers attended the scene and moved victims to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center for medical treatment.

The injured were identified as 18-year-old Usman. Police said two robbers riding a motorcycle shot him after the boy refused their mugging offer. Finally, 25-year-old Amir was injured in a shooting incident that took place on Jalan Ijtimahgah.

According to the Manghopir police station, two men riding motorbikes shot and wounded the woman

victims for refusing to offer their looting. Robbers managed to escape after committing a crime, police said. The injured were taken to the Abbas Shaheed Hospital for medical treatment and a case was registered against the perpetrators, police said.

Woman found dead

A 35-year-old woman was found dead at her home in the Manzoor colony within the jurisdiction of the Mehmoodabad police station.

According to SHO Ejaz Khattak, the door to the victim’s room was locked from the inside and the woman appeared to have committed suicide by hanging herself with the help of a ceiling fan over several domestic disputes.

The body was transferred to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center for medico-legal formalities and then handed over to the family for burial. Police say they are investigating this case from various angles.


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California teens create facial masks to support hearing loss Corona virus | Instant News

A California teenager is creating face masks designed to help the deaf during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isabella Appell, 17, is the director of a non-profit organization “Talk Mask,” with a mask it has a clear vinyl center to allow deaf and deaf people to read their lips.

During this quarantine range, I noticed people posting about how difficult it was to communicate and all this time, ” Isabella told NBC4. “I already sewed an ordinary mask, so I started researching how I could hold it for everyone.”

Isabella has a family friend who is deaf, and who has studied American Sign Language Online, wants to teach it to others.

Masks can be ordered with donations, with all the money being used for the Hearing Aid Project, which provides free hearing aids for those who cannot afford them.

You can order your own “talking mask” or make a donation Isabella project page.


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Two brothers among five children drowned in Karachi | Instant News



Five children, including two brothers, died after drowning in a hole full of water on a plot of land in Surjani City on Sunday.

Children are reported to have jumped into a pit while playing. The residents of the area immediately called for the rescue team, but by the time they arrived, the five children had drowned.

The bodies were taken from the water by rescuers in the operation which took half an hour and then transferred to the Abbas Shaheed Hospital for medico-legal formalities.

The children who died were identified as Masood, 13, his brothers Usaid, 8, Arman, 13, Furqan, 11, and Zubair, 12. Choosing not to leave legal formalities, the family took the body to the morgue for the final ceremony.

Masood’s father, Ahmed Attari, told The Express Tribune that Masood was the eldest of his four children and was studying at a madrasa, while Usaid had just started school.

900 elderly, 182 minors infected with Covid-19 in Sindh: Wahab

According to Attari, his children used to ask permission to bathe in holes filled with water, but he forbade them to do so because of their depth.

“The two children had the chance to fulfill their wishes when they found us sleeping after Sehri and went to play in the hole,” Attari said.

Zubair’s older brother, Muhammad Umair, shared the same story, telling me that his younger brother had asked permission to play in the pit with his friends on Sunday morning. Despite being told not to do it, he still went there.

Umair mentioned that the hole was around 15 to 20 feet, explaining that older boys in the neighborhood used to bathe in it, motivating young children to try to do the same thing.


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