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‘The state cannot afford to lock down completely’ | Instant News

LAHORE: Ch Governor Muhammad Sarwar said those who did not follow the SOP actually welcomed Corona, adding that ignoring the SOP would speed up the case. Following SOPs can prevent a spike in cases.

This was said by the governor when meeting with the Minister of Public Housing Mian Mahmood-ul-Rasheed at the Jakarta Governor’s Building, Monday. During the meeting, the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and other administrative matters were discussed. Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar and Minister Mahmood-ul-Rasheed urged the public to follow SOPs to protect themselves and their loved ones from the Corona virus.

Ch Sarwar said that unfortunately due to negligence in following SOPs, Corona was revived, adding that the whole world is grappling with this challenge right now. He warned that the entire country would face severe repercussions if society ignored the Coronavirus SOP. Therefore, all SOPs issued by the government must be strictly followed as Pakistan is unable to impose a total lockdown, said the governor and called the Pakistan Naya Housing Scheme a historic project of Prime Minister Imran Khan and said to be under Prime Minister Imran’s leadership. Khan, Pakistan will truly become a welfare state. Neither of the previous governments has taken the initiative for homelessness but the Pakistan Naya Housing Scheme will provide homes for homeless people across Pakistan without political discrimination, he said.

Mahmood-ul-Rashid said the Pakistani Naya Housing Scheme is being implemented in Punjab quickly, adding, “We ensure full transparency in its implementation.” PML-N: PML-N Punjab spokesperson Azma Bukhari alleges that the ministers themselves organize wedding parties and events while asking residents to follow the Corona SOP. In a statement issued here on Monday, he said Punjab is the only province where most of the medical personnel have contracted the coronavirus.

He said SACM informed the public about government actions that violated the Corona SOP, then he held a meeting and then went to a wedding at night, Azma said. He suspects that of the 110 million population in Punjab, only a few thousand people are vaccinated against the corona. The Pakistani nation thanked China for remembering the Pakistani people in this difficult time, he said, adding that the PTI government had been playing with the corona, corona and lockdown, smart lockdown for two years, he said.


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Substitutes: The demand for foreign embryos, eggs, sperm is increasing in New Zealand | Instant News

The demand for embryos to be sent to New Zealand from abroad to bear children has increased due to Covid-19. Photo / 123rf

Demand for embryos, eggs and sperm to be shipped to New Zealand has increased as Kiwis are no longer able to travel for fertility treatment abroad due to Covid-19.

But getting valuable cargo into the countryside in an attempt to create babies has become much more difficult.

Finding surrogate mothers or egg or sperm donors in New Zealand can be difficult, partly because paying them is illegal here. Most of the surrogate is someone parents know, but there is an increasing trend of people turning to the internet to find someone.

Prior to Covid, many expectant parents went to specialized clinics abroad where commercial surrogacy was legal and where embryo transfers would take place.

Dr Mary Birdsall, group director of Fertility Associates, said parents should rethink the process.

“We are seeing more and more demand from all kinds of different fertility treatments involving offshore clinics. So, people who want to send eggs, sperm, embryos around the world … and to New Zealand. I think Covid has made it a very nice landscape. more challenging. “

Specialized companies that usually have staff accompanying goods on board cannot provide that service, which creates a risk.

“The options for transferring embryos around the world are becoming much more limited and more expensive.

“What used to happen before Covid was you basically paid a courier to personally carry your embryos in a small portable freezing device. You can’t do that right now, unless they’re ready for quarantine.”

It is also likely that the operator will not receive an exemption from the New Zealand Government from being allowed into the country.

Some companies do offer unaccompanied transport services, Birdsall said, but he warns: “When they are so valuable, it only adds to the element of risk.”

The director of the Fertility Association group, Dr. Mary Birdsall.  Photo / Provided
The director of the Fertility Association group, Dr. Mary Birdsall. Photo / Provided

Fertility Associates makes 80 percent of surrogate applications to the New Zealand Assisted Reproductive Technology Ethics Committee, the body that considers and approves them for fertility clinics.

An Ecart spokesperson said they were still counting the number of substitutes approved in 2020 but there were 15 in the year to June 2016 and 14 in the year to June 2019.

Fertility Associates said the company submitted 25 applications to Ecart for surrogacy last year. All are approved, and one is suspended.

Attorney Margaret Casey QC, who has acted for targeted parents involving the birth of more than 100 children born via surrogacy in recent years, at home and abroad, said the US had been popular with Kiwis for finding surrogacy and for transfers. embryo. Most of the states were called “surrogate friend states.”

Attorney Margaret Casey.  Photo / Provided
Attorney Margaret Casey. Photo / Provided

“This means that it is regulated in that state, usually resulting in the parent in question having the first US birth certificate. There are still a few states in the US that transfer parents by adoption. Canada, Ukraine, and Georgia are also countries where People parents in New Zealand are looking for. If New Zealanders have cultural links with a country where surrogacy is approved, I also look at cases of surrogacy in that country. For example, South Africa, Namibia and Vietnam. follow so that surrogacy occurs legally. “

Many countries do not recognize surrogate mothers. In some countries, such as New Zealand, parents must adopt a child born through a surrogate mother, even if it is their biological child.

But she said it was difficult to see trends in surrogacy over the past year because of Covid.

“Obviously it is difficult to travel to other countries to make embryos with your genetic material during this time of Covid. It is difficult for surrogate mothers to go to the clinic for transfer due to internal travel restrictions and it is a very stressful time trying to manage a pregnancy remotely. “

Producing birth certificates and passports in countries that have been covered by Covid is also “very stressful”.

