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Continue to strengthen defense industry ties with the UK | Instant News

Department of Defense

Defense Industry Minister Melissa Price has emphasized the importance of defense industry base cooperation between Australia and the UK during important talks with its British counterparts.

Minister Price spoke with UK Procurement Minister Jeremy Quin MP last night and said that the discussion strengthens the depth of relations between the two countries in terms of defense.

“The 2020 Defense Strategic Update and Australia Force Structure Plan and the UK’s ongoing review of national defense policy highlight the importance of like-minded cooperation on common defense industry challenges and opportunities,” said Minister Price.

“I spoke with Minister Quin with pride about how the Morrison Government has supported Australian businesses in the defense sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The recently announced $ 1 billion economic recovery initiative to support the defense industry demonstrates the Government’s flexible and swift response.”

Minister Price said the pair had also discussed general programs such as the Australian Bushmaster vehicle, the British MQ-9B Sky Guardians, the opening of Australia’s new F-35 maintenance, repair and operation facilities at RAAF Base Williamtown, as well as our Naval Shipbuilding program to deliver Type 26 and Hunter class.

“This is the largest defense acquisition Australia has made in partnership with Britain,” said Minister Price.

“I reaffirm Australia’s commitment to this program and strengthen the substantial opportunities for Australian industry.”

“I also welcome the signing of a recent Memorandum of Understanding by the Australian Defense Minister and the UK Secretary of Defense to work together on building and delivering the next generation of state-of-the-art frigates.

“We both look forward to further discussions and we look forward to re-establishing the Australia-UK Defense Industry Dialogue this year, which we will co-chair.”

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The Italian Azelis will get. Come | Instant News

5. Feb 2021 | Markets & Companies

Azelis has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Came Chemical Mineral and Engineering in Italy.

All Came employees will join Azelis, including the two owners.

Image source: JoeSports – Pixabay (symbol image).

Came specializes in the distribution of chemicals for friction and sintering applications, CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers), and cosmetics. The friction market includes a wide variety of materials that are used on a large scale in several industries, such as automotive, metal fabrication, machinery and electronics.

The acquisition of Came is expected to enable Azelis to expand its field of activity into the friction market and will strengthen its presence in CASE, personal care, and rubber & plastic additives (R&PA).

Employees will join Azelis

The transaction is in line with Azelis’ corporate strategy to complement organic growth with strategic acquisitions. All Came employees will join Azelis, including the two owners, Mrs. Verena Cepparulo and Mr Gianni Minetto.

European Coatings Journal


European Coatings Journal

The European Coatings Journal is Europe’s leading monthly journal for the coatings industry with trendsetting industry news, cutting-edge technical papers and exclusive market insights. Manufacturers and suppliers, associations and institutes use the European Coatings Journal as their preferred source of information for professional and more practical aspects of technology including.

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The head office of CIN Tintas

4. Feb 2021 | Markets & Companies

Euro banknote scroll as symbol.

11. Feb 2020 | Raw material

8. Oct 2020 | Markets & Companies


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Baltimore-Based DTLR Villas Will Be Acquired By UK-Based Retailer JD Sports Fashion – CBS Baltimore | Instant News


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Google and Fitbit say “I do,” but marriage can still be annulled | Instant News

Google and Fitbit Inc. announced last week that the merger of the two companies has ended, but Alphabet Inc.’s antitrust dilemma may make this huge transaction far from complete.

Controversial acquisition conclusion It triggered immediate opposition from a ranking member of the Senate’s Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights Subcommittee and possible future chairperson Senator Amy Klobuchar, as well as some privacy organizations, who opposed Fitbit’s Personal information can be fed into letters
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“Although Fitbit is a personal health care device in the first place, it collects information and uses it to collect highly personal information,” St. John’s University law professor Anthony Sabino told MarketWatch. “I can see that Justice is deeply concerned about Google’s ability to access this kind of caring customer information through Fitbit, at least as an issue in antitrust litigation, which does not surprise me at all.”

