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Iftikhar says faith in his ability helps him | Instant News

KARACHI: Experienced Islamabad United midfielder Iftikhar Ahmed is thrilled with his superb strike which allowed Islamabad United to beat Karachi Kings by five goals in Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2021 HBL second round match here at the National Stadium on Wednesday.

‘Alhamdulillah, I appeared on the stage which helped my team win the match,’ said Iftikhar.

Iftikhar broke a 37-ball 49 out of the way, hitting three-sixs and two-four which allowed United to pursue a terrifying target in 197.

Asked how he deals with pressure, Iftikhar said it all depends on faith. ‘If you believe in yourself in a match like that, you lead your team to victory. I had faith in myself and finished the game, ‘said Iftikhar, also a regular part of the Pakistan T20 team.

‘Yes, people know that I finished the game. I always try to finish the game because it’s the role of the mid-level batsmen to finish the game, ” said Iftikhar.

He hopes United will annex another title. “ When I was with Karachi Kings they won titles and when I was with United they also won crowns. I’m sure United will win the title again, ‘said Iftikhar.

United won the title in 2016 and 2018.

“It’s difficult for the team to take a second shot because there is a twist. The award goes to our top level batsmen who score sprint goals to make the chasing easier for us, ‘said Iftikhar.


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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla title update patch 1.1.2 adds river raid, skills, abilities and more bug fixes | Instant News

Ubisoft has Announce Title update 1.1.2 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Plans to deploy on all platforms tomorrow. In addition to fixing many tasks, achievements and fishing errors, this patch also adds a new River Raids game mode, new skills and new skills.Update about a month later Previous title update patch.

We have shared the patch notes in full below, or you can Official website.

Title Update 1.1.2 will be deployed on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One console, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Ubisoft Connect, Epic Games Store, Stadia and Amazon Luna on February 16, 2021.

Patch size and deployment time:

  • Xbox Series X | S: ~19.53 GB
  • Xbox One: ~15.27 GB
  • PlayStation®5: ~11.18 GB
  • PlayStation®4: ~10.23 GB
  • Computer: ~18.04 GB

Deployment times for all platforms: 1pm Central European Time, 7am Eastern Standard Time, 4am Pacific Standard Time and 11pm AEDT.

Please note that these times are estimates and may change.

Check out the most notable headline update 1.1.2 changes below.

Christmas season: River RAID game mode

We have added game support for River Raid.

  • Prepare your Jomsviking crew to adopt this highly replayable new model, which will take you to the undeveloped part of England full of opportunities for exploration. New loot, rewards and challenges await the crow clan!
  • River Raids Mode is part of the Yule Season content. All Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla players can use it for free. You can use it in the game after downloading the title update 1.1.2.

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new function

  • Rage Trap: This will attach the trap to your arrow and spread the illusion powder. Any nearby movement will cause the trap to trigger. Surprise the ignorant passers-by!
  • Battle cry: Angrily erupted, Eifel let out a bloody scream, gained power, and caused nearby enemies to retreat due to fear, interrupting their attack.
  • Shoulder blow: Eivor performs a shoulder blow, pushing the enemy back and destroying the object.

new skill

  • Assassin Carry: Automatically carry the body after a successful assassination.
  • Assassin Slide: Slide into enemies and make them lose their balance while sprinting.
  • Power Stroke: At the expense of increased endurance, trigger a speed increase on long ships.
  • Arrow Predator: Eifel is more likely to loot arrows from archers.
  • Prepare for battle: Always start the battle with slots full of adrenaline.
  • Long ship protective gear: When you command the long ship, the crew will raise the shield with you.

Game improvement

Various types

  • When the item is lost, the runes and resources used to upgrade the Berserker equipment will be returned to the player’s inventory.
  • Improve vibration feedback when fishing. Fishing went to BRRRR.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the player to leave the camouflage mode when making any attacks while riding.
  • Solved an issue that prevented players from fishing in the sea or on the coastline.
  • Resolved an issue that caused schools of fish to take a long time to respawn after being caught.
  • Items purchased from the Animus store will only be available to players after returning to England from Vinland.
  • The animation of the predator charge attack has been changed to give players more time to react.
  • Solved the problem that the structure could not be used. Everyone likes it.
  • The purchase date has been added to the items listed in the store ownership section.