“The irony is because Covid surrogacy is more attractive in some overseas countries simply because the pace of life is slowing down and it might be a good time to get pregnant if that is something you are considering.”

She is calling for changes around reimbursement of a woman who agrees to act as reimbursement for pregnancy expenses.

“It doesn’t commercialize the pregnancy – it just prevents a person from going backwards because of the contribution. It’s too difficult to meet these costs under the current rules and that has to change.”


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News Australia Open 2021, Tennis Australia, latest news, sweepstakes, Spain, statement, Melbourne quarantine | Instant News

The Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) has resigned its criticism of Australia’s handling of tennis quarantine, just a day after one of its young stars tested positive for COVID-19.

RFET sent out a press release on Thursday evening highlighting two players they felt were being abused and consequently accused organizers of withholding information that they would be asked to quarantine if there was a positive COVID test on their flight to Melbourne.

“(The player) was not informed of the possibility that they would be severely restricted if they traveled on the same aircraft as a passenger who tested positive, regardless of the physical proximity of the positively affected player,” the statement read.

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Switzerland- How fly farming gives new value to food waste | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Black soldier fly larvae are able to digest large amounts of organic waste, while simultaneously producing animal feed, biofuels and fertilizers without consuming raw materials.

This content is published on 16 January 2021 – 10:30 16 January 2021 – 10:30 Armando Mombelli

A journalist originally from Ticino and the Grisons, I am primarily concerned with federal politics, business, energy and innovation.

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Startup TicInsect, based in the southern Swiss region of Ticino, plans to set up Switzerland’s first bio-waste treatment plant, where several hundred million of these voracious insects will work.

Most of us may wonder what flies are for, especially when they are constantly buzzing in front of our noses and don’t stop bothering us. Believe it or not, these insects can perform very useful tasks for us such as making a significant contribution to reducing resource waste, deforestation and climate change. They can be valuable allies in creating a circular and sustainable economy.

Accelerated biological conversion

The pesky flies can recycle, cleanly and efficiently, a large amount of food waste generated by industry, households and agriculture.

Nearly three million tonnes of organic waste are generated in Switzerland every year. In the absence of a suitable separate collection system, most end up in incinerators. Getting rid of material with high nutritional and energy value is not only a waste but an economic mistake, ‘said Elisa Filippi, founder and CEO of TicInsect.

Filippi, who has a degree in animal production science, opened a laboratory in the Italian-speaking city of Tesserete last year with the aim of showing how organic waste can be managed and processed in new ways. The workers at this pilot plant are tens of thousands of black army fly larvae, a variety that is highly resistant to disease, cold and other environmental factors, and easy to handle and accustomed to living in crowded conditions wherever they find them. organic matter. The larvae are very greedy and can eat pizza in a matter of a few hours.




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Covid 19 coronavirus: Kiwis are stepping closer to vaccines as freezers to store 1.5 million doses that are unloaded at Auckland Harbor | Instant News

New Zealand

Each New Zealand will be able to get a Covid-19 vaccination with 15 million doses now guaranteed with launches planned to start in the second half of next year.

Kiwi is one step closer to the Covid-19 vaccine after nine large freezers capable of storing 1.5 million vaccine doses were lowered at the Port of Auckland today.

The nine freezers will be New Zealand’s central storage facility for the Covid-19 vaccine and can reach the ultra-low temperature of -80C needed to store the inoculations safely.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health (MOH) said it was also developing additional refrigerator capacity purchases.

“Most of the freezers will likely be installed in Auckland as our main storage location, and some on the South Island, but final details are yet to be confirmed, including storage facilities,” a MOH spokesman said.

“Some vaccines can be stored for up to five days in a normal cold chain refrigerator at 2-8C.”

Ports of Auckland’s head of communications Matt Ball said the port could speed up freezer deliveries a week after another container ship reported it would be late, and it could reschedule ships carrying Covid-19 freezers.

“We are very pleased to be part of New Zealand’s Covid-19 response,” said Ball.

The Ministry of Health is still working through the extremely low temperature coolers needed to distribute vaccines regionally from key storage locations in Auckland and the South Island.

“We plan to distribute vaccines from our central storage facilities in a very controlled manner to our cold chain network nationwide, which will ensure all New Zealanders have access to our immunization program,” the spokesman said.

“It will require rigorous inventory management and tracking to ensure vaccines are given to people within the short shelf life after temperatures get very low.”

“This is very different from many vaccines, which can usually stay in the cold chain refrigerator for months or years.”

Work is underway to expand New Zealand’s cold chain nationally to ensure distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine reaches all Kiwis wherever they live.

Time period for Kiwi to access the Covid-19 vaccine

Every New Zealand person will be able to get the Covid-19 vaccination with 15 million doses now guaranteed with launches planned to begin in the second half of next year.

The government is also working “very closely” with Australia to secure launches across the Pacific, said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The government said it had secured two additional vaccines.

The new vaccines are AstraZeneca – 7.6 million doses for 3.8 million people – and Novavax – 10.72 million doses, enough for 5.36 million people.

New Zealand offers vaccines to six Pacific countries

New Zealand now has an agreement to secure enough vaccines to inject everyone in the country, as well as everyone in Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Tokelau, Niue and the Cook Islands, if the Governments of these countries accept the offer.

Ardern made the announcement this week, saying that if the vaccine proves to be safe and effective, then the Government’s first priority is to vaccinate border workers, their essential staff and their household contacts.

Arrangements are for 750,000 vaccine series from Pfizer / BioNTech, 5 million from Janssen, 3.8 million from AstraZeneca and 5.36 million from Novavax.


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