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An empty stadium? Canceled game? For now, Aaron Rodgers hopes to exercise again while pondering public concerns Professional soccer | Instant News

With Major League Baseball exploring various restrictions believed to be needed to get back into action, Rodgers was asked what it was like to play in an empty stadium.

“I haven’t let my mind go there at the time,” Rodgers answered. “I know there are lots of conversations about that. It must be a strange situation to not have fans in the stands. And I hope it’s not reality. “

Picking up the second year coach Matt LaFleur’s package is similar.

“I haven’t really put a lot of thought into it, to be honest with you,” LaFleur said during a conference call, who came to join Rodgers and was only the second question and answer session with reporters since the NFL scouting was merged in February. “Do I think it would be strange without fans? Yes, but that might be the situation we face (with). Whatever it is, we will accept it. I wish they were there, but if not, we will accept it. “

Meanwhile, Rodgers, who has been at his home in southern California since returning from a trip to Peru before travel restrictions were imposed around the world because of a pandemic, bemoaned some of the house stay conditions he compared to “house arrest.” He also wondered aloud about “the future of the country and the freedom we may have at this time.”


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Packers’ Rodgers reflects Jordan by pushing his team mates to the brink | | Instant News

“Look, I don’t have to do this. I only do it because that’s who I am. That’s how I play the game. That’s my mentality.”

Then, choking before telling the interviewer that he was resting, Jordan added, “If you don’t want to play like that … don’t play like that.”

At his home in California, Jones watched the episode and thought what many Packers fans would do: Sounds like Rodgers, especially when it comes to how much to demand a wide receiver – and how he is often captured on camera during games shows his frustration with them when they are not where they were when they were supposed to be there.

“I didn’t know Michael Jordan was a leader like that. “You know how great he is and what he does on the basketball court, but the way he challenges people and sues people, I don’t know that Michael Jordan has it in him,” Jones said during an interview on ESPN Wisconsin. “When I watched it, I kind of thought the same thing (about Jordan and Rodgers). That’s what 12 do. And 12 doesn’t just do it on Sundays, it does it Monday through Sunday. That’s how he is.

“Just watching Michael Jordan and watching how he demands something from his team-mates – even things they don’t believe can do – they have confidence that they can do it, because of him. In the end, the main thing is to win. That is the final destination. Nobody after the championship said, “Geez, Michael is a bad leader.” Not. That’s why he encourages you to do certain things. And that’s 12. He wants to win, he wants to be great.


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Get ready for the Packers season with details of the Green Bay schedule from week to week Professional soccer | Instant News


Last meeting: That The Packers beat the Falcons, 34-20, on December 9, 2018, at Lambeau Field. Despite taking four sacks, Rodgers appeared exceptional, completing 21 of 32 attempts for 196 yards and two goals as caretaker coach of the Packers Joe Philbin (top) won their first win just seven days after the old coach Mike McCarthy’s expulsion.

Player to watch: Cornerback AJ Terrell, taken by Atlanta with 16th pick in this year’s NFL draft, could cause headaches for the thin receiver of the Green Bay corps. Terrell 6-foot-1 completed his three-year career at Clemson with 101 tackles, two joint ventures and six interception. Clemson fell to LSU, 42-25, at the College Football Championship last season, with Terrell registering five tackles in his final match at college.

You should know: The Packers are reported to have asked the league for a road date for Week 4, with the University of Wisconsin football team scheduled to face Notre Dame on Saturday, October 3, at Lambeau Field. Instead, Lambeau is now set to host two matches in a span of three days.


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Brett Favre said he thought Aaron Rodgers would not finish his career with the Packers | Instant News

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Brett Favre said, in his opinion Aaron Rodgers will follow the same career path that he did and finish his career elsewhere now Green Bay Packers selected quarterback Jordan Love in the first round NFL draft last week.

“I think he will play elsewhere,” Favre said Wednesday on the NBC Sports Network, cutting off host Rich Eisen before he could settle questions.

So Rodgers won’t end his career with the Packers?

“My instincts say no,” said Favre. “I do not know this for sure, but I guarantee, something is spinning in Aaron’s mind. If that is the case, then that means there is a chip on his shoulder towards the organization that if it’s not there. All he needs is a reason other than this for speed it up. “

Rodgers, 36, has four years left on his $ 134 million contract extension signed in 2018. For payroll purposes, he can hardly be achieved until after the 2021 season.

Favre said he had spoken to Rodgers since the Packers traded four places to choose Love in No. 26 on Thursday.

“I won’t talk about everything we talked about, but he … just say surprised that they went that way,” Favre said.

Rodgers has not spoken publicly since the draft, but Cinta told ESPN Maria Taylor that he was have talked to Rodgers. A source told ESPN that Rodgers initiated the call.