  • The diamond rune slot was removed from the gear set outside the torso. The rune inserted in it will be returned to the player list.

Graphics, audio and animation

  • Solve various graphics or lighting problems.
  • Solve various texture problems.
  • Solved the problem that caused the exploded VFX to be lost when the oil tank exploded. The oil tank will now enter the BOOM.
  • (PS4™/PS5™) The Muspell Warg mount will now burn with the flames of Hel!
  • The blood of the enemy now stains all clothes.
  • Solved various character or NPC animation problems.
  • Solve various cutting problems.
  • Solved the problem that the visual effects of the Draugr set could not be displayed.
  • Solved an issue that caused the arrow to disappear from the quiver after reequipping the bow and arrow in the list.

Questions, world events and side events

  • Resolved an issue in “Breaking into the Wall” that prevented players from completing tasks. Gunnar has decided to participate in the celebration of “Samhain’s First Night” to enable players to complete the mission. Party time!
  • Resolved an issue that caused NPCs to be killed in the “The Good Guys of Sherwood” World Series. Oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally, my goodness, what a beautiful day.
  • Now the Jomsviking device will display its quality correctly on the custom page.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause Jomsviking to change the shape and size of the menu during recruitment.
  • Randvi is ready to listen to the news after completing Sciropescire Arc, thus completing the alliance.
  • Solved the problem that players could not interact with Tove after completing “Carrying the Torch”.
  • Solved an issue where when both players used God Favor to provide 3 additional dice, the dice were reused. I stood on the sidelines.
  • Resolved an issue encountered with Fishmonger that prevented the task from being marked as complete after confirming a successful kill.
  • If you escape before fighting the bard in “The Devil Has the Best Tone of All”, the player will no longer be gloomy.
  • The player created a save after hitting the clues and riddles and can now complete the objective.
  • Solved the problem that caused the boss not to cause any damage in the underground attack in the big family.
  • Solved the problem of big families that caused the boss to get stuck near the wall, stay underground or not participate in the battle at all.
  • Solved the problem that caused the final order member to be unable to disclose. No more Revealio!
  • Solved an issue in “Binding Destiny” that prevented the player from completing the encounter battle with the boss because the boss might get stuck underground.
  • Resolved an issue in “Binding Destiny” that caused players to be unable to complete the mission after talking to Tyr.
  • Resolved an issue in “War Tired” that caused players to be unable to complete missions after defeating all external NPCs.
  • Solved the problem that caused all Order members to be killed after the fanatics were killed. This may just be the craziest question ever.
  • Resolved an issue in “Grand Achievement” that prevented the player from completing the mission when visiting the hideout before starting the mission.
  • Solved an issue in “Blood of Stone” that prevented the player from moving a pile of goods.
  • Resolved an issue in “The Prodigal Prince” that caused the target to get stuck if Eivor assassinated the first training dummy before reaching the checkpoint.
  • Resolved an issue where if the player throws them into the river, it will prevent them from fighting the Gotafrid Fair-Robes. Yeeeeeet!
  • Resolved an issue in the first part of The Twit Saga, where the house sometimes failed to catch fire, preventing players from completing the World Series.
  • Solved a problem in “The Beautiful De Grasse” that caused children to grow up. hold up.
  • Solved the problem of preventing Degolas from leaving the water in “Beautiful Degolas”.
  • Solved an issue that prevented players from interacting with reconciling NPCs.
  • Solved an issue in Broken Dreams that prevented players from completing the World Series when their wife was dead. The task name is checked out.
  • Solved the problem of being unable to use the world map after talking to Ceolwulf.