The Wall Street Journal stated that, for its part, the US Department of Justice believes that it has not yet formally approved the transaction and is still under review, even though the transaction allowed the deadline to be formally opposed last week. report. The next steps may depend on who elected President Biden to install in key locations.

Antitrust experts are keen to watch who will lead the antitrust efforts of the Biden Administration’s Justice Department-candidates include Terrell McSweeney, who is considered business-friendly, and Jonathan Kanter, who is progressive. The chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, Joseph Simons, will step down on January 29 and will be responsible for the antitrust investigation of Facebook Inc.

And Amazon.com Inc.
+ 3.10%
His successor will not only “play an important role in the investigation,” but will also face pressure from a five-member committee of two Democrats, which said Simmons was not active enough. FTC Financial Practice Department.

The federal government and state attorneys general are conducting antitrust investigations into Google, as well as the acquisitions of the White House and the Senate controlled by the Democratic Party. These are all things at stake.

Legal proceedings against other members of Big Tech are becoming more popular. last weekThe Connecticut Attorney General, William Tong, revealed that in the distribution agreements between the state and some publishers for e-books, “an antitrust investigation has been conducted on Amazon regarding potential anti-competitive provisions.”

However, the current focus is on Google, U.S. Department of Justice prosecution, A group of state AG Led by TexasAnd another group Led by Colorado and Nebraska AG In recent months.

Google and antitrust: Big Tech’s first goal is to face more and more legal actions

Google has always (as in most actions) insisted that Fitbit transactions will greatly benefit consumers and are subject to appropriate scrutiny by regulators.

“Google will continue to protect the privacy of Fitbit users, and has made a series of binding commitments with global regulators, confirming that Fitbit users’ health data will not be used for Google ads, and that this data will be stored separately from other Google ads Data,” Fitbit CEO James Park said in a letter to Fitbit users on Thursday.

However, under the leadership of the new government and the Democratic-controlled Senate, will lawsuits by the Justice Department or these two states undermine the status of the transaction? “Technically speaking, yes, although it has been very unusual since it was approved,” said Douglas Gansler, an expert on antitrust law and the former attorney general of Maryland.

According to the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvement Act of 1976, the transaction can proceed if there is no formal objection from the Department of Justice during the waiting period. Google has completed the waiting period and is therefore entitled to complete the transaction. Similarly, the Ministry of Justice can continue the investigation after the waiting period. Miller believes that it is unusual for regulators to withdraw transactions after the waiting period, but there are certain risks.

Bhaskar Chakravorti, Dean of the School of Global Business at Tufts University’s Fletcher School, put forward a theory that Democrats can apply a “Glass Steger Act” to the Internet . The 1933 law forced banks to separate their commercial and investment banking operations to ensure that the merger would not weaken competition. On the technical side, this could mean forcing social media companies to run their platforms separately from applications and businesses that benefit from user data.

He said: “Any transaction made by Google, especially with equipment manufacturers, has a certain inherent instability.”

Legal scholars said that despite this, the Justice Department took the opportunity to raise an objection before the transaction was completed, which made the reversal process extremely difficult.

Sabino of St. John’s University said that the Justice Department would revoke approval of the transaction as “very unlikely.” Even when an investigation led to its filing of an antitrust lawsuit in October, it encountered opposition, and the European Union approved the acquisition last month. Sabino told MarketWatch: “It’s simply unfair to go back now.”

He added that, however, the Fitbit purchase “will have an impact on the pending case. [DoJ] Antitrust litigation. After all, the key to federal lawsuits (now about a dozen or more states have joined) is Google’s ability to collect information about users through Google searches, YouTube usage, etc. “

Then there is the historical pandemic and economic chaos inherited by the Biden administration, which may put antitrust cases against big technologies into trouble.

“Technical antitrust issues will not get the necessary push and push from the White House. Therefore, even if many House Democrats and prominent senators like Amy Klobuchar are keen to pursue this goal, the entire agenda may be possible. Will be on it.” Chakravorti said.

Klobuchar seems very keen on closing deals.