Favre and Rodgers, who have become better friends since Favre’s career ended, began with a difficult start when the Packers chose Rodgers in the first round of the 2005 draft. Rodgers served as a backup for three seasons before Favre left Green Bay to finish his career with Jet New York and Minnesota Vikings.

“I am not surprised that he reached out to Jordan, being in the same situation himself 15 years ago,” Favre said. “And we have a great relationship though – I wouldn’t say it took the worst when I left, but he’s basically stuck in the middle of a beehive, if you want. I don’t foresee that happening here. I think Aaron will do what It’s not his job to guide Jordan Love.

“This discussion took place when I left Green Bay. It was not the principal’s job to guide the next person. That person was finally there to take your place. Now, if Jordan asks, ‘Can I watch an additional film with you?’ I would be surprised if Aaron said no. I thought he would go and go to help, but he would not move away, and I cannot blame him. “

The Packers face criticism for not only taking up the quarterback when Rodgers has four years left on his contract, but also for not doing more to increase the offense around Rodgers. In a draft where a record of 36 recipients was taken, the Packers did not take it despite coming in last season’s Super Bowl game under first-year coach Matt LaFleur.

“Green Bay is not going anywhere without Aaron Rodgers in the next few years,” Favre said. “If he plays as we expect him to play, they have a shot with or without a first-half receiver. So I will do everything I can to not burn the bridge, and I don’t think they do that. I think they burn the bridge that will difficult to overcome. At some point, I thought that would set his ugly head back. “

Favre said that the Packers must be one of the teams that “play for now.”

“They did not arrange any weapons, not only in the first round, but any weapons that could help immediately, to my knowledge. And that only sent a rude message to Aaron Rodgers,” said Favre. “He has the right to be disappointed if he does.”


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Packer is determined to exchange Jordan Love | Instant News

That Green Bay Packers now have their current quarterback franchise and a potential future too.

Most will consider updated circumstances that deserve to get a positive sign after the draft, even if Packing fans who focus on winning now are not happy. Annoyed supporters may have no choice. Insider NFL Network, Ian Rapoport reported Packing is “adamant” about trade for the Utah State quarterback Jordan Love, arranges several transactions to be exchanged, including one agreement in which Packing will move to No. 27 in trade with Seattle.

That Packing didn’t finally do it because they swung exchanges with Miami to go up to No. 26, where they chose Love and surprised many of the football world. After all, Green Bay has a 36 year old caller Aaron Rodgers, Which is undoubtedly still in its prime.

In the concept where Packing could add weapons to Rodgers, they instead rose to spend their highest choice on Rodgers’ successor.

No other team is interested in riding Love, according to Rapoport. With Rodgers still very capable of winning but not yet 25 years old, it would make sense for the quarterback to become dissatisfied with a forward-looking decision. Then again, Rodgers came into the league in the same way as pick 24 in the 2005 draft and was an obvious heir to Brett Favre.

It has been widely publicized how Favre was not really interested in helping Rodgers take his job. Some expect Rodgers to react similarly, but according to Rapoport, Rodgers and Love have been connected since the draft. And this will not be a succession plan that will start in 2020 or 2021; Packing Coach Matt LaFleur told NFL Network organization Michael Silver still have “amazing self-confidence” at Rodgers, which they hope will stay in Green Bay in the long run.

Development is a plan for Packing on day 1 of draft 2020. We have to wait a while to see if they are wise in the decision.

Make a difference during the 2020 NFL Draft and unite for #DraftAThon, a three-day virtual fundraiser to support the COVID-19 relief effort.


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Packers: Choosing the best first round picks of all time | Instant News

“That was the first two days of his two-year rookie period. I broke my leg, so I can’t play, “recalled Dickey. “But I sat at a number of meetings in the training camp, and I remember (wide receiver trainer and passing game coordinator) Lew Carpenter running the projector.

“Lew will stop the projector after running one or two seconds of play, just the beginning of the drama, and say, ‘What’s the scope?’ And there will be a sound behind the room that will scream coverage soon. And then Lew will move on to the next game and do the same thing. “What’s the coverage?” And boom, once again, someone will scream from the back of the room. Finally, I turned to one of the other veterans and said, “Who’s that over there?” I mean, we were on the second day at the training camp. And he said, “That’s a beginner, Lofton. He already knows the entire guidebook. All defense. Everything.” I thought, ‘Jiminy, I’ve never been a beginner like that. “

“Since the first day I met him, he was just a little different. Very different. There is always something special about him. You just found out he was destined for big things. “

2. Paul Hornung, RB, Notre Dame (overall No. 1, 1957)

The Golden Boy, as Hornung is famous, is also the one who made the famous Lombardi Sweeper leave. The legendary coach called him “the best player I’ve ever coached” and “the best player of all time who ever played football” because he did everything during that era as a runner, passer and kicker. And while Jim Taylor brought more often than Hornung did when they shared the back of the Packers, it was Hornung who usually put stones in power sweeps.