Games, combat and AI

  • Solved several NPC behavior issues.
  • The mount will follow Eivor’s call from the fast-moving wheel.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the NPC to die before being hit. Hold an emergency meeting.
  • Solved the problem that caused Eivor to stand up after being idle for a period of time. Poine Puint.
  • Solved the problem that caused decorative elements to be generated in miniature form.
  • Resolved an issue that allowed players to use save/load operations to get the arc of Nodens. This must be done.


  • (PS4™) Solved the problem that caused the cracking sound to be heard.
  • Solved the problem that caused dead animals to make idle sounds. When I see an Animus malfunction, I will know.

Photography mode

  • Fixed an issue that caused the photo mode frame to not scale to the size of the game window.
  • Fixed an issue that caused terrain rendering issues when moving the camera.

User interface/head-up display

  • Solved various UI/HUD issues.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Premium Start Pack items to display as Fine instead of Mythic quality.
  • After encountering Coke, their corresponding icons will be displayed on the “Order” tab.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the obtained Reda contract to appear under the Cent mission log section.
  • Solved the problem that caused the contract not to be counted in the progress of “Viking for Hire”.
  • Solved an issue that prevented players from interacting with any items in the Reda store when focus navigation was enabled.
  • Players will be able to use M and K to switch targets using the mouse wheel.
  • Resolved an issue that caused stick input to stick after enabling the “swap stick” option during Cairns.
  • Solved the problem that caused the “Call Installation” prompt to appear every time the whistle was used to attract an enemy.
  • Solved the problem that pressing D-Pad caused the “Daily Concept Map” to remain.
  • Solved an issue that caused several daily concept art to be displayed on the world map.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the mouse cursor to fail to display when switching back to M&K after using the controller as a single source.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the order of “Ancient Icons” to not change based on the selected color blindness setting.
  • Solved an issue that caused control conflicts in photo mode when the “Swap Stick” option was set to “On”.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the slider value of the subtitle background not to be reset to the default value.
  • Solved the problem of resetting the exploration difficulty to Adventurer instead of Explorer when resetting to the default value.
  • Solved the problem of preventing the adrenaline from filling up after the second assassination using chain assassination.
  • Added an exit fishing button in the aiming state.
  • Solved various situations where Odin’s Sight highlighted items that should not be used.
  • Solved the problem of “data corruption” error after entering the save menu.
  • Solved an issue that prevented the ingots looted from the destroyer (Hampton Blockade) from being included in the wealth completion.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the use of the appropriate mystery icon to highlight the “fly” agar mystery.

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  • (PC) Solved various Ubisoft Connect achievement issues, which cannot be unlocked correctly when the conditions are met.
    • Grab my hand
    • My enemy’s enemy
    • Rebellion of the Ancients
    • Complete completionist
  • (PC) Solved the problem of unlocking conditions for horse attack achievements.
  • Resolved an issue that caused an online service error to be displayed when creating or hovering a photo.
  • Solved the problem that caused the game to get stuck during loading after entering the save/load menu.
  • Solved the problem that caused the MSI voice command function to stop working after saving/loading.

Performance and stability

  • Improved performance and stability.


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Genshin Impact reveals new character details and trailer | Instant News

Yuan Zhen shock Developer miHoYo Lifted the veil of the new character Ganyu, who will join the popular free video game.Gan Chinese except Yuan Zhen shock Given that she was Previously announced As part of the major version 1.2 update, which contains some sparse information, which also added geographical coordination characters Albedo and Dragonspine regions. But with the end of the original 1.2 update event, it is time for Ganyu to shine.

In terms of specific game details, Ganyu is a Bow user trained by Cryo. If it sounds familiar, it’s because Diona, another character, is also a Bow user trained by Cryo. Jennifer Losi voiced her in English, while UEDA Reina provided Japanese voice. Her abilities include “Trail of Qilin”, which allows her to leave an explosive frozen “ice lotus” while escaping, and “Celestial Shower”, which causes a cold damage in the area of ​​effect.You can view more information about Ganyu in miHoYo’s post about her.

How is this done Yuan Zhen shock Ganyu is described on her official character page:

“Li Yue Qixing’s secretary. The blood of humans and illuminated beasts flows in her veins.

