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Genshin Impact reveals new character details and trailer | Instant News

Yuan Zhen shock Developer miHoYo Lifted the veil of the new character Ganyu, who will join the popular free video game.Gan Chinese except Yuan Zhen shock Given that she was Previously announced As part of the major version 1.2 update, which contains some sparse information, which also added geographical coordination characters Albedo and Dragonspine regions. But with the end of the original 1.2 update event, it is time for Ganyu to shine.

In terms of specific game details, Ganyu is a Bow user trained by Cryo. If it sounds familiar, it’s because Diona, another character, is also a Bow user trained by Cryo. Jennifer Losi voiced her in English, while UEDA Reina provided Japanese voice. Her abilities include “Trail of Qilin”, which allows her to leave an explosive frozen “ice lotus” while escaping, and “Celestial Shower”, which causes a cold damage in the area of ​​effect.You can view more information about Ganyu in miHoYo’s post about her.

How is this done Yuan Zhen shock Ganyu is described on her official character page:

“Li Yue Qixing’s secretary. The blood of humans and illuminated beasts flows in her veins.

“Naturally elegant and quiet, but Qilin’s gentle character makes him not conflict with even the heaviest workload.

“After all, Ganyu firmly believes that what she has done is to commemorate the contract she signed with Rex Lapis, and strive for the well-being of all creatures in Liyue.”

Yuan Zhen shock Currently available for free PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, personal computerAnd mobile devices. The recently released version 1.2 update “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon” adds a whole new area, character, event, etc. The video game will eventually be released for Nintendo Switch.You can check out All our previous reports on popular free games are here.

Have you played Yuan Zhen shock? What do you think of Ganyu so far?Let us know in the comments, or contact us anytime and hit me directly on Twitter @rollinbishop Talk about everything about the game!


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Men with polio teach their students how to discover their abilities | Instant News

Wheelchair bound Amjad Ali, a 21-year-old polio sufferer, waits for his students to arrive at the education center he runs in his rented house on a muddy road in Fareed Colony, an underdeveloped neighborhood of Karachi’s Orangi City.

Ali does not have a higher education degree or sufficient experience in running an educational institution. All she had was a passion for teaching, so she helped educate the children around her. He also offers free tuition to students whose parents cannot afford it.

About 45 students under matriculation are currently enrolled at its education center. He usually charges each student between Rs150 and Rs250 a month for all subjects. Ten of them, three of whom were orphans, were taught free of charge.

“I hope to educate all the children who don’t have access to education, but I don’t have enough resources,” complained Ali. “Even as a person with a disability, I want to contribute as much as possible to the development of society.”

Ali was only eight months old when his parents took him to the hospital with symptoms of polio. He survived the ordeal, but he never learned to walk. “After surviving polio, whenever I thought about the future, I was always faced with a bleak picture. It is very difficult for one person to depend on another person, that too for life. The thought like that used to really grab me. “

But all that changed when he accepted the adage ‘The hand that gives is better than that which receives’. In 2018 he completed his secondary education and plans to enter university. Then he got a job as an accountant at a private school.

Now he also pays school fees for his younger siblings – two brothers and two sisters – and sometimes donates for the rent on a house, because their father works as a security guard for a private company and can barely make ends meet.

After completing his daily work, Ali ran his education center at night. He did not use traditional teaching methods. First, she helps her students revise the lessons they learn in school and then holds special classes to understand their individual learning curves.

“In formal education institutions, teachers only focus on exam results. They ignore the need to develop their students’ abilities, which tends to be my main focus. Sometimes children just need a little encouragement, and they can do the rest on their own. “

He believes that every human being has a special quality, and when they can find one, they can easily achieve all their goals. To explain his point, he said that many people without disabilities lead quite unsettling lives because they are not aware of their abilities, but on the other hand, many people with disabilities lead very successful lives because they know what they are capable of.

Discussing his future plans, he expressed his desire to set up a free school. However, he currently lacks the resources to make his dream come true, while the house that his father rented has limited space.