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ASU’s Wideout Brandon Aiyuk Will Add To The Explosives Needed For Green Bay Packers Violations | Instant News

note: The NFL Draft starts April 23 and Green Bay Packers has 30th choose in the first round. Between now and later, I will examine 30 players that the Packers can choose from.

Today, we see Arizona State wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk. A complete list of players in the spotlight is at the bottom of this story.



Aiyuk spent two years in Sierra Junior College (Calif) before moving to ASU in 2018. After a mediocre first year with Sun Devils, Aiyuk had a sensational 2019.

Aiyuk has 65 receptions for 1,192 yards (18.3 average) and eight goals and is named after the all-Pac 12 first team and the all-American third team. Aiyuk also averaged 10.5 yards after arrest, which is ranked in the top 10 in America.

Aiyuk is also one of the players with the highest returns in the country, averaging 31.9 yards per back kickoff and 16.1 yards on punts.

Aiyuk is a medical risk. Aiyuk missed the Senior Bowl with a hip injury. The NFL network also reported that Aiyuk underwent core muscle surgery on April 7.


High: 6-0

Weight: 205

Press Bench: 11

40 yard dash 4.50

Vertical Leap: 40.0 “

Broad Leap: 128 “

Weapon: 33 1/2 “

Hand: 9 3/4 “


Aiyuk is one of the top playmakers in this draft, able to stretch defense vertically or create after capture. He is also dynamic in the game again and can give the difference-making team directly in the department.

Aiyuk does not have a large size, but he has a long wingspan and an impressive catching radius. His instincts and perseverance in the open field are also unique. It can also operate outside or from a slot.

Aiyuk must be stronger, and can be misdirected in press coverage. The route and the hands are both inconsistent, too.

Aiyuk is very dangerous after arrest. But everything that happened before the arrest needs to be fixed.


The first work in this concept for Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst found more bait catchers for quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Davante Adams, Pro Bowler three times, led the Packers with 83 receptions in 2019, while Allen Lazard was second among the recipients with 35 catches. In 2018, Adams led the Packers with 111 catches, while Marquez Valdes-Scantling was ranked second among the widths with 38 receptions.

After successive seasons where Adams has more than twice as many catches as the No. Green Bay recipient. 2, a wingman is needed. And considering this is widely considered one of the best receiver drafts in recent memory, look for the Packers to take width earlier and as many as three overall.

“There are quite a number of big men in this receiver class,” Gutekunst said. “But it seems like it’s a fairly deep group. I think this is a slightly deeper class, maybe, than in the past. So, I think if you are looking for something specific, all types are out there.”


Aiyuk, about its versatility: “I talked to the coaches and told them that I want to play in a little more slots this season because it adds value, versatility, being able to play outside and inside. Being able to run a route from a slot, not everyone can do it. Not everyone can go from the outside in and from the inside out. “

Arizona State head coach Herm Edwards at Aiyuk: “Very explosive with the ball in his hand, not only as a catch catcher, but also as a returner. They will get players with good upside. He was a young player who came here, out of JC, so his arrow was pointing at him. He likes soccer, he wants to learn football and he has a passion for soccer. “

ESPN expert draft Todd McShay about Aiyuk:(Aiyuk) can make the defender lose and break the tackle after the arrest. His speed is there to challenge his defense vertically, and he must have many explosions in his game. “

Aiyuk on its long wings: I measure at 5-11, so I think wingspan helps that. People have questions about how to get a jump ball, but with my wings and my vertical wings, I feel it’s no different from someone aged 6-3, 6-4. “


Extensive recipient of LSU, Justin Jefferson

Defensive midfielder TCU Ross Blacklock

USC attacks deal with Austin Jackson

Oklahoma midfielder midfielder Kenneth Murray

Utah Love Jordan Quarterback

• Clemson Tee Higgins wide receiver

• Oklahoma defensive midfielder Neville Gallimore

• Wisconsin ran back Jonathan Taylor

• Clemson A.J. cornerback Terrell

• Colorado Laviska wide receiver Shenault Jr.

• LSU linebacker Patrick Queen

• Houston attacks deal with Josh Jones

• Alabama cornerback Trevon Diggs

• Wide receiver Baylor Denzel Mims

• Iowa defensive and A.J. Epenesis

• Georgia runs back D’Andre Swift

• LSU Kristian Fulton’s cornerback

• Washington midfielder Jacob Eason

• Alabama Defense and Raekwon Davis


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