“Naturally elegant and quiet, but Qilin’s gentle character makes him not conflict with even the heaviest workload.

“After all, Ganyu firmly believes that what she has done is to commemorate the contract she signed with Rex Lapis, and strive for the well-being of all creatures in Liyue.”

Yuan Zhen shock Currently available for free PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, personal computerAnd mobile devices. The recently released version 1.2 update “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon” adds a whole new area, character, event, etc. The video game will eventually be released for Nintendo Switch.You can check out All our previous reports on popular free games are here.

Have you played Yuan Zhen shock? What do you think of Ganyu so far?Let us know in the comments, or contact us anytime and hit me directly on Twitter @rollinbishop Talk about everything about the game!


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Men with polio teach their students how to discover their abilities | Instant News

Wheelchair bound Amjad Ali, a 21-year-old polio sufferer, waits for his students to arrive at the education center he runs in his rented house on a muddy road in Fareed Colony, an underdeveloped neighborhood of Karachi’s Orangi City.

Ali does not have a higher education degree or sufficient experience in running an educational institution. All she had was a passion for teaching, so she helped educate the children around her. He also offers free tuition to students whose parents cannot afford it.

About 45 students under matriculation are currently enrolled at its education center. He usually charges each student between Rs150 and Rs250 a month for all subjects. Ten of them, three of whom were orphans, were taught free of charge.

“I hope to educate all the children who don’t have access to education, but I don’t have enough resources,” complained Ali. “Even as a person with a disability, I want to contribute as much as possible to the development of society.”

Ali was only eight months old when his parents took him to the hospital with symptoms of polio. He survived the ordeal, but he never learned to walk. “After surviving polio, whenever I thought about the future, I was always faced with a bleak picture. It is very difficult for one person to depend on another person, that too for life. The thought like that used to really grab me. “

But all that changed when he accepted the adage ‘The hand that gives is better than that which receives’. In 2018 he completed his secondary education and plans to enter university. Then he got a job as an accountant at a private school.

Now he also pays school fees for his younger siblings – two brothers and two sisters – and sometimes donates for the rent on a house, because their father works as a security guard for a private company and can barely make ends meet.

After completing his daily work, Ali ran his education center at night. He did not use traditional teaching methods. First, she helps her students revise the lessons they learn in school and then holds special classes to understand their individual learning curves.

“In formal education institutions, teachers only focus on exam results. They ignore the need to develop their students’ abilities, which tends to be my main focus. Sometimes children just need a little encouragement, and they can do the rest on their own. “

He believes that every human being has a special quality, and when they can find one, they can easily achieve all their goals. To explain his point, he said that many people without disabilities lead quite unsettling lives because they are not aware of their abilities, but on the other hand, many people with disabilities lead very successful lives because they know what they are capable of.

Discussing his future plans, he expressed his desire to set up a free school. However, he currently lacks the resources to make his dream come true, while the house that his father rented has limited space.

But at least one room in the house has been designated for an education center. “I want to enroll more children, but I don’t have enough space to fit everyone in a small room.” Apart from being a committed teacher, Ali has been a permanent member of the Wheelchair Basketball Association and the Pakistan Tennis Federation since 2017, and the Wheelchair Cricket Association since 2018. He has represented Karachi in many tournaments. However, he is committed to becoming a teacher. “Playing sports is interesting enough for me, but after a certain age, I won’t be able to continue. So, I prefer to focus on being an educator. “


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Fugitives do not have the ability to lead the country, said Shibli | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz said Saturday that those suffering from moral bankruptcy and flight cannot have the ability to lead the nation.

In his tweet, the minister said, “Maryam Nawaz is full of anger and filled with despair. Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has awakened the nation against corrupt gangs, will not back down from the fight against corruption ”. Minister of Finance emphasized that the government will not back down from its struggle against corruptors.

In another tweet, he said protecting journalists was the government’s responsibility. He added that the Sindh government and police had been directed to use all resources to recover the missing Geo News reporter Ali Imran.

In this regard, he explained that all related federal agencies had been directed to cooperate with the Sindh government.


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