Klobuchar said in a statement last week: “Google announced that it will close its acquisition of Fitbit, and the transaction is still under review by the Department of Justice, which once again shows the company’s lack of concern about compliance with antitrust laws.”

The senator opposed to the senator’s acquisition of large technology companies said: “Before Biden’s executive officers took over, the rush to complete the transaction is even more disturbing.” “Although the merger was completed prematurely, I still urge the department to comply with the law. Seek all appropriate remedies to protect competition and consumers from any anti-competitive effects caused by this transaction.”

Privacy advocates are still very willing to question mergers on antitrust issues, and they worry about the consequences of big deals like Fitbit.

The Department of Justice’s failure to prevent Google from acquiring Fitbit is not only incoherent and embarrassing, but also dangerous. This transaction poses a serious security risk to the personal data of Fitbit consumers,” said Sarah Miller, executive director of the American Economic Freedom Project. “Google uses its extensive portfolio of Internet services to monitor its users and Profit from highly personal information. There is no reason to believe that they will not do the same to Fitbit. “

“In fact, Google had previously lied about data to antitrust enforcers. Just like an antitrust lawsuit against Google last month, the company promised to the Federal Trade Commission and Congress how it would manage DoubleClick’s Acquisition, but then Google ignored the acquisition.”

“President-elect Biden should ensure that the role of his government is to reverse this transaction as quickly as possible,” Miller said.


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Play2Pay Announces Acquisition of New Zealand Competitor, Postr, Positioning itself as a Global Market Leader | Instant News

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., 12 January 2021 / PRNewswire / – Play2Pay, Inc. (Play2Pay ™), the global mobile payment platform that regulates payments, announces the acquisition New Zealand rival, Postr, expanding its global leadership profile. The acquisition will enhance Play2Pay’s international expansion strategy and support the continued growth of its customer base.

The Postr platform rewards mobile users who allow sponsored content to reach them on their phone’s lock screen in exchange for a reward consisting of free minutes and data. Since it was founded New Zealand, Postr’s partnerships with mobile network operators allow it to serve customers in more than 10 countries reaching more than 10 million potential customers.

“Postr has developed world-class monetization technology adopted by mobile service providers in countries around the world. The significant attractiveness of Play2Pay in large-scale markets, including the US, will ensure that Postr’s investment to date is fully utilized,” he added. William Ku, Former CEO of Postr and Advisor to Play2Pay.

Currently, Play2Pay ™ operates with service providers in four of the top 10 smartphone penetration countries in the world, representing more than 466 million smartphone users, and this transaction will give companies further access to service providers in new territories.

“The acquisition of Postr is representative of an ongoing focused plan to support and enhance Play2Pay’s sustainable international growth plans,” said John Cooper, Member of Play2Pay ™ Board and former VP of Enterprise Development and Strategy at Microsoft. “Play2Pay ™ will build on acquired intellectual property and assets to further advance global partnerships and expansion with mobile phone and utility sector customers.”

The Play2Pay platform is a fully configurable white label solution, preloaded by service providers such as mobile phones and utility companies. Through the Play2Pay ™ platform, consumers discover new apps and brands, earn points the more they engage with, and turn time spent into bill payments. Brands enjoy a direct platform connection to customers, while service providers gain access to new revenue streams by increasing customer engagement, reducing churn and creating a competitive advantage.

For more information, visit Play2Pay.com.

About Play2Pay ™
Play2Pay ™ is a global mobile payment platform that allows mobile users to pay their service provider bills by playing games, watching videos and completing special offers on their devices. It’s a fun and rewarding alternative to making payments. Consumers discover new apps and brands, earn points the more they engage and change the time spent making payments. The payment alternative combines mobile monetization and gamification. In addition, brands enjoy a direct platform connection to customers, while service providers gain access to new revenue streams by increasing customer engagement, reducing churn and creating a competitive advantage. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the company operates in United States of America, great Britain, Mexico and Singapore.

Media Contact:
Jessica Wade Pfeffer | JWI PR | [email protected] | (305) 804 – 8424
Tyler Sminkey | JWI PR | [email protected] | (786) 390 – 8510



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