But at least one room in the house has been designated for an education center. “I want to enroll more children, but I don’t have enough space to fit everyone in a small room.” Apart from being a committed teacher, Ali has been a permanent member of the Wheelchair Basketball Association and the Pakistan Tennis Federation since 2017, and the Wheelchair Cricket Association since 2018. He has represented Karachi in many tournaments. However, he is committed to becoming a teacher. “Playing sports is interesting enough for me, but after a certain age, I won’t be able to continue. So, I prefer to focus on being an educator. “


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Fugitives do not have the ability to lead the country, said Shibli | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz said Saturday that those suffering from moral bankruptcy and flight cannot have the ability to lead the nation.

In his tweet, the minister said, “Maryam Nawaz is full of anger and filled with despair. Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has awakened the nation against corrupt gangs, will not back down from the fight against corruption ”. Minister of Finance emphasized that the government will not back down from its struggle against corruptors.

In another tweet, he said protecting journalists was the government’s responsibility. He added that the Sindh government and police had been directed to use all resources to recover the missing Geo News reporter Ali Imran.

In this regard, he explained that all related federal agencies had been directed to cooperate with the Sindh government.


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What you need to know about hiking in Switzerland – SWI swissinfo.ch | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Switzerland is very suitable for pedestrians. With 65,000 km of marked hiking trails, there are routes for every ability level. This is a network map:

Susan Misicka

Not satisfied with her own business, Susan studied journalism in Boston so that she had the perfect reason to place herself in the shoes and world of others. When not writing, he presents and produces podcasts and videos.


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Before you pack your backpack, put on your hiking shoes, and hit the road, see the following tips we made for you.

Where can I find inspiration?

Swiss Mobility offers a comprehensive increment index based on location, theme, and level of fitness needed. Swiss Tourism narrowed it down to ’32 most enjoyable climbs”. Other outstanding resources are the Swiss Hiking Path Federation and the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC). The user-created site Hikr.org is constantly updated with the latest tips in several languages. The Federal Topographic Office sells a detailed collection of printed maps.

How do I know if it’s the easy or difficult route?

Signposting is consistent throughout Switzerland (and Liechtenstein) thanks to the efforts of hiking enthusiasts in the 1930s.

Paths that require little effort are indicated by yellow signs or arrows, often displaying figures with backpacks and sticks. Signs that indicate height, intersection and distance are also yellow, and can mark various types of tracks. This provides an estimated time needed to reach the closest point, including the train station and bus stop.

64% of the lines are yellow, or easy. © Keystone / Christian Beutler

Red and white signs, often painted on rocks, mark the road where pedestrians can expect steep and narrow passages. “Users must be sure and free of vertigo, and in good physical condition, and be aware of the dangers of mountains,” noted the hiking federation.

Mountain hiking trails account for 35% of the network. Keystone / Alessandro Della Bella

Mountain trails are indicated by blue and white signs. It often crosses snow fields and glaciers, and may require climbing with rope, pickaxes, and crampons. When glaciers melt, this path becomes more challenging.

Only 1% of the alpine-style track. Keystone / Arno Balzarini

In winter, snow converts many basic yellow trails into seasonal winter hiking trails. This is indicated by Pink signs. No special equipment is needed except decent winter boots with a tread to handle the ice bits.

Sometimes this path crosses ski trails and sledges. Schweizer Wanderwege

Where can I check the weather?

Always check the weather before leaving, because rainfall can be translated into slippery rocks. The national weather service, MeteoSwiss, provides detailed forecasts including hazard warnings, such as strong winds or avalanches. If possible, find out if your destination is shrouded in mist by looking at webcam feeds from the nearest cable car or hut.

Who maintains all these hiking trails?

In a unique law throughout the world, Article 88 of the Swiss constitution requires that Swiss footpaths and hiking trails are maintained in good and safe conditions. Maintenance work is assigned at the cantonal and municipal level. Around 1,500 volunteers and helpers carry out tasks such as cutting branches, correcting steps and adjusting signs.

A city worker paints a marker in Val Lumnezia Keystone / Gian Ehrenzeller

How much does hiking cost, and who pays?

Apart from shortcuts such as cable cars and occasional hiking cottage breaks, this national sport is free for all pedestrians. The money to maintain the network comes from cantons and donations. Total annual investment is around CHF53 million ($ 53.4 million). According to the climbing federation, this includes operational maintenance, repair and signing of the network and other costs. Also, SAC invests several hundred thousand francs per year to maintain and increase access to its hut.

How safe is hiking in Switzerland?

It is important to make sure you are on the right track. But no matter how experienced or careful you are, there is always an element of risk. Every year, around 20,000 pedestrians crash in Switzerland; several dozen died. Last summer, four people fell to their deaths and a landslide killed one pedestrian and several others were stranded in the Bernese Alps.

“Dangerous and often difficult to pass channels and canyons appear in layers between recoiled glaciers and moraine or rock,” Hans-Rudolf Keusen, a geologist who serves as co-president of SAC huts and infrastructure huts, recently told SAC infrastructure. Swiss public television, SRF.

Local authorities generally block the path as soon as they find out the problem. Pedestrians can always check with a hiking federation or SAC for advice.

It is also important to keep the herd with the calf, because the mother is very protective. However, in the agricultural zone you can find an electric fence even if no cattle are visible.


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California will Reveal Guidelines that Allow Some Businesses to Reopen – NBC Los Angeles | Instant News

Business owners across California are anxiously awaiting Thursday’s new guidelines from Governor Gavin Newsom, which will outline broad changes to home stay orders across the state that close most retail stores to slow the spread of the corona virus.

Newsom is expected to allow businesses such as clothing stores, flower shops, bookstores and sporting goods stores to open their doors for the first time in almost two months, with some restrictions. The governor said the order would not cover other close contact businesses, such as eating in restaurants and hair salons. However, he also said some local governments could accept variants.

Guidelines for Reopening the White House Leave Room for Interpretation

For countries considering raising quarantine measures, official guidelines recommend a COVID-19 trajectory down in two weeks or a downward trajectory of a positive test as a percentage of the total test.

As shown below, when you compare the number of new cases yesterday with those from two weeks ago, the numbers are often lower, simply because the numbers fluctuate. Criteria has been criticized by some for being unclear, creating opportunities for any governor to argue that the numbers are good enough to start reopening.

Since home stay orders were issued on March 19, more than 4 million people have been removed from work in the most populous state.

The guidelines are part of Newsom’s four-step plan to reopen the country. Thursday will be phase two. The next phase, which can reopen salons, gymnasiums, cinemas and private church services, can be in a few months. Phase four will end all barriers and allow large meetings at concerts and sporting events.

The Newsom administration is tracking six indicators to determine when to reduce restrictions. They include the ability of the state to test people for COVID-19 and track who might be exposed to it and the capacity of hospitals to deal with potential spikes in new cases.

So far, Newsom said the country was on track to fulfill its objectives.

How Long Until Coronavirus Will Cause Use Of Top Hospitals Across The Country

This interactive chart uses the data model provided by Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation to predict how coronavirus will affect health care resources in various countries. The maximum use of hospital beds in some states, such as New York, has passed while in others stay a few more weeks. Most states have enough public hospitals and ICU beds to meet demand, according to additional data from The Associated Press.

Newsom’s orders have been universally accepted today.

But three northern California states with few confirmed COVID-19 cases have allowed businesses to reopen. Tiny Modoc County allowed the only cinema to open its doors. Yuba and Sutter districts allowed in-store shopping and restarted fitness centers and fitness studios, salons, spas and tattoo rooms, libraries and playgrounds.

General Manager of Yuba Sutter Mall Natasha Shelton said about 18 of about 50 stores were open Wednesday and an estimated 200 people were inside during the day. Mall has reduced hours to allow for additional overnight cleaning. Tables in the food court are 6 feet apart and food trays are prohibited.

Newsom has cracked down on rogue counties before, ordering the temporary closure of all beaches in Orange County after several local governments refused to close it or impose public health restrictions. He lifted several orders after negotiating with the local government.

In Los Angeles, regional official outlining a plan that allows some reopening starting Friday, provided safety precautions are taken. Golfers can find the link again, and the trail will open with regional employees ready to remind pedestrians of the rules of social distance, said Chair of the Board of Trustees Kathryn Barger.

Some retailers in Los Angeles County can reopen with only roadside pickups – including florists and stores that sell toys, books, clothing, sporting goods and music. The district, the largest state with 10 million inhabitants, has caused more than half more than 2,500 deaths from the California virus.

California is no. 1 destination for travelers in the United States and coronavirus has ill status. Angie Crouch reports on NBC4 News at 5 pm on Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

For most people, new coronaviruses cause mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that go away in two to three weeks. For some people, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, can cause more severe illnesses, including pneumonia and death.


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